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Nine Needs - Freedom
(+Independence  -Fear of Commitment)


Independence and spontaneity are the chief components of this need.  The structural confinements of working 9-5, along with the commitments and deadlines often imposed in such lifestyles, are heavily frowned upon by people who seek this form of independence.  People with a need for Freedom seek mobility and the luxury of having and making individual choices.  The denial of these choices and the personal freedom that comes with them can create much unhappiness.  In a nutshell, these people do not like to have rules imposed upon them.  

In the positive pole of independence, these people are self-confident, responsible, and independent thinkers who possess a high self-esteem.  In the negative pole they can literally run away from responsibility, avoid relationships, distance themselves from others, and painfully deprive themselves of achieving true intimacy. To corrupt the words of John Locke, they can truly become an island.

If you are in a relationship with someone who has this need, learn to give them breathing room.  They may initially shy away from commitment, but if you grant them the carte blanche of free will and avoid rules and restrictions that fearfully try to bind their wandering spirit, they will love you for it and your relationship will prosper. 

People who have their need for freedom minimized or obstructed will often feel tremendous anger and resentment, hurling themselves straight into their chief features. Conversely, an inappropriate use of freedom often results in the loss of latitude so desperately desired. Like anything, a sense of balance is required, especially when acting without compulsion.

Freedom comes in many guises, from the freedom to love to the freedom to create. Having the freedom to share personal truths is another manifestation, as well as the freedom to move through life with total autonomy. Since freedom has similarities with both the higher intellectual center and the 6th chakra, the keeping of a journal is not an unusual habit for those with this need. A common catharsis is a longing to express deep secrets and desires without fear of being judged by others.

The need for Freedom is about avoiding confinement, both physically and mentally, along with a desire for unfettered experience -- which makes this need very popular with Scholars. It should not be confused with the need for Adventure, which focuses on stimulation.

Humorously, people with this need might dream of having the word "choice" tattooed on their foreheads. They strongly desire to choose where to live, who to have relationships with, what belief systems to adopt, and anything else that involves the process of making personal decisions. The art of living in the moment is strongly embraced by those with this need, and these people long to express who they truly are without concern for societal norms or expectations.  Freedom also paves the way toward more experience and growth, primarily because the life compass tries to chart a course around all obstacles that hinder experience.  

How the Need of Freedom Affects the 6th Chakra

Related to the 6th chakra, the inner yearnings of this need can directly effect how this chakra functions.  Needs are often chosen to better facilitate the life task, and the chakras most necessary for this task are usually taken into consideration when selecting the needs.  It appears that both the need and the chakra work hand in hand.  

A person with a need for freedom is often interested (perhaps on a subconscious level) in balancing their mental faculties with a focused left brain and an open right.  Enhanced levels of discernment and wisdom occurs with this balance, and a greater understanding of both the inner and outer worlds can result.

An interest in this need/chakra connection sometimes stems from a previous lifetime where the individual was either too reliant on their intellectual capacities and theorized habitually (a problem for many Scholars), or was overly dependent on their right brain and recklessly lived life in the moment with little regard for the future. A need for freedom stimulates the 6th chakra in a way that brings these issues forward to be worked on. 

In order to better fulfill this need you might ask yourself questions like:

  • What is confining me in life?
  • What takes up most of my energy? 
  • Am I working harder than I should? Is there a sense of balance?
  • Am I doing what I love? Am I allowing my potential to fully blossom?
  • Am I intellectually stagnated? Am I allowing my intuition full reign in order to balance both sides of my brain?
  • Do I suppress my feelings?
  • Do I see the bigger picture?

An unfulfilled need of freedom often manifests in headaches, confusion, irritability, and a propensity towards intellectual coldness without insight.  Ways of balancing this need include: 

  • Visiting friends or family and making warm, heartfelt social connections. 
  • Exercising more. 
  • Meditation. 
  • Reading mind-expanding books or exploring art. 
  • Listening to music that satisfies on both an intellectual and emotional level. 
  • Taking spontaneous trips or vacations. 
  • Working freelance and avoiding jobs with too many rules.
  • Trusting intuitive insights and learning to allow both thoughts and feelings to govern decisions. 

if you're predominantly left-brained, the following exercise will be useful:

Take a blank piece of paper and force yourself to write the first thing that comes into your mind without editing the results. This exercise should continue for three minutes, and the goal is to write as quickly as possible, non-stop, without a care about how disjointed or erratic the thoughts may seem.  Just keep writing. By turning off the internal editor (left brain) it allows the right brain to gain more dominance. Getting a feel for what it's like to use the right brain is the first step towards using it more often. It's also an important step towards realizing more personal freedom, both on an intellectual and emotional level. 

 By freeing your mind you liberate your life.


A positive manifestation of the freedom need produces insightful, imaginative, and intuitive people who are a source of inspiration to others. If they can stay balanced and not fall prey to the seductive dance of illusion, real transcendence can occur here.

7 Levels of Freedom

1) Destructive irresponsibility   2) Aimless/Unfocused  3) Released/unshackled  4) Mental liberation  5) Emotional liberation  6) Choosing freely  7) Realization of unlimited potential


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