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Dolphins and whales, like human beings, are creatures of reason. However, we doubt that any widespread cultural exchange between the human and cetacean populations could occur before human beings are more successful in getting to know their own internal di­versity. It expands one’s horizons to look at things through the eyes of another culture. However, many people are content in the false belief that theirs is the superior way of seeing things, and therefore do not question their premises. If people were put in a position of seeing things as dolphins and whales do, it would be unsettling for most. However, there are pioneers who are ready for increased contact with dolphins and whales. Of course, it should be done in a way that does not exploit them.

There are dolphins and whales who are eager to communicate with human beings, just as there are human beings eager to com­municate with them. Dolphins and whales obviously have a different conception than human beings do of what communication is. To them, words are two-dimensional, flat and, rather boring. They do not communicate in this way, nor does the majority of the uni­verse.

Words are convenient for humans; we do not denigrate them. But even some human languages use elements in addition to words to communicate, such as musical tones or clicks. In many languages, words have a different meaning if they are inflected differently.

Whales and dolphins communicate a good deal of informa­tion through many elements at once. It would take some time for sci­entists to be able to decipher it. However, you certainly can com­municate through your heart, through music, and through do­ing things together. You have much to teach each other about your worlds.

The context of their lives is obviously very different from that of humanity. Hu­man beings focus on meeting the basic needs of life.

Dolphins and whales do not have to worry about clothing and shelter, and it is usually not very hard for them to find some­thing to eat. This is partly why dolphins, especially, are so playful. Until recently, their survival has not been a matter of great diffi­culty. In this century, with the pollution of the oceans and the magnifica­tion of the fishing industry, there are threats to their survival that did not exist before. Of course, this is a great cause for concern.

Dolphins care especially for relationships and family, al­though their family structure is not as rigid as that of humans. For example, a dolphin mother would not scold her son for not coming to visit. It is a much more fluid and loose associa­tion, yet it is more intimate as well, with more essence contact, which is an experience of connecting and interrelating soul to soul.

Dolphins and whales have less ego than human beings, al­though there is some, with its illusion and falsity. There are, for instance, practical jokers whom others do not appreciate. There are those who have superiority or inferiority complexes. There are those who are greedy or stubborn, and so forth. In general, how­ever, these traits are milder than in human civilization.

Virtually everything in their lives is less extreme and more gentle than in human society. In a sense, they have more individ­uality than human beings do. Humans tend to think of individuality in terms of external variables. When most outward characteris­tics are fairly similar, as they are with whales and dolphins, inner differences become magnified.

They have the freedom to go off, do something for a while, and come back to their flocks. They can easily find their flocks through sonar and telepathy. When one of them dies or is hurt, it affects the rest of them more, and more quickly, than it does with humans. Those with whom they have a close connection actually experience the pain, and others in the flock at least sense it.

We do not mean to glorify these particular species. There is more growth and learning in the human world for the soul be­cause of the difficulties inherent in human civilization. The more intellectual of the dolphins and whales do find things to study and learn about, but might be envious of the opportunities present in the smallest bookstore. However, they do not know much about such things and so there is little basis for comparison.

Human culture is intellectually oriented; theirs is not, al­though the intelligence of dolphins and whales is equal in its own way to that of humans. Their intelligence is more involved in move­ment and action, primarily, and emotions, secondarily; the intel­lect comes third. Those who are more intellectual mainly study the plant life on the ocean floors, which is vast, and the oceans’ animal populations. Their process of intellectual digestion is less ana­lytical than that of humans. It is more observant, some­thing like learning by osmosis, taking in the factors and translating them into “codes” in their minds.

They bounce sonic rays off a plant, for example, which brings back information they then assimilate. They feel, see, take in on various levels, and understand the plant through a pro­cess more meditative than human analysis. Yet it is still intellectual be­cause it relates to the form, shape, and background of things.

Human souls do not exchange places with the souls of dol­phins and whales. However, dolphin and whale souls are from the same soul groups, so cetacean souls can in one life be a dolphin and in the next be a whale. They tend to prefer the dolphin body earlier in their de­vel­opment, and the whale body later.

Do dolphins and whales channel you?

Channeling is allowing a non-physical source to speak through one. They do not channel per se, but they communicate telepathi­cally both with us and with other non-physical sources. This is considered natural to them.




Shepherd is a professional Michael channel and author of The Journey of Your Soul--A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings and Loving from Your Soul--Creating Powerful Relationships. He does channeling sessions and intuitive readings via telephone, mail, and e-mail. Visit his website at  Summerjoy Press


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