Agreements & External Monads

Agreements & External Monads


Along with the pre-incarnational selection of overleaves, choice of parents, and the life task, a variety of different agreements are often arranged with the people you may come into contact with during a lifetime. Since it's impossible to know ahead of time how a life will unfold or what idiosyncrasies a personality will develop during that lifetime, agreements are non-binding and subject to change. At times they are even discarded altogether.

Once the incarnation has begun, the passage of life can considerably alter the personality of a person and make them undesirable to another soul. Thus, some agreements will be impossible to implement. Pre-incarnational agendas often include 5-10 mate agreements, for example, in order to ensure the best possible chance of success.

Naturally, there is a compelling urge to fulfill agreements with those you meet, and expectations can be high. The intensity of an agreement is not as compelling as a karmic agreement, however, which feverishly brings two people together into an intense passion play until the karma is resolved.

Not all agreements are intended to last for a lifetime, such as the teacher-student or rescuer-rescued monads, and when the agreement is considered 75% complete, both parties will begin to feel satisfied that the agreement has been finished. Abdication of an agreement before it has been completed usually results in frustration and anger. Though, breaking an agreement is not karmic, in most cases, and it rightfully grants freedom of choice to the people involved.

External Monads

The external monads are arranged between two people in order to have a specific learning experience. The monad is not considered complete till either party has experienced both sides of the monad together, such as parent/child. The monad must be finished with the same person, but the same monad may be repeated with other people to learn the finer shades of a particular experience.

There are many kinds of monads (over 80 according to channeled sources), with some created specifically for unique circumstances. All of the major monads must be completed before cycling off.

Since monads are deeply impactful and time intensive, most people only take on a couple monads in a lifetime, and those with a smaller agenda -- such as someone with a goal of flow -- may not do a monad at all.

Like most things in the Michael teachings, the overall experience of the monads ultimately leads to a greater understanding of others and a path to unconditional love.

There are 30 classic patterns typically experienced, and they are briefly summarized here from most common to least common.

One person teaches another something that is either life changing or that helps them find the appropriate path in life. Traditional roles can be deceiving, however, like the example of a school teacher occupying the student part of this monad with someone in his classroom. There may also be some flip-flopping with this monad, where each party takes turns occupying the position of teacher or student.

Husband-Wife (or Gay/Lesbian Relationship)
A long-term relationship with another person that involves the lessons typically associated with being mated, such as partnership, compatibility, tolerance, and so on.

Not all parents have this monad with their children.

Sibling Monad
A bonding relationship that explores all aspects of being brother-sister, brother-brother, and so forth. If there is a monad the relationship is usually prominent throughout the lifetime.

Pivotal Facilitator - Facilitated
The facilitator alters your current trajectory, similar to a bumper car that abruptly knocks you off course into a new direction. The result is a great change that is pivotal in transforming your way of being. Sometimes confused with sexual karma, this monad may create unanticipated tension if the individuals involved are in committed relationships. Much intensity is generated by this monad and it tends to be of short duration; once the lesson of facilitating and being facilitated is experienced, both parties typically move on.

This monad is wide in scope and can range in intensity from verbal attack, to rape or murder. Domestic violence can manifest through this monad, with a vengeful cat-and-mouse game that can continue throughout the lifetime, despite the separation of the couple. A classic monad about karmic formation that starts at the infant soul age and advances forward as needed.

Love Monad
Often confused with essence twin relationships, both souls have experienced the major monads together and are now free to explore unconditional love and agape -- which will occur in every lifetime they encounter each other. A sexual relationship is not a given, however, as a simple friendship will work for this monad. Due to the incarnational time involved, this is an old soul monad. Rare.

Other Monads:

Hopelessly Loving-Hopelessly Loved
Tandem Monad


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