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MichaelTeachings.com is a non-commercial site and a labor of love. I've devoted almost twenty years of my life to it and have enjoyed every minute.

Regrettably, I have limited funds to upgrade the site as much as I'd like, and the monthly costs for web hosting and audio streaming do take their toll. If you appreciate the work I've done over the years, donations -- no matter how small -- are always appreciated.

There are two ways to donate. You can offer a one-time contribution or you can pay a small sum monthly.
 Thank you!

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Here's my home address:

David Gregg
5935 Havilland Lane
Riverside, CA

If you'd like to show your appreciation for my efforts in a fun way that also supports my insatiable reading habit, here's my Amazon.com wishlist. I do love books!  And my birthday is coming up -- Oct 9. :-)

My Amazon.com Wish List





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