Traveling Companions

Traveling Companions

The idea or concept of Traveling Companions has been in the greater Michael "community" for awhile now, and some of you have actively been internally investigating whom your TravComs might be. For those of you who are as yet unfamiliar with the concept, we offer the following overview of this very particular and potent relationship:

You may have a person in your life that you have wondered about - "Is he an old friend, or maybe my ET, or in my Support Circle, or maybe he and I have a monad we're working on, or...????" Often the person you're wondering about will be one of your Traveling Companions, and since you have not had easy access to the information about this type of relationship, you have made the relationship out to be something it isn't for lack of the ability to correctly identify it.

Each of you has the ability to choose up to 7 TravComs. Most of you only choose 1 to 3, especially in cycles where you have a lot of attention on your Essence Twin or your Task Companion(s). It is fairly common for those of you without an Essence Twin in a cycle to have all 7 TravCom spots filled. This helps give you some energy support that might normally be filled by an ET. And given that TravComs usually find ways to be incarnate all at the same time, your "earthly help", so to speak, can be formidable. Having a lot of TravComs does not abrogate the responsibilities of your spiritual guides, or even a disincarnate ET, for those relationships serve different purposes and will bring their full weight to bear regardless.

TravComs have that particular "energy scent" that you can spot in a crowd, or from a distance. Because you and your TravComs mark each other, so to speak, you can identify each other easily, and the energy make lasts throughout a grand cycle, the same as an ET mark will.

The experience of meeting up with a TravCom, especially the one who occupies First Position in the ranking of TravComs, is most specific and often extraordinary. There is a feeling of immediate recognition, comfort and ease with these individuals and you have the innate knowledge that they will "watch your back" in any situation so required. There comes from this relationship the odd personality-mix situation - two people who would, in all "normal" circumstances, either be totally neutral to each other or even hostile due to abrading personality factors, will instead be immediately comfortable to the point of mutual delight - though being mystified about why the relationship is so good can often dog the intellect of such mixes.

Traveling Companions are specifically set into place in order to support, befriend, offer guidance from a peer perspective, and above all else, be a part of the other's "team" in the "game of life". Yes, you can create negative karma with these people, but it is often done with great reluctance, other factors of the lifetime being brought to bear. It is something like having a favorite brother or sister whom you would never think to offend or slight, and then one day, out of your own stupidity or lack of awareness, you borrow their favorite shirt, stain it at a party, and return it, shamefaced. BUT, you not only clean the shirt, you will often simply buy them a better one and quietly replace the damaged item. This even happens in the Young Soul world, convoluted and vicious as it can be, for even then Essence recognized the value of deep commitment and mutual "back-scratching". You do not want to alienate those with whom you have this particular bond, for at all junctions they will stand ready, lance under arm, to help you vanquish your foes. They will also often drink all your beer, use your couch, and dirty all your guest towels, but they do so with great good cheer and you "know" that when you need such things in return they will find a way to provide them. Your TravComs can be any role. In the very rare circumstance you might have, say, a pack of Priests - an interesting and even mildly frightening idea, but one, we assure, that exists.

More often, your "pack" will be comprised of roles who offer some balance to your own. For instance, and these are notable points of study should you so choose to observe these examples, a Scholar might choose a Warrior, a Sage and a Server as their top three TravComs. An Artisan might chose a King, a Scholar, and a Sage. Each essence has their own preferences, and innate knowledge, often based on previous Grand Cycles, of how to create the best team or pack to serve their purposes.

Sometimes you will see TravComs pack up to create a quadrant, or even to play multiple parts in a monad. For instance, one such agreement has the participants as follows: The 1st person, or primary essence, has a jailer/jailed monad with their primary Task Companion. This person's primary TravCom is their warden (warrior influence - this has the effect of affecting the concepts of honor and dishonor in the incarceration, as well as the amount of dignity in the situation, both important concepts to warriors). The TravCom in third position is a guard in daily contact (server influence). Their secondary TravCom, we might add, is their mother, who still visits her son in jail and brings food and information that makes life a little more interesting there (artisan influence).

So you can find yourself coming to the aid of someone in a way that is different from your role or other than what might be considered primary motivations, in ways that seem "alien" but in actuality perfectly execute the agreement at hand, that of Traveling Companion.

Traveling Companions Rankings
First Position: Warrior influence
Second Position: Artisan influence
Third Position: Server influence
Fourth Position: Scholar influence
Fifth Position: Sage influence
Sixth Position: Priest influence
Seventh Position: King influence


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