The Seven Goals

A Photo Comparison of the Seven Goals: Reevaluation, Growth, Discrimination, Acceptance, Submission, Dominance, and Flow
Personality Traits

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Goal of Reevaluation

There's a simplicity in the eyes of those with a goal of reevaluation, perhaps an innate satisfaction with the bare-bones in life. This apparent lack of complexity allows for an elimination of nonessentials. Look for a glint of the inspiration axis that lights the way by carefully illuminating the value of less is more.


Goal of Growth

People in growth often have a look in their eyes of multi-tasking, as if while barely managing one thing they are already anticipating a new set of challenges in the future. Consequently, they may look busy and a little tired. There is also a noticeable expression of intention in their gaze that's usually serious and comes with a purpose.


Goal of Discrimination

With Discrimination, look for a narrowing in the eyes -- or even a squint -- that seems to size you up with exacting standards. This discerning glint in their gaze, a glimmering light of fastidiousness, conveys that you've either made the grade or have been summarily rejected.


Goal of Acceptance

Always smiling and friendly, people with this affable goal charm you with an open and welcoming feeling that is nonjudgmental and accepting. They are the human equivalent of "Chicken Soup for Your Soul," and literally hug you with the warm expressions from their eyes.


Goal of Submission

There is something of the sad clown trope in the eyes of those in Submission, with a subtle trace of sadness yet an inability to shed any tears. Regardless of the mood, there can be a hint of self-sacrifice in the expression, perhaps a feeling of being tread upon over the years, or in a more elusive sense, a distant knowing of having lived in a monastery in a past life.


Goal of Dominance

The eyes of those in Dominance are strong, determined, and unyielding, with a piercing quality that can crack the fragile veneer of your comfort zone and invade your personal space. This is a commanding expression that seems to say, "If you are not part of the solution than you are part of the problem, now get out of my way!"


Goal of Flow

The expression in the eyes of those with this goal usually appears well rested, as if these people just returned from a long vacation and now plan to hang a sign on their door that says "Gone Fishing." There's a little Huck Finn in these carefree folks who are rafting down the Mississippi, just going with the flow. Look for a relaxed and easy-going gaze that's rarely stressed and just bides its time.


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The Seven Goals: Re-evaluation, Growth, Discrimination, Acceptance, Submission, Dominance, Flow

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The Seven Goals

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