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Questions from a Michael Student about channeling:

I have heard that some people channel energy other than Michael, beings such as Robert and Abraham and Uriel; that even devas can be channeled. Are these true teachers? Why do they need to channel at all? What does channeling do for the channel? What does the channel have to do to channel?

MICHAEL: Channeling implies a thinning of the veils between the low frequency or physical world and the higher frequencies which are beyond it. Some channeling may indeed be done with the high frequency devas/sprites, the nature energies closest to human beings. Other connections can be made with astral energy, which is varied in its usefulness. Causal plane energy is always a teaching energy. Occasionally entities from the mental plane or higher connect with fragments, though this is rare.

The entity Robert tends to connect with openly sensitive fragments, the kind that are accepting and interesting at the same time. The entity Abraham may be thought of as the same kind of energy, with however a more intellectual cast to an emotionally framed message. Both of these entities connect from the causal plane and may be thought of as truth teachers. Their association with humans runs in the same paths as does our own. They teach, shading, shaping, and offering their message to an audience inclined to be receptive, as do we. There is no need to question the validity of their energy contact.

Very occasionally a fragment will find itself connecting with an entity from the mental plane. This energy/entity is from the plane higher than ours and does not often connect with human beings. But when there is a spark that looks promising, it will do so. This connection is not regular, and it is not meant to be a ‘teaching’ experience for the recipient. It is a casual connecting that bestows upon the fragment involved a pulse, or quick ray of understanding, which often cannot be remembered afterwards. The experience is remembered, the sense of the connection is remembered, but the actual content usually is not. This is because the content is beyond thought, beyond words, not concepts that have any meaning on the physical plane. It is generally felt as a deepening, a profoundly memorable experience by the receiving fragment.

Why a mental entity chooses to connect with an individual is partly mystery, partly simplicity. The simple answer is: They have an interest in doing so. The mystery: Some fragments can ‘receive’ them and most cannot. We would say that among the generality of human beings those with a peculiar arrangement of psychic/spiritual frequencies seem able to connect with them. Unlike the agreements between the teaching entities of the causal plane and human fragments, the connection between a fragment and a mental entity is entirely at the discretion of that entity. A fragment channeling a causal plane entity may begin the dialogue; a fragment ‘touched’ by a mental plane entity is not able to do this.

Among those fragments who channel, we do not mean to imply that they are ‘chosen’, not in the sense of most religious definitions of the word ‘chosen’. We merely explain that when there is a ready receiver and when there is a movement among the entity to explore, the two are capable of coming together. We believe that the residual for the fragment who has this visitation includes an expansion of its openness to the unseen world beyond the physical plane.

As we have said, in most cases this connection, once established, will continue as an agreement between the entity and the channel on a reciprocal basis, either side being able to initiate interaction with the other.

Among other possible channeling connections, an energy known as Uriel is a regular visitor to the earthly plane. We would say that sometimes this energy recognizes a path taken by a causal or mental entity and follows it out of curiosity. Curiosity is not denied those integrated energies who inhabit the planes above the astral. Curiosity is an intellectual exercise and is part of the experience of all creation.

Uriel is recognized among practitioners of the so-called magical arts of divination and sorcery or wizardry as the Archangel of Death. This is a trivialization of this powerful energy. Instead, think of it as the connection between life and life, an extension of the higher self, outside the higher self, holding the patterns of eternity that bridge the temporary incarceration of the soul within a physical form and the experience of formlessness found beyond incarnation.

None of these connections, with the possible exception of astral energy which must be evaluated on an individual basis, presents a worrisome element to the human fragment. Indeed, a fragment may sever the connection(s) at will and with no penalty. It is truly a free choice.

Now, the question: Why does channeling happen at all?

These connections, excluding the mental plane or higher entities, are part of the teaching mission of these energies. We can say that when the student is ready, the teacher comes. It happens among us and it happens among you. Remember also, that all is choice. We repeat: At no time must any one of you submit unwillingly to this work. But when you do, there is an exchange of energy from the planes beyond the physical that offers direction and support to those working their way through the cycles of human existence from those who have completed them.

What does channeling offer the fragments who find themselves making these out-of-the-ordinary, other-worldly connections?

The soul of the fragment itself is the answer. If there were not the space/energy/recognition available in the particular fragment, there would be no connection. When there is, the understanding grows, the ability to ‘hold’ more of this energy grows, and the result is a kind of spiritual sweetness, delight, fullness, as well as the opportunity to express these truths to others, the primary objective of channeling.

We do not say that the experience of channeling necessarily leads to greater spiritual growth, however. It can, if that is the decision of the recipient, but let us say that it is not sufficient for growth, merely a catalyst, and not always that.

Fragments who accept the offer to connect with energies beyond the physical plane sometimes think that they need to ‘do’ something special once the connection has been made and acknowledged. Fragments need only cooperate with the channeled entity, remaining open to its energy to the best of their ability. Most of the ‘doing’ then becomes the responsibility of the entity. Although we have said that initiating ongoing contact may be done by either side, in general it is the channeling fragment who begins a channeling session.

We do suggest meditation for clearing the channels for our own energy, and we believe that this also improves the connections for other entities. During true meditation the mind is stilled and is agreeably empty. This allows the causal plane entity and other energies to have a clear path to the individual spark. Sometimes fragments set themselves too onerous a program once they understand what is happening. They say, in effect: If this is coming about when I haven’t done anything, think what grander things will happen if I consciously try to help. Unfortunately, this reaction is often less than useful.

Being open, being aware of the energy, this is all that is necessary, and even that is the choice of the fragment. Sometimes there is no direct consciousness, no intellectual awareness, and then the work that is going on remains totally outside the experience of the fragment. The permission to cooperate is obtained from essence and the results are often not apparent to the human involved. Which seems to negate the effort, but be assured it does not. The result will be a tendency for the fragment to express the matter of channeling without the external trappings. In this respect, there is a synergy between the energy of the teachers and the higher self of the channel. In general, this happens with fragments willing to express truth but who are involuntarily ignorant of the teachings as such.

As we understand it, the most effective way for a fragment to enhance its channeling ability is to clear the active mind and enter what is termed an alternate state of consciousness, usually in meditation. The more often this practice is undertaken, the more probable it is that the fragment will come to understand what is happening and will decide what, if anything, it wishes to do with the experience.

Go in peace.

About Nancy Gordon

Nancy has been a student of the Michael Teachings since 1997, as well as a student of metaphysics for half a century.  A computer channel, as opposed to a vocal channel, she is developing on an agreement made with Michael in 2004.

Nancy has retired from channeling.



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