Our frequency is the rate of vibration of our essence on a scale of one to a hundred. Slow frequencies feel steady, stable, or substantial. Fast frequencies feel effervescent, ethereal, or airy. Frequency ranges could be compared to solids, liquids, and gases such as ice, water, and steam. As with male/female energy ratio, the frequencies of my clients, more often than not, are midrange, from about forty to seventy, which suggests that it is more common to be “liquid” than to be “solid” or “gaseous.”

Those with slower frequencies tend to move through their experiences more slowly and with a greater steadiness than those with faster frequencies. We don’t mean that they are slow in their actions, but that they tend to move through the steps of their lives more slowly, with a definite, regular rhythm. On the other hand, those with rapid frequencies can tend to buzz, so to speak, with an edge and an uneven rhythm. They do not necessarily complete the physical plane more quickly, but they can have the same amount of experience in forty years that a slow-frequency person has in seventy—it is as if their engine runs faster. However, an experience at high frequency is not the same as one at low frequency. Frequency is another characteristic that allows for variety.

You usually feel most comfortable with people whose frequency is within about twenty points of yours. That puts you, in one sense, “on the same wavelength.”

Priests and artisans tend to have higher frequencies. Kings, scholars, and especially warriors tend to have lower frequencies. Sages and servers can run the gamut. However, each spark is individual and may choose to vibrate at whatever frequency it wishes. Those who differ from the norm can contribute something valuable.

For example, high-frequency priests could be compared to steam that naturally leaves the pot when its lid is removed. They often like to “space out,” dream, or meditate, leaving their bodies a lot. This allows them to connect with the higher elements of life. A relatively low-frequency priest may experience his priestliness in a more grounded and earthy way. Since priests tend to want to get beyond the physical plane, it is good to have some priests who have more natural resonance with it.

Frequencies are permanent for the whole grand cycle. However, you may not always manifest your frequency accurately. Someone who has a slower frequency may have been imprinted as a child to express himself at a higher one, or vice versa. If you are tired or overstimulated, that can affect the frequency you manifest as well.

Body type, role, and overleaves can affect the way frequency appears. For example, my frequency, sixty-four, is above average, but my body type, lunar, is the most passive, calm, and slow-moving of the seven types. Also, neither my role, essence twin role, nor any of my overleaves are on the action axis except my chief feature, impatience. So I tend to move slowly unless I am deliberately doing otherwise (or am impatient). These factors do not modify my frequency itself—my fundamental vibration is still relatively quick and airy—but at first glance, someone might think that my frequency is lower, especially if my normally animated sagely expression is subdued. (The effervescence often associated with sages can be mistaken for high frequency, but sages can be effervescent on a lower musical pitch, so to speak.) On the other hand, if I had a mercurial body type, aggression mode, and so forth, someone might think that my frequency was higher than it is.

High frequency and low male energy (and vice versa) often accompany one another—they balance each other. A person who combines high male energy with the “buzziness” of high frequency can be intense, in the sense that his energy is moving both quickly and outward. I know a sage who has a frequency of eighty-one and seventy-two percent male energy, as well as a goal of dominance, passion mode, skeptic attitude, emotional centering, and a chief feature of impatience. I thought of stamping his chart “Warning—Danger!”

Likewise, people with low frequency and high female energy are often laid back and quiet; their energy, which is moving slowly to begin with, is drawn inward.

No configuration is “good” or “bad.” In fact, there are pros and cons to every configuration of role, overleaves, frequency, and other factors of essence. Each is like a unique color scheme we chose for its unique creative possibilities.

The role itself has a frequency separate from the person’s individual frequency. Artisans and priests are the high-frequency roles. An artisan with a frequency of thirty has a lower pitch, a slower and greater steadiness of vibration, than one with a frequency of seventy-five, but still feels airy compared to any warrior because of his role. However, his personal frequency would make him comfortable with a warrior whose frequency is around thirty, because they vibrate at about the same speed as individuals—they are both relatively “low-key”; the frequency of the role is separate. You might say that every trait described by Michael occupies a separate layer in a person. Referring again to the analogy of overtones, the vibration of one’s role occupies a different octave or “band” in one’s overtone series than the octave where one’s individual frequency vibrates.

The mean frequency among the 1050 essences of the Michael entity is about forty-seven, reflecting the fact the kings and warriors tend to slightly prefer having a lower frequency. However, Michael’s overall cadre, which includes all roles, has a mean frequency of about fifty.

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Shepherd has been channeling since 1986. He also does intuitive readings, mediumship, past-life regression, healing, counseling, and channeling coaching, where he teaches others to channel. He has conducted workshops on the Michael teachings throughout the United States. His other books include Enlightenment for Nitwits, Loving from Your Soul: Creating Powerful Relationships, Meditations for Self-Discovery, Opening to Healing, Growing Through Joy, Being in the World, and more to come.

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