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Positive and Negative Poles


As has already been pointed out, all of the Traits except Age and Casting have poles of positive and negative expression. For instance, the Positive Pole of the SKEPTIC Attitude is +Investigation and the Negative Pole is -Suspicion. When we are in our Positive Poles, we are in a "good attitude" or a "good mood", and we show it in "good" behavior. The Negative Poles show up as "bad" attitudes or moods or behavior. But the issue goes a little deeper than good and bad attitude, happiness and unhappiness, mentally healthy and unhealthy, well adjusted and maladjusted: the only time we can experience love and Agape is when we are in the Positive Poles. Therefore, one goal of this psychotherapy is that we extinguish the Negative Poles. There are three ways to exorcise these "demons" if we so choose.

The first method is to consider and apply the Positive Pole of the Trait which is the complementary opposite of the Trait you are having trouble with. For instance, say you are in the Caution Mode, and having trouble with the Negative Pole of -Phobia. You fret so much about every little thing that might happen, and you are so afraid that you are going to screw up, that you are virtually paralyzed about a certain decision. Now consider the Positive Pole of the complementary POWER Mode, which is +Authority. Put yourself into the frame of mind of someone in this Pole. Sense the confidence, self-assurance, willingness to take chances, and decisiveness of +Authority. This will tend to pop you up into the Positive Pole of your Caution Mode, which is +Deliberation. You will now carefully and methodically, but assuredly, reach a decision and act on it. You now acknowledge that there are risks in life, but you have minimized them as much as is reasonable, and made a relatively safe move. Please note that by "consider" I do not mean to fake the complementary Trait. That would not be according to personal integrity and would probably have the wrong effect.

This method can be used in relationships with people who have complementary Traits. Let's say you have the Goal of Acceptance, and you have a friend or companion with the Goal of Rejection. Each Trait has what the other lacks. Each operates in love when expressed in the Positive Pole. Let us say that you, in Acceptance, are operating out of the Negative Pole, -Ingratiation, when you fear that you are not going to be liked in a certain situation. This makes you phony and insincere you are not being true to yourself. When you are with your friend with the Positive Pole of the Rejection Goal, which is +Discrimination, you will tend to remember your personal integrity and honesty. This will lift you into your Positive Pole of +Unification. If you are in a relationship with someone who has one or more Traits which are complementary to yours, this person will be a constant reminder to you of your garbage in the Negative Poles, and your Clarity in the Positive Poles. If you play this opportunity with vigilance and understanding, you will spend much more time in your Positive Poles, and thereby increase Clarity within yourself and with the other person.

The second way to break a Negative Pole is a variation of the first way. Just humorously, comically, or mockingly imitate the Negative Pole of the complementary Trait. For example, if you have the Goal of Acceptance and you catch yourself in the Negative Pole of -Ingratiation (let's say you are afraid to say no to someone), pretend in your mind that you hate them with a hatred that is so extreme as to be ludicrous. (-Prejudice is the Negative Pole of the complementary Rejection Goal.) This pretense must not be a serious pretense, of course, but a playful pretense. It is the mental and emotional state of "fun" coupled with the complementary Negative Pole which will flip the switch to your Positive Pole. For those in the Goal of Rejection who find themselves being judgmental in the Negative Pole of -Prejudice, they might try being saccharine sweet and oh too nicey-nice, which is -Ingratiation. Do not try this method unless you enjoy it. Even then it may take a while to get the feel of it.

The principle for overcoming fears, whether they are the Negative Poles or some other fears, is simple. Where there is a fear about something there is always its opposite a desire for that something. A polarization is occurring, and the stronger the desire the stronger the fear. If you perceive that the desire is legitimate, the way to depolarize is to embrace that which is feared/desired go for it. The collapse of the polarity will produce love and happiness and energy and you will also have what you desire. Do this until you have neither fears nor desires anymore. Then you will have complete Agape. If you run from or ignore fears/desires rather than facing them, you will never have what you want or love or Agape.

The third and best method of getting into the Positive Poles will be discussed after the next section.

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Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at: wittmeyer@hotmail.com


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