Task Companions

Task Companions

A task companion is another soul we team up with at the beginning of a grand cycle. We work together with our task companion, supporting one another in our life tasks, which are complementary. Sometimes, people have more than one task companion. One is chosen at the beginning of the grand cycle, and up to three others are added along the way, usually during the infant soul cycle. On less than one percent of the charts I have channeled, Michael said that the person had no task companion.

We often work with our task companion and essence twin in the dream state, especially if we don’t know them “in the flesh.” A discarnate task companion is often one of our spirit guides, specializing in working with us on our life task. If we “tune in” to our guides visually, they may appear to us in the form of one of their reincarnational personalities whom we knew in prior lifetimes that are significant for us now. If we know the role of our task companion and get visual images from our guides, it might be interesting to see if we can pick out our task companion. For example, if we have an artisan task companion, we might explore whether one of our guides seems especially inventive and chameleon-like. If so, that might be our task companion. (We could also ask this guide if he is our task companion, but we shouldn’t assume that our astral friends understand the Michael terminology.)

The Yarbro books implied that we have only one task companion. Perhaps the task companions added after the grand cycle begins, which I and other Michael channels have been told about, would be considered “synthetic” in the Yarbro perspective, although Michael tells me that they function in the same way as the originally chosen task companion. Yarbro also emphasized that one’s task companion is never of the same role. However, I have channeled charts for more than a few people on which the task companion had the same role. It is possible that my channeling was in error, or that what I channeled was a “synthetic” task companion—my charts do not specify when a task companion was chosen. If I do channel a task companion of the same role and ask Michael, “Are you sure?” so far they have always replied in the affirmative.

I once channeled a client’s chart that listed two task companions. Later, someone else was also said to be the client’s task companion. Michael explained that they wished to encourage the client to first question who that person was to her before they told her that he was her task companion.

Shepherd Hoodwin

Besides Cadre mates and Entity mates and Cadence members, there are three other special classes of "soul mates" within the Cadre: the Essence Twin, the Task Companion, and Configuration members. The bond of "Essence Twins" is the strongest possible for souls. They are of the same Role, in the same location in Casting in different Entities. They are true equals, but because of the consuming intensity of their spiritual kinship, Essence Twins rarely meet or have a continuing relationship during incarnation. It would be too much of a distraction from other things that must be experienced. The second strongest soul bond is with the "Task Companion". Task Companions are in the same Entity, usually of opposite Roles, and they do the complement of each other's work while incarnate, whether or not they know each other while incarnate. They make a great team. "Configurations" are groups of between three and nine souls who, in the late Child or early Young Age, agree to work together for the rest of their time on earth on common projects. It does not require the entire Configuration to do the project(s), and they do not work on the project(s) in every lifetime.

Phil Wittmeyer


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