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Michael Channeling Chat - 9/10/96

Topic: Self-Love
The entity Michael channeled through
JP Van Hulle and Aaron Christeaan ("Michaelgrp")



Michaelgrp: We are going to talk about self-love tonight. This is an important topic, because self-love is very much up as an issue for people to look at. Looking at self-love for the rest of this year, as you deal with manifestation issues.

*R*: I am seeing the mate business reflecting the self-worth issues. . . is this accurate?

Michaelgrp: The irony is that while looking at self-love, one is thrust into looking at the expressive overleaves. Especially, the attitudes, centers and chief features. You will surrounded by emotional lessons showing up around idealists, skeptics, looking at ideal or not-ideal situations, and deeply examining the chief-features of greed and self-destruction. Greed and self-destruction are based on an inability to feel that one can ever have enough, even enough to make it worthwhile continuing to live. This painful perspective is only experienced when one is unable to recognize one's own value. When you know you are valuable, and recognize it, you are not a bottomless pit of need. You can be happy, satisfied and life looks worth living. The difficulty in achieving self-love is that it is usually sought from without. Even though others can assure you over and over again that you are valuable, they will never be able to thoroughly convince you because you must remember what a valuable piece of the universe you are from accessing that knowledge from your higher essence.

*R*: Can one support another by supporting oneself ?

Michaelgrp: Absolutely! In fact, you are your essence's main job. Each lifetime you must be able to independently recognize your own worth and support yourself from within from pulling on Universal Love and the love of your higher self in order to truly be balanced enough to support others appropriately without exhaustion and strain. If you are not in self love you quickly dissipate your physical and emotional energies and cannot possibly support other people in any significant way for a long period of time, and that 'what we are worth' is subject to other people's opinions or behavior. We also fear that simple physical plane Karma can decide our value.

Question: Is this a struggle between false personality and true personality?

Michaelgrp: Yes, our false personality wants to believe that we are victims of circumstance. The truth is that each person is inherently priceless because the Universe has designed each of us to be doing an exact specific growth lesson that can be done by no one else, who is not us. When you can live in your pricelessness, you can achieve any goal. Unfortunately, many people equate pricelessness with an inability to see any value because there is not a specific price tag on invaluable merchandise. They consider themselves to be worth nothing instead of worth everything. Other people's opinions are simply that--their opinions. They have absolutely nothing to do with your inherent value. Someone else can think you have little or no value because they are simply not in touch Universal consciousness. The opinions of others, in this case, are irrelevant because many opinions are based on projection rather than reality. WE are here to tell you that every person on this planet is priceless even if they are having a lifetime as a homeless alcoholic. Yes, R and L, your energy shifted because you were ready to do this work and begin to drop low self-esteem and self-deprecation. This is a long term work for you and you will see many more shifts over the next three years.

*R*: Is three years for manifesting fully, setting up changes realistic?

Michaelgrp: *R* has made an important observation that it takes years to fully release oneself from such a difficult space as low self-esteem. Once you are on the road however, and reminding as a basic context in your life. You will not experience high centered bliss every moment because this is the physical plane and sometimes on the physical plane you forget the truth momentarily. But once you truly know your value, you can never be thrown into heavy chief features, destructiveness and lack of love in your life again.

*M*: seems like when I feel secure on a higher step on the ladder something bumps me back down as a test!

Michaelgrp: *M* is making a good point. Your essence tests your resolve to maintain your connection to the truth. You will have many tests each lifetime of your self worth simply by having to experience the isolation of being in separate physical bodies. This is the only plane of existence that is so crushingly lonely and therefore, such a self-karma pit.

*R*: four pillars seems like a direct approach to self-love, yes?

Michaelgrp: Yes, the four pillars help us to reach self love.

(Note: the Four-Pillars refer to Michael's teaching of finding your True Work, True Study, True Play, and True Rest. These help you with your Life Task.)--Lori

*I*: Do you have a place of residence?

Michaelgrp: Michael lives on the Causal Plane

*I*: Tell us about the Causal plane?

Michaelgrp: The causal plane is an intellectual plane of existence. We study the truth whereas here, you study physical lessons, and on the astral plane emotional lessons. Once you have gone through your physical experiences and graduated from them, you work on the astral plane to emotionally expand and learn to love more unconditionally and reunite with your fellow entity members and essence twins. Basically, about 1000 people that you came to the physical plane to work with in the first place. Once you are reintegrated like ourselves into an entity consciousness then you go to the causal plane and study the truth about what is so about the universe and how it works. You also teach in order to better learn.

Question: Do the other entities in your cadre have teaching agreements also?

Michaelgrp: Yes, Seth is another entity in our Cadre that teaches here on the Earth plane.

*M*: you mean the Jane Roberts' Seth?

Michaelgrp: Yes we mean the Jane Roberts' Seth.
That's it for tonight. Thanks for being here.


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