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Dave Gregg


Opening Comments

<DaveGregg> Our opening comments in this session explore an aspect of unconditional love not often mentioned. We like to call it "building the bridge," and without this component, your attempts to attain "agape" will often fall short of expectations and plunge you deep into a river of indifference.

Building a bridge to another is not unlike the way a master builder might construct a bridge in real life. First, the foundation is laid on either side of the chasm that exists, and then the  beams are added to eventually connect both sides together. This part of the construction process is where the real work begins in this analogy. If the master builder is negligent in his calculations, either the entire bridge might tumble down or an overwhelming fear of the project will halt the construction of the bridge altogether.

In your society alone there are literally millions of these partially constructed bridges built to connect other fragments together. They are often stopped, though, just short of their goal, leaving painful spiritual gaps in the soul.

The overleaves, of course, are a primary tool in bridging this gap. Many of our students, however, fall short of this goal by using overleaves as a tool for labeling others rather than understanding them. This is not what we originally intended. When overleaves are mainly used to label perceived faults or negativities, the foundation of the system literally collapses under the weight of this judgment.

One suggestion is to think of each person you meet as a human divining rod that points you back to the Tao. The people you encounter are then the greatest treasures you will ever discover in life. Each fragment is your bridge to understanding where you came from and where you will be returning. On the other hand, when you judge, you not only halt the construction of this bridge, but also block any attempts by another person to connect a bridge to you. Therefore, the bridge you spoke of earlier in your question comes when you truly learn to understand another person, not judge them.

We offer the following exercise:

Using a pencil and a sheet of paper, list the abrasive qualities you perceive in another, along with any particular offenses they have committed against you. Important: Leave space at the top of the page for a positive affirmation about the individual. If one doesn't exist, invent something based on the positive poles of their overleaves.

Over a period of a couple weeks, meditate on each of these offenses one at a time. Allow the negative feelings that stem from the previous wrong-doing to once again occupy your body. Do not shy away from the intensity. Let it engulf you. Feel angry if you want or even allow yourself to feel rage. Eventually, though, you will find the feeling can only be sustained for so long before your body tires and it starts to dissipate. Don't fight this. Give yourself permission to let it go. Then take your pencil and erase the entry.

Your goal is to erase all of the negative entries you had listed about the individual until only the positive affirmation remains at the top of the page. You are learning to accept the fragment and release your judgments about them -- especially those judgments that had once seemed justified.

You can also do this with any negative events from your past.

This may seem more ritualistic than practical, but the act of erasing what you've written on the page is a symbolic way of cleansing old wounds. It is important to add a physical element to this ritual.

There are, of course, many variations of this method that could be used.


Q & A

<Glenn> Please comment on how we may utilize music as a universal language to communicate with other fragments. Is music the language of emotions and the soul? How may we best articulate it?

<DaveGregg> Music is already being used quite effectively. While at times it is more commercial than artistic, we do not judge the mechanics of the expression -- it is what it is.

We agree that music is a universal solvent, if you will, that can indeed dissolve cultural differences and reveal interesting commonalities that exist between others. And it is true that music carries within its relentless pulse the rhythm of the soul. But it's through the beauty of individual expression that music truly soars.

In its highest form, music incorporates the three centers: intellectual, emotional, and moving. When this triad is properly balanced, it could be said that music has reached it's pinnacle of expression.

The understanding that comes from comparing and contrasting the centers is one missing component in music that could connect other fragments together.  Music that communicates at higher levels typically involves an expression of these centers. By immersing yourself in music, either through listening or performance, there's an opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for how the centers operate.

Using music and the centers as a vehicle of expression not only helps in understanding the mechanics of the centers, but also helps in understanding how people use their centers on a daily basis. Anytime you can comprehend the inner workings of another soul, even in seemingly insignificant ways, you are a step closer to discovering the commonalities that tie humanity together. It all begins with one person.

Using music as a portal to the higher centers is another effective way to connect to others, since you are momentarily perceiving them from the perspective of your higher self. To those of you who can access the higher centers through music, we suggest that you try to observe the people around you while you're in these euphoric states. Notice how your perspective about them starts to change. For a brief moment you will literally see people through the eyes of essence. This in itself can be enlightening for many. Allowing yourself to realize, for example, how judgmental your views about others have been, and how much of your daily world is being twisted and distorted by the filtering lens of false personality, can be a transformative experience.

<SRG> What happens to the soul of an animal when a most beloved pet is very sick and has to be " put down"? I am feeling immense guilt, as this beloved kitty was my best and dearest friend....

<Iris>What do the Michael Teachings say about the souls of animals vs. humans.
Can animals come back as humans or humans come back as animals?

<DaveGregg> Animals are not just decorations created to adorn the planet you live on. They are evolving sparks of consciousness that live their lives with a purpose.

The fundamental difference between the animal and the human soul is the level of complexity: animals are instinctive centered, they live in the moment, and by human standards they are mostly incapable of abstract thought. On the other hand, their individual expression of consciousness is not dependent upon having a human experience in order to evolve, nor should they be compared in human terms for their lives to have meaning. Their lives are yet another infinite way in which the Tao may be expressed and there is no other meaning required.

Animals do not incarnate as humans and upon death they rejoin their central source. Euthanasia can be a humane choice for an animal that is dying and in great pain; however, your society often uses the practice as a convenience in ridding themselves of the burden of caring for an ailing pet.

<Kathryn> There is apparently significant amounts of the humane genome which is not apparently used; people talk about gene activation techniques that 'switch on' some of this genetic matter to allow people to be more spiritually capable and physically well (ie. allowing healing of medical conditions, etc.).  I know this is not part of the Michael teachings or terminology, however I would be interested in hearing what Michael has to say about this matter. 

<DaveGregg> Genetic material of this kind often represents remnants from the evolutionary process of the human body. This allegedly unused code is actually DNA that has been de-activated in favor of other evolutionary changes. Over time this matter will be assimilated. For the time being, however, it serves as a reminder of what once was.

We do see a probability of significant breakthroughs in the alteration of genetic material and the effects it will have in curing disease and increasing the lifespan of the species, but this is far more complex than the mere activation of a switch, so to speak.

In your case, we see a struggle with various health concerns.

Anytime you find yourself in highly stressful situations or projects that demand a considerable amount of focused attention and energy, we suggest allowing ample recovery time afterwards. Your body does not recover quickly, and although there is a frenetic quality in your spirit that would like to be more active than you currently are, we see a trend where you easily get overwhelmed.

Regarding your diabetes, a disease like this is often feared or hated, but in your situation it has forced you to examine aspects of your life task that you otherwise might have overlooked. A more sedentary lifestyle has helped you to see beyond the 9-5 blur that often encumbers and obscures the inner world of those trapped in time-consuming careers. In short, you have been given an opportunity to learn more about who you really are.

This does not mean you necessarily chose this disease for that purpose, but essence has certainly found ways to make the most of it. In fact, making the most of a situation has been a theme in several of your lifetimes, and you have been a source of inspiration for others who might have needlessly struggled if you hadn't been around to serve as a role model.

<Chenoa> I'd like to know the significant life purpose of why my friend Chris and I came together in this lifetime.  We are very connected in this life, almost like twin souls, but we just found each other within the past year, and I'd like to know if he is my twin soul or twin flame, and if we have a specific goal to work on in this life. Also, if there were any specific past lives we had together.

<DaveGregg> Many factors play a role in bringing two fragments together. Some, of course, are due to pre-incarnational agreements, while some are certain commonalities that attract at opportune moments. In your case there have been congenial connections in several past lives and the relationship has now been re-established. We do not see a specific purpose other than to enjoy and nurture the connection you originally fostered long ago.

We do not recognize the term, twin soul, and do not see an essence twin connection. But three notable past lives do come forward:

In the first, you were roman gladiators that fought valiantly against each other until you reached a mutual state of exhaustion. Your emperor was so impressed by the display of courage that he declared both of you the victor. This created a bond of respect between the two of you that lasted until the end of your lives.

In another lifetime you were both males who lived in a Native American tribe. You were exceptionally close. You hunted together, played games of sport together,  and fought neighboring tribes by each other's side. During more peaceful times you frequently escaped from the mundane responsibilities of tribal life and could be found exploring remote locations where you sought numerous adventures. There was a rapport between you that allowed an exchange of ideas you rarely could share with anyone else.

Finally, there was a lifetime as husband and wife on the American frontier. We see a small farmhouse and land that was developed after the Homestead Act. The fragment, Chris, died at a young age, though, before many of your plans could be realized.

<MT List> Is either monogamy or polyamory more advanced than the other?

<DaveGregg> We do not tally the number of sexual partners when measuring the level of advancement in a soul. Single or multiple partner relationships are simply a matter of choice and lifestyle preference. Both offer challenges and opportunities for growth.

The crux of this question involves personal boundaries in the area of  sexual and emotional intimacy. Learning to honor and respect the boundaries of others is at the heart of these lessons, and the clay used in sculpting these experiences consists of honesty and maturity. Fragments lacking in emotional maturity will not do well in any kind of relationship. They will make decisions based on impulse and rarely consider the ramifications their actions have upon others.

In the future, though, challenges due to the over population of the planet could very well compel people to consider group relationships out of basic economic necessity.

<Cat Eyes> I work with the Mentally ill. What does Michael think about the mentally ill. Are most of them in a certain soul age? Or are some of their roles the same? I've noticed a lot of similarities in some of the older adults. Are they more sensitive to subtleties around them? What makes them talk to themselves, get paranoid, and have delusions?

<Melissa> Do people suffering from multiple personality disorder exhibit past life personalities? 

<DaveGregg> There are more causes for what your current culture would deem "mental illness" than we can effectively cite within the limitations of this session. In most cases, however, the mentally ill are those fragments who suffer from either biological or neurochemical irregularities in the brain. Hypersensitive fragments exposed to environmental stress or severe psychological trauma can also exhibit signs of mental illness. 

In extremely rare cases, some fragments may possess psychic sensitivities so great that they are unable to discern between physical and astral realities. This chaotic blend of the two realms usually results in total madness.

Fragments who talk to themselves or experience delusions are usually just manifesting the inherent symptoms of their illness. On the other hand, those who have the ability to reach beyond the veil of the physical are often interacting with actual discarnates from the lower planes of the astral.

While it's true that genetics can play a role in developing a mental illness, many fragments choose these lifetimes for the challenges they bring.  Certain kinds of mania can also boost levels of creativity and insight, and although choosing a lifetime like this could be considered walking on a tightrope, some artistic or scientific-minded souls have chosen such incarnations in hopes of giving themselves an edge.

Multiple personalities, on the other hand, are often sub-personalities or conflicting parts of self that seek to express themselves. These are not actual fragments from a past life coming through, but shadows, if you will, of previous overleaves or certain aspects from past lives that haven't been thoroughly assimilated.

<Gene H.> How does a fragment end up living the life of a serial killer? Is this planned? If not, how does essence let this "happen"?

<DaveGregg> It should be pointed out that even the widely despised despot, Adolph Hitler, had past lives where he loved and was loved. A fragment can conceivably spend one lifetime relentlessly campaigning for world peace, yet in the next, commit unspeakable crimes against humanity. This fickle line between good and evil can be difficult for some to understand, but it illustrates how the nature of free-will so completely permeates all physical incarnations.

Essence would never plan a life as recklessly imbalanced as that of a serial killer, but once again, free will allows a fragment the option of stumbling through life blinded by false personality and chief feature.

The life task of Ted Bundy, for example, was primarily about learning how to conform to societal structures. This fragment was bright, enthusiastic, and had good intentions before coming into the incarnation.  As we know now, he strayed away from life plans and will spend several lifetimes repaying the karmic debt that was sowed.

Although many variables exist in such matters, serial killers often possess internally abrading overleaves and strong feelings of disempowerment. Their connection with essence is usually in a severe state of atrophy, and a void is created by this that they attempt to fill through the disempowerment of others. The unprecedented level of narcissism and need for control with these individuals is intense, and a chief feature of arrogance or greed can fuel a desire to control, possess, and objectify their victims. It should also come as no surprise that serial killers are frequently stuck in the negative pole of the second monad, which leads to abnormalities in the brain. This results in a self-identified state that inhibits their ability to feel empathy for others.

Serial killers are often Infant or Baby souls, although there have been some at the Mature soul level. This is rare, however.

<PQ> Could you discuss the existence of malicious discarnates - their activity among us, and their intentions, as well as their origins?

<DaveGregg>  Malicious discarnates, as you call them, often exist in two forms. The first are fragments blinded by excessive maya during an incarnation. Upon death these discarnates literally become shackled to the physical in a delusional prison of their own making. With the assistance of guides they eventually escape this self-inflicted miasma that clouds their thinking, but it can take some time depending on the severity of their delusion. Anger and a sense of desperation may add to the confusion and terror they feel, and many of your biblical depictions of Hell have originated from this condition.

These discarnates are not malicious in the true definition of the word, but in their rage they may occasionally lash out at those still living that appear indifferent to their struggles. In a similar sense, discarnates who have become earthbound due to physical plane addictions can also be the cause of considerable mischief.

Our second example consists of an improper use of astral matter. These emanations are not sentient beings -- or what we'd even consider a consciousness -- but negatively charged thought-forms that exist in ephemeral states, feeding off the fear of others like starving animals. Negative projections like this are created from the malleable matter in the lower astral plane, and may either reside there or intrude into the physical space of others. Physical intrusions, however, are usually generated by a living person or persons. Some group incantations of so-called demons have been created in this way.

In your case, though, we see a being created from the dark, alter-ego of a parent. A group manifestation of fear then sustained the projection.

<Meg> How does Michael view the Bible. Will it ever be able to replaced or added to fit more of the current times and growth.

<DaveGregg>  We see the bible as a cultural relic from the past, and like all antiquities, recognize the influential role it played in history. The bible is like a time capsule, if you will, and once opened you find yourself instantly immersed in the dogma and beliefs of an ancient culture. While the inclusion of the Logos is perhaps the most redeeming quality in the document, many of these passages have been distorted to the point of mere anecdotal merit.

The word of God, of course, is not represented in the bible any more than what you would find in other religious texts. In fact, what you ultimately find in the bible is the word of...man.

<John S.> What do you see as some of the major spiritual advances that will be made by humanity in general for this century?  Also, as you see it, what will be the catalysts, so to speak, that will spark the spiritual growth?

<DaveGregg> Spiritual growth in this instance is highly subjective and subject to the lessons being learned by each fragment. This does not mean that mass events aren't experienced on a collective level, but each fragment experiences a mass event from a perspective that's personally unique to them. In other words, the catalyst for spiritual growth in one fragment might widely differ from that of another.

We do not see any notable spiritual advances in humanity at this time, but wish to point out that as fragments now lead considerably longer life spans, more experiences are being absorbed and the ability to progress in a spiritual sense is moving much faster than before. In fact, we know of other worlds that obliterated themselves after reaching your level of technology, so pat yourselves on the back -- you've done better than most.

<Equinox> What is absolute in the universe, and what is changing?

<DaveGregg> The word "absolute" is not a term easily applied to any aspect of the Universe, since in even the less malleable structures of the Physical plane there is a constant state of flux and an impetus to grow. This form of evolution, however, could technically be considered an absolute. Evolution, whether it be Darwinian or spiritual, is a constant in all dimensional worlds, and there is not one consciousness, either animate or inanimate, that doesn't seek this form of progression.

Love, of course, is an absolute that embraces and permeates all that is and all that ever will be. Love is at the core of everything that exists, and it is the very essence of the Tao and all that you will ever know.

Overall, though, the concept of an absolute in the Universe is a bit of a misnomer. The only absolutes that could be defined in a truly tangible sense are those that either you create or observe, and even those transitory representations of reality are reflections of your own world view and not necessarily those of another.

In the end, however, once the complexity of evolutionary change is compiled and collated, and the illusionary constructs of multi-dimensional worlds are stripped away, the only absolute that truly remains to hold it altogether, is love.

<Will> I've read a book where Michael indicated that life is a game set up by the Tao where the goal is to achieve unconditional acceptance of self and others.  And that after we've achieved this on the physical plane, we then continue with learning on the six remaining planes, en route to unity with the Tao itself, at which point the process starts all over again.  My question is: Why?  What exactly is the purpose of all this learning?  Are we learning in preparation for something?  Maybe possibly becoming Tao's of our own personal universes or something?  Or is it just something that we're/the Tao is doing to keep from being bored over an eternity of being?

<DaveGregg> Everything yearns to grow -- from the single cell that divides itself into another, to the tree that raises a branch to reach the sunlight. Growth is a constant companion in the Universe and at times even a chaotic one. But the all-encompassing goal in this journey is to experience everything that can possibly be experienced in ways yet to be experienced. More succinctly, the ultimate purpose is just "to be." 

<Thomasina> Does Michael believe that when someone has an abortion the baby (fragment) goes on to another family? Does this cancel out future life agreements? Is the baby in agonizing pain like it feels to me?

<DaveGregg> If one of the parents has an agreement with the discarnate child, the soul of the infant may wait until another opportunity for birth can be arranged. The next potential incarnation, however, must still be in alignment with the life plan of the future child, or the agreement will be abdicated.

The nature of choice is well understood by all reincarnating fragments, so there is no agonizing pain experienced by the soul if the mother chooses to have an abortion. In fact, "back to the drawing board" is the usual feeling.

<Glenn> Are there foods which we are best off eating in order to prepare our bodies for growth/transformation/evolution/change? What should our dietary focus be on?

<DaveGregg> Unless your choice in food leads to poor health or addictive behavior, spiritual growth is not dependent upon the food you eat. With that said, it's always advisable to eat foods that contribute to the life force rather than deteriorate it. Processed foods, for example, are heavily laced with preservatives and other unnatural chemicals, and while they may not prove harmful if consumed in small quantities, energetically they are lifeless and offer little nutritional value.

Food that carries a life force, such as fruits and vegetables, are preferable alternatives due to the living energy they transfer to the body.

The consumption of animal protein, of course, is another viable source of food. The harsh chemical additives in the meat, however, along with the inhumane and deplorable conditions now present in factory farms, has greatly diminished the value of this food source.  Further degradation in the guise of swift moving diseases could eventually render this industry unusable unless considerable reforms are taken to address the ecological imbalances created by exploiting other life forms.

The rate of growth and evolution you seek is strictly up to you, of course. On the other hand, if you avoid "empty calories," as one of our students once put it, and infuse your body with food that vitalizes rather than drains, your journey in life would certainly be improved.

We see certain incongruities in you that long for equilibrium. Learning to consume what life has to offer while maintaining an equal balance on both sides of the scale, could help you achieve greater levels of satisfaction in both mood and health.

<Diane K.>Here in the United States, we are increasingly drinking bottled water, and many of us would not dare drink tap water anymore, so sold are we on the idea that bottled water is the only "safe" water to drink. There are many types to choose from... "spring", "purified", "distilled", some are labeled simply "drinking", etc.   Years ago, I spent some time studying the Rosicrucian Teachings, part of which is nutritional advice, and they strongly recommend drinking distilled water only. Something about minerals being good for the outside of the body, but not for the inside, other than those that come from fruits and vegetables.

What is the best kind of water for us to drink, especially with regard to mineral content?

<DaveGregg> We have a conundrum here. With the wide disparity in regulations concerning both tap and bottled water, it would be inconclusive to say what kind of water is better for you without evaluating each individual source. Even then, we openly admit to not being authorities in this area of the physical plane.

In our experience, though, water is chiefly used to replenish the body and wash away toxins that collect there. The minerals you need come through the ingestion of food, not water. Since distilled water is the purest form you can drink, we see nothing wrong in adding this kind of water to your diet.

<Glenn> Comments concerning global warning and the possible climate scenarios are most welcome. In MMFM, there were 10 scenarios for global climate discussed. What are the 10 most probable these days?

<Frances> Will humanity be able to reverse the melting of the ice caps soon enough to prevent catastrophe. What can individuals do to make our governments make earth preservation a priority?

<DaveGregg> We see a ponderous row of dominoes tumbling down, creating a momentum that could be difficult to stop. All is not lost regarding your environmental concerns, but we do wish to alert you that while your government officials and much of your populace slumbered in denial, certain events were set into motion.

The probability that the melting of the ice caps can be reversed is 50/50 at this point.  You have been poor stewards of your planet and a domino-like effect is in play. The time to make amends is now.

A change of leadership would be a positive step forward, but with self-serving politicians in both of your political parties, there is no guarantee this will make a difference. On the other hand, the powers that prevented an elected presidential candidate from ascending to leadership in the 2000 election, partially blocked an agreement he had to lead the world in making sweeping environmental changes. There are many other fragments with similar agreements, but getting them into positions of influence can be difficult.

There currently exists a duality in your country that has hindered efforts to move forward on this issue. Both sides are making choices commensurate with their perspective of the truth. Barring a global catastrophe, finding the common ground is the only solution we see that will result in much progress.

Regarding possible scenarios, there are too many probabilities to consider. We will say, however, that climatic predictions about global warming are being underestimated.


<David B> Astrology and gambling. I myself am certainly not a gambling man, I just don't have the personality for it. But, as a theoretical astrologer, I have long thought that it might be possible to increase one's possibility of winning at certain casino games, such as roulette, by calculating the most fortunate times using astrology. If astrology can indeed predict when one is most likely to be lucky, then in the long run (that is, over the course of hundreds of spins of the roulette wheel, for example) it would be possible to increase one's possibility of winning to over 50%, which would translate into a lot of money. This idea, of course, is fascinating from an economic viewpoint, but for me at least, its greatest fascination lies in the possibility of "proving" astrology statistically. And since money is involved, even the most close-minded skeptics would be tempted to give it a try.

So my concrete question here is:

Is it indeed possible, when playing games such as roulette, to increase the odds of coming out ahead in the end through the use of astrology? And if so, which astrological techniques would be most promising to calculate the most fortunate times: transits, progressions, returns... and which planetary cycles would prove most fruitful in this area?

<DaveGregg> In any game of chance, especially games found at most gambling casinos, the mathematical odds will never be favorable. In fact, you might have a better chance of being struck by lightning.

We do not think astrology would be of much use here, other than in a peripheral sense. A better approach might be to learn how to manipulate probable outcomes. Theoretically speaking, this involves altering the space-time continuum until it's stacked in your favor. This, of course, is not an easy task since you are competing with other fragments who are also, more or less, trying to manifest probable outcomes in their favor. What you are looking at is a study of conscious creation and there is a plethora of material on this subject that you can review.

Can a person 'choose' to cycle off, re-emerge into "the Tao," transfer into a different evolutionary experience elsewhere, or otherwise "graduate" from Earth cycles, without necessarily completing all seven levels/soul ages??
And if so, (or not!) how, why, (or not!) and under what circumstances might a fragment be able to be given such an "opportunity"? Just wondering due to having heard a number of times from different sources that this, (for me) is a "completion" lifetime..which sometimes rings true, sometimes not..but the question still compels.

<DaveGregg> Cycling off "mid-stream," so to speak, is possible, but it is practically never done. Although you are free to choose and you exhibit this freedom of choice in every thought you think and every action you take, you are a part of the Tao and that ultimately makes you the master creator. In other words, you CHOSE to play this game.

We do see that this is a completion lifetime for you, but not in the sense that you are ready to cycle off.  You are simply completing a special theme of lifetimes, which certainly would give you a feeling of wrapping something up.

<Carol> I am interested in knowing how a person might be able to recognize their Task companion and Essence twin if they are alive, other than asking the Michaels?

<DaveGregg> You may literally feel like a moth drawn to flame after meeting an essence twin, but once together the experience can be a disturbing one.

You often choose an encounter with your essence twin when mutual benefit could be derived from seeing a mirror image of your issues reflected in another. Your essence twin, however, will be an actor with a meticulous flair for accuracy, and having your most intimate parts of self so blatantly performed on stage can be terrifying at first. Some essence twins, of course, have quite satisfying relationships, but many of these encounters can be like a form of shock therapy:  the rewards are great, but you may not always survive to enjoy them.

Old souls tend to have the most comfortable relationships with their essence twins, largely because the internal warfare and overall intensity is starting to diminish. If there are plans to meet an essence twin, you will most likely convene without much effort. These arrangements are made pre-incarnationally.

Task companions are the opposite side of the coin, and you often recognize these individuals by the astounding ease in which they compliment your life plans or projects.

<Glenn> If Michael could please comment on the significance of casting and Michael math as discussed in the early Michael books and by J.P.  How may we best apply these concepts to ordinary life?

<DaveGregg> Representing your true vibrational signature, casting is simply your individual spark, thrust out of the primordial soup, so to speak, of the Tao. This energetic imprint will be your true identity in your journey through the various planes of experience.

Once you move beyond the confines of the physical, your casting becomes even more prominent then your role in some ways, and for this reason alone it merits special significance.

Michael math takes your vibrational attributes a step further and demonstrates how the energetic proclivities of your chosen overleaves might manifest. Students who find themselves perplexed and don't see how their overleaves reflect the uniqueness of their being, can find more pieces of their puzzle by studying how the mathematical combinations of certain overleaves affect them energetically. These tools help the student further define who they are.

We cannot necessarily say an entire picture will be revealed through the use of these tools, since the near astronomical variety of choices available to a fragment can lead to an equally astronomical variety of personal experiences. This can, in fact, often shape a personality in ways even we do not entirely understand.


<Will> I don't know if this has already been addressed, but I'd be interested to hear what Michael has to say about the following topics:

  1. Shangri-La
  2. Crop Circles
  3. Extraterrestrials & Abductions
  4. The Bermuda Triangle
  5. Bigfoot & Chupacabra
  6. Pyramids of Egypt (how constructed)
  7. Stonehenge (purposes & how constructed)
  8. Spontaneous Human Combustion

Note from Dave: These topics generated more answers that may challenge the status quo in New Age groups. Once again, you are free to believe what you want to believe. My mind is still open to possibilities in either direction, but this is what I got during this particular session.

<DaveGregg> Some of these topics have become the subject of considerable myth making, and before we provide further illumination, it should be reminded that the use of Occam's Razor would serve you well here.

Shangri-La: is a fictional place that originated in Tibetan traditions. This mystical Garden of Eden can be traced back to ancient memories of the astral plane.

Crop Circles: These are man-made formations of sometimes extraordinary geometric beauty and design. Over the years they have increased in complexity as the techniques used to create them have been refined. The use of computer software has aided in the overall ingenuity of these creations, but the actual tools used in flattening the crops are often as simple as a couple wood planks tethered to rope. Tractor lines are used to navigate through the crops to avoid disturbing areas not part of the intended design.

Extraterrestrials & Alien Abductions:  Visitations by extraterrestrials have been exceedingly rare. Much of the contact is in the form of astral interaction, and while the Universe is indeed abundant with life, we do not see a high probability of physical contact with any extraterrestrial civilization in the near future.

In many ways extraterrestrials now serve as the latest archetype of fear, mirroring the beliefs and mindset of your culture. In earlier history your society was haunted by hallucinations of evil spirits or the devil, and not surprisingly, impressionable towns folk then believed they had been possessed by demons. Technological advances in your world have simply updated the phenomena in the guise of alien abductions, giving a new face to old cultural fears and beliefs. 

We assure you that extraterrestrials have never abducted any life forms from your planet. They would have no reason to do this. Their technology could extract everything they need to know about your world in one infinitesimal sample. Nightmares, hynogogic states, sleep paralysis, astral projection, are all valid explanations to take into account when reviewing this data.

We ask you to consider the following: What lessons have you learned from history that you do not wish to repeat? How many steps removed do you feel you are from the phobias that gripped societies in the past? Alien abductions are simply a cultural reincarnation of the same anxieties and fears that once led to the wide-spread persecution of pagan cults and accusations of witchcraft. It is your choice, of course, what you ultimately choose to believe. We just wish to remind you that there are other choices to consider.

The Bermuda Triangle: Many theories have been proposed about this region, but we see that most of the disappearances have been due to unusually large waves that caught seaman by surprise and swamped their vessels. The area of the Bermuda Triangle is particularly favorable to the formation of freak waves like this, and although somewhat rare, these waves may tower as high as 80-100 feet.

There is also an intermittent magnetic flux in this region that can occasionally disturb compasses and other sensitive equipment.

Bigfoot: <Note from Dave> For whatever reason I was feeling blocked around Bigfoot. I kept getting conflicting messages that seemed to imply that Bigfoot did exist or once HAD existed. I eventually gave up trying to sort the two out.

El Chupacabra: The Chupacabra has become the latest archetype of fear in a culture known for it's superstitions and beliefs in evil forces. This creature only exists in the minds of those that invented it.

Stonehenge: While the monument was indeed used as a calendar to track seasonal changes and mark the advent of certain festivals, Stonehenge was ultimately a symbol that represented nature's rebirth and fertility. To ancient man, the cycle from one solstice to the other followed a progression of life and death that coincided with varying degrees of light and darkness.

Ceremonies at Stonehenge marked the consummation, if you will, between the earth and the sky. The earth goddess was revered in these ceremonies and crops were planted and harvested to follow these natural cycles of life, death, and rebirth. These festivals also revered the ancestral past of those honored in the community, serving as a vessel of communication between the Gods and the dead which also included the burial of the dead.

Like the collaborative effort of the Egyptian people, Stonehenge was constructed with the assistance of the entire community. The construction phase actually went through several incarnations that included different tribes. Each tribe had slightly different reasons for using the megalith, which has caused considerable confusion for historians attempting to determine the true purpose of the structure. Perhaps the safest answer is that the purpose of Stonehenge was utilitarian at times, depending on who was using it.

Spontaneous Human Combustion: This effect isn't spontaneous at all and is the result of an external ignition source, such as a cigarette. On the whole this in itself would not be unusual, but in rare circumstances the fat in the body can slowly burn down without igniting anything else around it. If the body is left undisturbed and allowed to burn until the fuel source runs out, it will appear to the person who finds the charred remains that the victim's body mysteriously burst into flames spontaneously.


Closing Comments

<DaveGregg> Continuing our discussion about building the bridge, we will conclude with this theme.

Once a bridge to another has been created, it is time for the real work to begin. Learning to spot energetic abrasions in certain overleaf combinations is the next step here.

The solution sought by many is to disassociate with those that feel abrasive, and instead seek those that provide a more harmonious connection. This is a choice, of course, and we will not say it is the wrong one. There are, however, other approaches to consider that could lead to building a bridge to the greatest number of fragments possible.

Energetic abrasions in overleaves generally fall into two categories: competing and abrading.

Competing overleaves occupy positions where the energy of one overleaf will attempt to override the other and then energetically compete for center stage. Common examples are two fragments who share overleaves such as dominance or power. There will be a tendency for these fragments to compete energetically when paired together. These levels are intensified when the overleaf of one of them slides to the negative pole. In order to soften this abrasion, a useful exercise is to project the positive pole of the overleaf to the fragment currently entrenched in the negative pole. In other words, be the mirror that reflects their true potential. Since energy tends to attract like-energy, modeling the positive pole of a competing overleaf can gently nudge the fragment back to a more appropriate position.

Abrading overleaves, on the other hand, abrade due to the projection of negative poles that are unusually discordant. Once again, temporarily adopting the positive pole of the other fragment's overleaf can assist in nudging them back to where they belong. We realize this could mean adopting an overleaf you are not accustomed to sliding to, but this is just a form of play-acting. You are, in effect, leading by example.

Beyond the abrading qualities of certain overleaves, past life residuals can be another source of tension to hamper your bridge building efforts to another.

Barring unresolved karma, easing this tension can be accomplished in two ways: First, simply letting it go. We realize this may seem like a frivolous suggestion, but often the greatest of problems are solved with the simplest of solutions. If you're like most students, however, you probably want a more substantial approach.

Following the theme of our opening exercise, we offer further thoughts on healing old wounds:

Negative past life residuals can be like thorns on a rose bush. Initially you may covet the person standing before you for the delicate, vividly colored blooms they offer to the world; yet, when you reach out to touch them, you brush against thorns and feel the pain of old wounds. In nearly all circumstances, time is the most reliable healer here. Past life tension gradually fades as the final remnants from previously resolved karmic experiences lose their intensity. But for those who would like to expedite the process, here's one modern-day solution you could try -- go to the movies. Not literally, mind you, but figuratively speaking.

Begin with a meditation of your choice. After you have sufficiently relaxed and quieted your mind, imagine that you're seated next to a film projector and you're staring at a white screen. Now imagine that you've flipped a switch on the projector and suddenly there's a flickering image on the screen of the fragment you share past life abrasions with. When you feel ready, ask to see the scene from the past that served as the catalyst for your negative feelings. It doesn't matter if what you see is different from what's exactly recorded in the Akashic records. It's the emotional intensity of the experience that's important.

After you have reviewed the scene and fully revisited any needed emotional experiences, stop the projector and clear your mind of the previous images. Focus on the imaginary white screen in front of you. Do this for as long as you deem necessary. When your brief meditation feels complete, though, turn the projector once again, but this time ask for a different outcome. You're the director of the film now and you have total control. When the scene approaches in your movie that previously caused duress, imagine a positive outcome instead. Imagine that your choice -- or the choice of the other -- will be different than before, and instead of creating karma, you part amicably.

You are literally changing your past with this exercise. And now that your past has changed, you are free to let go of any apprehension and tension that you once experienced.

We will now conclude this session. May you find peace in your journey.

<DaveGregg> Dave: Thanks to all who participated in this chat! Once again this has been a fun and fascinating learning experience for me. I hope you find something useful in the transcript. Take care!  :-)

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