Crop Circles

Are they real or a hoax?
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Crop Circles

Found in fields of wheat, barley, canola, rye, corn, linseed and soy, Crop circles are geometrical formations of flattened crops found in England and elsewhere. Many people believe they are the work of extraterrestrials, but science is still debating that conjecture. Since the majority of crop circles have been created during the night and within easy access of roadways, most scientists suggest that means human causation is the likely agent. Crop circle researchers, however, argue that there is evidence that suggests the circles are not man-made.

Clearly, the origin of crop circles is still under debate. The beauty of these circles, however, is undisputed

This page presents both sides of the argument in a series of articles collected from around the net. Carefully weigh the facts and decide for yourself. Enjoy!


Begin with these preliminary articles to get started with crop circles, then move down to the more advanced material. Simply perusing the beautiful photos of crop circles is an excellent place to start.

What Are Crop Circles?

History of Crop Circles

How to Make a Crop Circle

Crop Circle Pictures - Google images

Lucy Pringle's Crop Circle Photos



Pros and Cons


● No human could create the massive formations of some crop circles in only one night.
● Over 3000 crop circles have appeared since 1978.
● Extraterrestrials may use crop circles as a way to get our attention.
● No reports of partial, incomplete formations. If they all were made by humans there would inevitably be some where they were caught in the act, or gave up, or spoiled it hopelessly.
● There are magnetic differences in the wheat from crop circles, as well as magnetic material in the soil.
● Predictable plant abnormalities are present in wheat taken from crop circles.
● Cell phones often fail to operate within a formation but sometimes work perfectly again if taken outside it.


● All crop circles are man-made.
● So-called balls of light seen near crop circles are one of three things: hoaxes, birds, or wind blown objects.
● Why are crop circles always created at night? If the purpose was to get our attention, wouldn't it be more effective if crop circles were created in front of us in broad daylight? Creating a crop circle on the lawn of the White House would definitely get our attention.
● Crop circles have suspiciously grown more complex over time. They noticeably tend to follow our culture. During the 80s, for example, fractal geometry was big. Sure enough, in the early 90s, crop circles began to show examples of fractals. And as more people started to use computers, digital styled artwork became more prominent in crop circles. There appears to be a learning curve in the creation of crop circles that shouldn't be evident if they were made by extraterrestrials.

Crop Hoaxers

In 1991, two British men, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, claimed they had invented crop circles in 1978. They demonstrated their technique before the news media, but clearly they could not have created all of the circles. Two other men later came forward and claimed to have created many of the crop circles in 1992 and 1993, mostly as a form of research. The spread of copy-cats continues.

Artists calling themselves circle makers are a new breed of hoaxers that see their creations as a legitimate expression of art. They create their circles in secret and feed off the reactions from crop circle believers.


One of the original Michael channels, Sarah Chambers, once channeled the following about crop circles.

The crop circles -- are they authentic?

MICHAEL: They are messages, but not from extra-terrestrials. Most of these were created by youth with considerable talent and cynical senses of humor. However, some of the formations in the Andes are very real remnants of the older civilizations in those areas. These so-called crop circles must, of course, be distinguished from the stone circles such as Stonehenge, which were gathering places for the celebration of important festivals, as well as tools for determining the position of the sun.

Articles About Crop Circles

crop circles

Find articles about the crop circle phenomenon, from both circle supporters and skeptics. Opinions widely vary and it doesn't seem that a mutual agreement will be reached soon.


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Anatomical Anomalies

Arguments Against the Hoax Theory

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So It's All Done With Planks & Bits of String, Is It?

Crop Circle Reconstructions


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How Crop Circles Work

Crop Circle Jerks

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