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Instinctive Behavior


The body has its needs and drives. There are of course the survival needs of food, water, shelter, and safety. No problem here. However, it appears that there are many other drives still imbedded in the biocomputer, left over from the time of the evolution of the animal organism. Often these work against love and Agape. Particularly, many of our fears from the battle for survival still remain, even though the battle has ceased. There may be some mistrust of nature and things in nature left over from the struggle for survival in an apparently hostile environment. There may be some mistrust for other people and races and nations left over from the times of tribal warfare. In the animal kingdom, the "survival of the fittest" is a fearful mechanism that insures the healthy perpetuation of the species. Humans have a "dog-eat-dog" society too the rich, the smart, the strong, the healthy, the aggressive, the charismatic, and the attractive prevail. The poor, the stupid, the weak, the sick, the passive, the boring, and the ugly supposedly lose out. Our attitudes toward our apparent status in factors such as these determines a lot of our behavior, feelings and thoughts. "Sociobiologists" are scientists who study inherited animal behavior in humankind. I suggest that reading about sociobiology would contribute to your understanding and enlightenment. If you are not aware of the source of these instinctive drives within yourself, you will probably follow them blindly. Once you become aware of them, you can choose to override them or not, at your conscious discretion.

Many of our human courtship and mating behaviors are also derived from our animal inheritance. For instance, human males are said to be more promiscuous than females because this ensures the perpetuation of more of his genes. Females are said to be more nurturing than males because this ensures the perpetuation of more of her genes. Libido itself is of course the animal drive to reproduce the species. There is nothing wrong with the experience of libido, promiscuity, and nurturing per se, but to be controlled by them is not always good for self or other. The question is, Will you be in bondage to nature or will you be free in Essence? An aspect of this psychotherapy is learning to transmute, rather than repress, instinctive behavior to serve higher purposes love and Agape. This is discussed in a later section.


Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at: wittmeyer@hotmail.com


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