Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Author of Messages From Michael and other Michael teachings books

chelsea quinn yarbro


Born September 15, 1942, in Berkeley, California, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro attended Berkeley schools through high school followed by three years at San Francisco State College (now University).

In November 1969 she married Donald Simpson and divorced in February 1982. She has no children.

A professional writer for over 45 years, Yarbro has worked in a wide variety of genres, from science fiction to westerns, from young adult adventure to historical horror.

Yarbro is the author of over 70 novels and numerous short stories. She is probably best known for her series of historical horror novels about the vampire Count Saint-Germain.  But students of the Michael teachings know her as the author of Messages From Michael, and three other books in that groundbreaking series.  

Aside from writing, she has worked as a cartographer, has read tarot cards and palms, channeled Michael, and has composed music, all of which she continues to do. Over the years she has studied seven different instruments, voice, and musical theory. Musical composition, voice, and piano have continued to be active interests for her.

According to the Internet, on average, Yarbro writes three to four books a year, and one or two short stories and/or essays. She maintains a six-hour-a-day, six-days-a-week-at-the-keyboard schedule, except when traveling. Five days a week she spends three to four hours doing research.

Yarbro and the Michael Teachings

Rumor has it that Yarbro still holds a private Michael group, but since the publication of her books about the teachings in the late 70's and 80's, she has had little public involvement with the material. Her initial effort to get the teachings published -- featuring the amazingly detailed work of early Michael channel, Sarah Chambers -- will forever hold her in the highest regard among Michael students worldwide.

The Michael Books

Messages from Michael  (1979; 25th Anniversary Edition revised in 2005)
More Messages from Michael (March 1986)
Michael's People (July 1988)
Michael for the Millennium (1995)




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