The Seven Attitudes

A Photo Comparison of the Seven Attitudes: Stoic, Spiritualist, Skeptic, Idealist, Cynic, Realist, Pragmatist
Personality Traits

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Stoic Attitude

Stoics appear emotionally detached. They look unexpressive and meditative, as if they feel a quiet resolve about something that cannot be changed.


Spiritualist Attitude

Spiritualists have a mystical look in their eyes, projecting an otherworldly gaze, like an inspired priest receiving a heavenly vision.


Skeptic Attitude

Skeptics convey a look of doubt and distrust, with an incredulous glare that is both suspicious and interrogating. They insist on accuracy.


Idealist Attitude

Idealists appear optimistic and positive, with a child-like naiveté that's warm, friendly, and accommodating.


Cynic Attitude

Cynics have hard and scornful eyes that range from caustic to comedic to outright sadness. They typically mock a derisive scowl that punctuates whatever you do or say with, "It will never work!"


Realist Attitude

Realists have a blunt and direct gaze that is grounded and down-to-earth, with a level-headed slant that rings true.


Pragmatist Attitude

Pragmatists appear bland, neutral, and are noticeably absent of any romance or dreaminess, often conveying the sterile survey of the clinician.


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The Seven Attitudes: Stoic, Spiritualist, Skeptic, Idealist, Cynic, Realist, Pragmatist

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