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Lassie is trying to speak!  We might as well start there. (Actually about 15 dogs, including a couple males, but the message can easily be generalized.) “Woof, woof.  Yes, stardom was fun; good treatment and attention beat getting kicked and scrounging for a living nosing for scraps.  The hard work was fun. We are proud of how civilized we managed to be and experience little regret about losing our wilder pasts.  —And, no, it was no big deal impersonating a female.”

What we, Michael, experience from our current causal plane perspective and remember from our own long astral plane experience is that when you are “dead”, i.e. existing on the astral without a corresponding physical body, the astral plane comes quickly to look, feel and be more lively, original and real than the physical plane.  Being recently dead and connecting with the earth, getting through to your relatives and friends is interesting, important at first but soon starts to feel a bit hanging out with ghosts — difficult and ultimately not very satisfying.  “What Dreams May Come” was right on target with its depiction of Robin Williams being frantic at first to connect with his wife but frustration and a growing sense of unreality causes him to drop those attempts rather quickly.  (The film, though mostly spot on target, painted a decidedly too punishing picture of suicides who truly are likely to suffer with confusion and shame on the astral but are not forever locked in the tar pits of hell, never to reincarnate again, as the film implied.)

Your average astral soul is certainly more aware of the physical plane, what it is like and who is there than the average person on earth is aware of what is going on on the astral plane.  Certainly you are sent greetings and love, you are watched over and mentored by fragments of your soul family or entity, but, overall, connecting with the physical universe is not an engrossing activity.  (The occasional alcoholic, qat eater or opium smoker will be unhappily hanging out in your neighborhood pub or hall or den hoping to get a furtive taste, high and sense of release from the drug of their choice.  These souls are not getting that it is possible to move on.  They thwart and frustrate themselves with old habits and compulsions until they choose to realize their new freedom from the addictions of the body whereupon other greater pleasures begin to be experienced.)

The recently dead academic and psychologist, William James, told channel Jane Roberts that the Earth starts to look more like a film negative, flat in affect with odd overlaps, missing pieces and bad, poorly-synched sound. The Earth of your physical memory does fade fast.  James is also very much correct when he says, “Death has its own pleasures...”  And to a great degree, it is these pleasures that prevent many connections from emanating from the astral to the physical.  Dead people get a life of their own.  From this perspective, being born is seen not as a delightful celebration of new life but as a sobering toss of the dice as you throw yourself back into the potential tar pit existence of the physical plane classroom.  From the astral point of view, death gives more freedom and pleasure than birth.  On the other hand, neither you nor we would have left the Tao unwilling to experience pain along the interesting road back to oneness.

If you look at the sequence of anyone’s chain of lifetimes, going both backward and forward, you might ask, “Does anyone hang out for long as the collected energy, the person, that was one lifetime?”  Even though most everyone, Aunt Jenny, George Washington, Hitler and Elvis included, moves on to new focuses and other lives, there will always be a part of their essence that remembers (and holds the form for) each of their lifetimes.  Also, every time you remember them, you help hold the form together.  Thus, Aunt Jenny’s form is more likely to dissipate or be more diffuse and harder to find, than the form of someone still widely acknowledged in history books.

When clear and positive breakthrough communication comes from the astral, it is generally to comfort and support those cared deeply about — though breakthroughs are also made in order to share with and teach those who are still physical, as William James did with Jane Roberts and Arabist and adventurer T.E. Lawrence did with Jane Sherwood.  (And we did with our friends and students, too, when we were astral.)

It is interesting to note that while neither channel, Roberts nor Sherwood, had met their astral companion in his last life, both pairs were strongly bonded in many prior lifetimes, making clear communication that much easier. Roberts had shared spiritual and intellectual quests in prior lifetimes with James, so the connecting points and deep resonance were already established. Lawrence and Sherwood were task companions, meaning they had worked together towards various goals over many lifetimes on the planet.   Both these men had lived rather great and impactful lives and felt a continuing need to teach — including sharing information about their after-life adventures and their new perspectives.  Interestingly, both expressed strong regrets that they hadn’t managed more vibrant personal lives or had found more pleasure in the moment (something we often remind our students about).

So, what’s going on with Elvis sightings?  Is the astral Elvis pushing to get through to his old fans because of an imperative to teach?  Something powerful is going on here, but it is not about an astral Elvis so greatly desiring to be seen that he somehow manages to make an impression of himself on someone’s kitchen cupboards!  Sexual Muses like Elvis, like Jimmy Dean and Marilyn Monroe, provoked and willingly allow millions of sexual projections to come their way.  Each of these stars helped their public to open to their own sexuality, to acknowledge and allow it and begin to heal by breaking loose, perhaps from lifetimes of tight puritanical restriction.

Of course, not every Elvis fan got perfectly free — one reason why so many living people still dream, still hold on to him, hoping their second chakra work will somehow get finished.  Sexual longing and infatuation make powerful, numinous thought forms.  (Aliester Crowley, the most powerful of magicians, used sexual energy to enhance the power of projected thought forms.)  Bake this longing with thwarted desires and the sense that Elvis could make everything right and, Voila, Elvis sightings.  Elvis sightings and appearances have little to do with an astral Elvis attempting a breakthrough and much to do with sexually backed up feelings and desires trying to get free.

Want to know a regret from Elvis?  “Wish I’d found more pleasure in my own personal existence and not remained so blocked.  Wish there had been more integrity and coherence between my outer life and my personal life.”   This is similar refrain to James and Lawrence.  Hmmm.  What might you say about the quality of your days and minutes, and what might you change before you do your life review from the astral?  Old souls often have a tilt towards meditation and other spiritual and mind/body practices, all of which do help the moments of your life come alive.

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