The most ancient writing extant in which this theory of emanations may be traced is ascribed to Timaeus of Locris in which he ascribes the creation of the universe to the divine emanations of God, an imparting of His being to unformed matter. By this union a world-soul was created which vitalizes and regulates all things. Claudian in his Idyl of the Magnet uses it as a symbol of the informative spirit of things, the laws of nature, creative and existent.

The mysticism of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries mainly depends on these ideas of radiations emanating from all things but especially the stars, magnets and human beings, of a force which would act on all things and was controlled by the indwelling spirit. The writings of Paracelsus abound with instances of the theory. He asserts that every substance in itself contains something of the nature of the loadstone; that the astral light, which is one of the finer media of nature, finer than the luminiferous ether, exists throughout planetary space especially around the brain and spinal cords of human beings; (See. article Aura) that we are all but organized magnets having each our poles which attract and repel; that our thoughts are magnetic emanations escaping from our brains. His theory of the universe was that it emanated from a great first Being and there was a reciprocity in all things. In man too there exists an astral quality, emanating from the stars, which, whether physical or not, when compared with the physical body may be considered a spirit. This life stands in connection with the stars from which it sprang and draws to it their power like a magnet. He calls this Sidereal life the magnes microcosmi and makes use of it to explain the manifestations of nature—it glows in the flower, glides in the stream, moves in the ocean and shines in the sky. Van Helmont speaks of an ethereal spirit, pure and living, which pervades all things. Robert Fludd explained sympathy and antipathy by the action of the emanatory spheres surrounding man—in sympathy the emanations proceeding from the centre, in antipathy the opposite movement taking place. He maintained that these sensitive emanations are to be found also amongst animals and plants, drawing an argument from the fact that if dead and inert substances, such as the earth and magnet seem to be, should have their emanations and their poles, their living forms must needs have them likewise. In the writings of Maxwell, a Scotch physician, is to be found the statement: " There is a linking together of spirits, an incessant outpouring of the rays of our body into another." Athanasius Kircher elaborated the theory deriving all natural phenomena from the action of magnetic radiation; the arts and sciences being also emanations. Wirdig, Bartholin and many more pursued and developed their philosophical investigations along these lines.

Descartes asserted that all space is filled with a fluid matter which he held to be elementary, the foundation and fountain of all life, enclosing all globes and keeping them in motion. In Newton's doctrine of attraction, which he called the Divine Sensorium, the idea of emanation and magnetism is found. The following quotation is from his Fundamental Principles of Natural Philosophy : " Here the question is of a very subtle spirit "which penetrates through all, even the hardest bodies and which is concealed in their substance. Through the strength and activity of this spirit, bodies attract each other and adhere together when brought into contact. Through it electrical bodies operate at the remotest distances as well as near at hand, attracting and repelling; through this spirit the light also flows and is refracted and reflected and warms bodies." Mesmer enunciated the following propositions: " Between the heavenly bodies, the earth and human beings, there exists a mutual or interchangeable influence. The medium of this influence is an universally distributed fluid which suffers no vacuum, is of a rarity with which nothing can compare and has the property of receiving and transmitting all impressions of movement. Animal bodies experience the mutual effect of this agent, because it penetrates the nerves and affects them directly. In the human body particularly are observed properties analogous to those of the magnet. It is shown by experiment that a matter flows out so fine that it penetrates all bodies without apparently losing any of its activity. This maybe communicated to other bodies, animate or inanimate, such as mirrors ; it is communicated, propagated, augmented by sound. Its virtues may be accumulated, concentrated and transported." On this theory he based his famous "Animal Magnetism" and its practice for the cure of disease, in fact all human ailments. Baron von Reic hen bach, a nun of scientific attainments, a chemist and metallurgist of some repute, conducted a series of experiments to investigate this theory. He procured the aid of a large number of sensitive, clairvoyants and mediums. These persons he placed in dark rooms, and then submitted to their spiritual sight magnets, shells, crystals, minerals, animals, human hands and a great variety of animate and inanimate objects, known only to himself but detected by the sensitive through the luminous emanations given forth by each substance. These emanations or flames differed in color, size and intensity according to the nature of the object examined. The sensations experienced seemed mainly of two kinds— temperature and perceptions of light and color. The poles of the magnet emitted flames, reddish yellow from the south pole, bluish green from the north; a similar polarity was observed in the luminous emanations from crystals. The human fingers radiated light. Elementary substances each had their distinctive light and color, the metals giving the most vivid impressions. Iron, copper, bismuth, mercury and others gave off a red glow, each differing from the others; the flames emitted by lead, cobalt and palladium were blue; those of silver, gold, cadmium, diamond were white. The clairvoyants also perceived the luminous matter over the bodies of the sick in hospitals ; and a column of misty vapor hovering over a newly made grave. This radiance emitted by the various substances, was capable of illuminating other objects. It could be concentrated by a lens, reflected by a mirror but produced no effect on a thermometer and was liable to be absorbed by the glass of the percipient's spectacles. A large number of the sensitives fully corroborated each other's statements and observations, two artists amongst them sketching their clairvoyant visions. These experiments of the Baron's were conducted for years with the most persevering attention and he arrived at the conclusion that front every object in the human, animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom there emanated a force which could be detected under favorable conditions as flames or luminous radiations. Some observers defined these as the universal life of things. Reichenbach in his writings and descriptions of the experiments called them the "Od Force" or "Odyle." 

Modern Spiritualism claims that all physical phenomena such as materializations, levitation, apports, table-rapping etc. are produced by the spirits' manipulations of the medium's more physical emanations in such a way as to give them power to manifest materially and control matter. The finer phases of mediumship are traced to a similar use of the psychic aura or force emitted from the medium's personality. Theosophy has elaborated the theory of emanations into grandiose conceptions of astral light, influences, auras, etc- In Paris, in 1901, a peculiar phenomenon produced through the agency of a young Roumanian gentleman was investigated by Dr. Rozier. Broussay could occasion a gaseous bubbling of water when this was enclosed in a bottle and over this ebullition he had more or less control. In Dr. Roner's presence this was carried out by the following process. A white glass bottle was taken, a quarter filled with water, and the neck of this was firmly closed up by Broussay's hand. It was then turned upside down and held tightly so that no moisture could possibly escape. On watching the water thus brought into touch with the hand minute air bubbles formed rapidly and rose in threadlike lines to the surface. After lapse of a minute or two the appearance intensified and the bubbles rose in greater number until the effect resembled soda water in effervescence. When the experiment was at its height the bubbles seemed to fly from every part of the hand which was exposed to the water and gathered round the neck of the bottle while a crackling sound was audible. Light had no effect on the experiment and the temperature of M. Broussay was normal, 37deg. to 38deg. at most. This experiment js similar to a favorite performance given by Indian jugglers, who will boil an egg in from five to ten minutes at most without fire to heat the water. An explanation of this phenomenon is given as being due to the electric vibrations passing along the surface of the skin and raising the temperature of the water above, boiling point—the definition of electricity in this case being that as it is neither matter nor energy, though energy may be expended in moving or creating it, it is quite probably generated by the brain cells, a manifestation of cerebral force and will vibrations. Later investigations in the subject of emanations were set in motion by certain results detected in connection with a stud}' of the famous "X" rays, when it was found that a new species of radiations was emitted by the focus tube, which traversed aluminum, black paper, wood, etc. These new rays were plane-polarized from the moment of their emission; were susceptible of rotatory and elliptic polarization and could be refracted, reflected and diffused. The wave-lengths of the "N" rays are much smaller than those of light and they also appear to be without heat. They can be obtained from various sources other than the Kontgen tube, and certain bodies seem to have the property of retaining or storing the rays for a considerable time. The human body is said to emit them unceasingly. Though non-luminous in themselves the rays will, if allowed to fall upon a phosphorescent body, increase its glow. A small spark or flame is similarly influenced. In photography the existence of the "N" rays is well demonstrated, those pictures taken without the rays being very faint while those obtained while the " N " rays were in action were much stronger. Pebbles exposed to sunlight spontaneously emit "N" rays and bodies such as Rupert's drops, hardened steel, hammered brass, etc, are permanent sources of the rays. These rays were named after the initial letter of the town of Nancy where the researches were made that led to their discovery by Professor Blondlot. Further experiments proved that all matter possesses the power of radiation and those potentialities can be seen and registered by a fluorescent screen just as those of the animal and human organism. Whenever muscular and nerve energies are manifesting rays are emitted, and it was found that they would pass through certain substances whereas others would intercept and store them. For example, they passed through an oak board three or four centimeters thick, black paper, aluminum, etc, but water stopped them or even a cigarette paper if wet. Fresh water intercepted them but if the liquid were salt the rays passed through. Dr. Baraduc for many years pursued his studies in the emission of human fluidic forces and used the bio-metre for registering vibrations emitted from human bodies. This instrument consists of a needle suspended by a fine thread and covered with a glass shade. When the hand approaches this shade, without touching it the needle is deflected. As the result of long observation he formed the opinion that the variations in the movements of the needle were caused by various conditions, physical, mental and moral in the persons who approached it and that by these means he was able to estimate those conditions. Dr. Baraduc also experimented in photography on these lines. He took photographs of the emanations given off from the hands of persons in varied, mental, moral and physical states. In these the lines of radiation varied considerably. In one, described by him as a psychic hand, the luminosity seemed to radiate from the lower base of the palm; another, where all the lines were confused, was a photograph taken from the hand of a man in mental distress. Dr. Baraduc also photographed some stones which were said to have been used in the initiation rites of pre-Christian religions and the stream of rays emanating from these stones was distinctly visible on the plates; also some holy water at Lourdes just after a miraculous cure had been effected, and there again the influence was strong. He photographed with similar result the sacred wafer during the moment of elevation in a Roman Catholic Church. He also photographed both his son and his wife, the one four minutes after death and the other twenty-four hours after death, and in each instance there was seen stretching from the lifeless body a great stream of force which extended right up to the ceiling of the room and then turned down again. In the one case the face of the son could be recognized by anyone who had known him and could be seen close to the body. In the other case the profile of Dr. Baraduc's wife was to be seen halfway up the room.


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