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The chief feature is unlike any of the other Traits in that there are no good Features: Greed, Self-destruction, Arrogance, Self-deprecation, Impatience, Martyrdom, and Stubbornness. No fun here at all. They are "the seven deadly sins" in this system. Everybody experiences all of the Features at one time or another, but people generally settle in a primary and a secondary Feature. People are not born with a Feature. The Feature develops along with False Personality and Maya it often forms the core of these. It develops in childhood as a reaction to dysfunction in the family life. It manifests full-blown in the teenage years as the person moves out of the family environment and into the world. From there on, the Feature ruthlessly and relentlessly rules the personality. It is commonly called the "ego problem". It is the "demon" whispering in our ears all the time. It distorts every thought, every emotion, and every action toward fear and away from love and Agape.

As we saw in the description of each Feature, all the Features are driven by fear, but this is done deceptively. The Features present themselves as shields protective devices ensuring survival. These are commonly called "defense mechanisms". When you are in a new or a tough situation or anything the Feature perceives as a possible threat the Feature will spring into action automatically like the shields on the starship Enterprise when the Romulans or Klingons approach. The Feature is usually disguised as good sense and realistic understanding. The Feature has a nearly infinite number of ways to rationalize and emotionalize why fear is more legitimate than love and freedom. The "fortress" of the Feature is in fact a prison of isolation and loneliness. If we are to find freedom and love we must dissolve the barriers. This is an extended task that may take most of the rest of our lives.

False Personality, Maya, Instinctive Behavior, the Negative Poles, and the Feature can all be classified under the wonderfully descriptive words in the common vernacular: "barriers, buttons, and baloney". We have our barriers which keep us from being open and genuine and free. We let other people and events push the buttons that get us upset. We are all full of baloney. Together these make up our personal "garbage". Finally we get to the part that tells what we can do about this if we so choose. The answer is:

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Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at: wittmeyer@hotmail.com

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