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Opening Comments

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> We would like to say to those reading this transcript that the Internet has afforded you a wealth of exchange previously thought impossible. Never before have you been presented with so many opportunities to see the teachings in action. Societal barriers are quickly eroding now as the Internet reveals new cultural diversities to explore and the ability to study the soul ages and overleaves of people from across the world.

We encourage you to embrace the differences with the fragments you encounter through this electronic medium, and not only strive to understand these differences, but to pay particular attention to how some seemingly disparate souls can actually mirror surprising commonalities.

Looking for this reflection of self in the people you meet can offer a valuable way to discover the connecting threads that tie each essence to the Tao. You all share the same spark that fuels every atom in the Universe, and learning to recognize this spark can unlock cultures or beliefs previously thought inaccessible.

The act of seeing your reflection in another can initially be a terrifying experience, especially for those submerged in false personality.  Pushing another fragment away is a common reaction. Indeed, much of the strife currently seen in your world stems from this refusal to honor and recognize the light you all share.  But the lessons you so avidly desire to learn directly hinge to the realization that you all walk in the same shoes, and while many divergent paths are available for you to take, each path ultimately ends in the same place.

We offer the following exercise:

Make a concerted effort each day to gaze into the eyes of everyone you have a conversation with. Try this with a family member, a friend, or even the checker at your local grocery store. Do this in a passive way, however, so your intention doesn't become intrusive to the other person. In other words, don't engage in the kind of staring match often seen in the territorial posturing of animals.

As you look into the person's eyes, free your mind of your own thoughts or nervous distractions, and try to tune into the inner world of the person in front of you. What do you feel? What thoughts or sensations suddenly cross your mind? And more importantly, how do these feelings mirror your own?

Neither telepathy or psychic talent is required to practice this exercise. In fact, you may think you're merely experiencing your own thoughts and feelings, and that's okay at first. The goal is to passively receive the energy the other person is emitting.

The most intimate channel of energetic expression comes from the eyes, so practicing this way will help you become more aware of this energy.

If you carefully monitor your feelings during this exercise, you will begin to notice certain emotions and sensations that plainly are not your own, and you'll develop greater levels of empathy for the souls around you who clearly share the same struggles you do. 

You may not always think you have the time for this task, but reserving a quiet space of reverence for another will both honor the people you encounter and help you learn things about yourself you didn't know before.

Q & A


<Cynthia> What role does genetics play in psychic and other similar abilities?  Does a propensity for clairvoyance, clairaudience, an ability to channel, etc.. get "passed down" in some way or are these abilities taken on by fragments in other ways?
<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> Fragments with pre-incarnational agreements to channel will often choose parents that can provide them with a body capable of handling the energetic rigors of channeling. While much of the attunement that occurs during the channeling process is energetic, possessing a body that can withstand the stress of this energetic exchange is undoubtedly a plus. You may also choose certain overleaves to help fine tune the process.

We will add, however, that anyone can learn to channel and we encourage our students to seek this frequently untapped resource. Of course, students who have channeled in previous lifetimes will have additional experience to draw upon, but the act of channeling is not a door that only opens to a select few.

<Iris> If we are vessels to hold love and spread love in our lifetime, then how is it that sometimes this vessel of mine will spread other than love?  Where does this "other than love" come from?

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> You refer to a goal sought by all fragments during the course of  their incarnations. We know firsthand of the struggles involved in this journey, and want you to understand that the attainment of Agape is a worthwhile goal even if its fulfillment eludes your grasp at times.

On the other hand, if we condensed Agape into a bowl of soup, for example, and you only managed to get one spoonful per day, you would still be doing good work. Based on what we can see of your life, though, we think you are far ahead of most. We sense that you are too hard on yourself, however, and want to remind you that if you swallow hot soup all at once it will only scald your throat. There is nothing wrong in sipping life's lessons one spoonful at a time.

Regarding your vessel, only two energies can occupy its space: love and fear. Fear is a seduction that's greater than any sexual caress and when it charms and engulfs your vessel, as you call it, one recourse is to stop judging the feeling and momentarily accept what it has to offer. Seeing fear from this perspective allows you to quickly learn what the opposite polarity feels like. With this comparison there will be less fear of letting go and a greater ease in releasing negativity.

Fearing fear is just as self-perpetuating as loving love, and although we will not say it's easy, the  energy you choose to perpetuate during your lifetime is ultimately your choice.

<Daniel> The Michaels said that they don't measure growth in a linear way. How do they measure growth?

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> Growth is measured by the weight of the lesson learned. For some fragments, a trivial experience can amount in phenomenal growth, while for others, a lifetime may be spent trying to move beyond a certain point, and still the lesson may not be learned.

It is not the length of the experience or even the intensity that matters, but the impact it has in getting the fragment to evolve. This can occur in a fraction of a second, or require several lifetimes of work before it is finally accomplished.

<LisaB> Is the information on Crystal children (old souls who are psychically sensitive + telepathic, who also are on their first lifetime on earth) and Rainbow children (fully awakened crystals who are non-karmic this life) correct as is, and how does this fit in with the Michael teachings?

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> This terminology is foreign to our teaching. As we see it, these distinctions do serve to awaken society to the uniqueness of each soul, and from that standpoint positive benefit may be derived. The descriptions you offer, however, are misleading. A new soul fragment, for example,  does not begin it's first lifetime in a cycle as an old soul.

We agree that more old souls are now incarnating, but the recent media coverage that labels certain children as crystal, rainbow, and indigos,  does not represent fragments any more gifted or unique than the other souls currently incarnating. It is true that many of these fragments are indeed older souls, but this simply denotes a different perspective on life, not an entitlement.

<Lisa> I'm a warrior in aggression mode. And although I have "girly" tastes in material things, sometimes I feel like I wish I could be in a relationship with another woman. Is this something Michael can see me doing in my life right now? Or later in life? I do tend to have a lot of personality clashes with men. But it's really hard for me to meet women who might be into that sort of thing. What does he think should happen here?

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> What happens in your life is, of course, your decision. We can not make these choices for you.

As a Warrior you have had more male lifetimes than female, and a part of you feels more comfortable with this sexual orientation. Whether or not you pursue a relationship with a woman is your decision, but if you're feeling a nudge in this direction, it is likely that essence seeks to at least explore the experience.

In general we will say that a relationship with a woman will still bring the usual challenges that accompany most relationships. Don't expect this to entirely alleviate the problems you may have experienced with men. Some of the struggles you're dealing with are not gender related.

<Carol> How many lifetimes does a fragment live before cycling off of the physical plane for good? What is the range?

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> The range can be in as many lifetimes as it takes.

No time table is required here and all souls move at a pace that's both appropriate and well-suited to their evolutionary path. Some fragments, of course, are eager to burn through karma and accelerate their progress as quickly as possible, while others prefer to absorb the most minute details.  In this case, they don't measure their progress by how quickly they get through, but by the thoroughness they demonstrate during the process.

There is no right or wrong here, and ultimately it is the journey that matters, not the speed in which it is accomplished.

<Graham> Amongst the megalithic monuments of western Europe some of the most spectacular are the huge solar temples such as Newgrange in Ireland, where the midwinter sunrise still penetrates through a hidden stone 'light box' to the centre of the mound, where a beam of light traces a path around the carved glyphs on the rocks in the central chamber. (Archaeologists have insisted on describing these structures, built over 3000 yrs ago, as 'passage tombs' since there is a passage and bones were found inside!)

Can Michael tell us what these monuments were really about, who built and administered them and why?

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> As stone age man moved away from the migratory patterns of the hunter-gatherer, agriculture became the main source of food.

Newgrange was the combined effort of several tribal forces that joined to build a tool they could use to accurately measure the arrival of seasonal changes. The sun and moon were revered in this society, and rightly so, for the success of their agricultural endeavors hinged on an accurate knowledge of seasonal patterns. Knowing when to plant certain crops was of vital importance, and even the slightest miscalculation could result in negative outcomes for the community.

Although it was later appropriated by others, Newgrange was not originally constructed as a burial tomb, and like Stonehenge, was used as a solstice calendar to mark the planting of crops and other ceremonial practices.

<John> Does President Bush plan to start a war with Iran this year and possibly occupy it?  What insights does Michael have on the subject of a U.S./Iran war?

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> We will not predict if there will be a war between the United States and Iran, but will say that the strategic plans for such an action have indeed been drawn up, as they have been with many countries that pose a potential threat.

Whether or not President Bush will launch a military strike is a decision that teeters on several factors currently being monitored. The president's advisors, however, have warned him against the use of military force in this situation, and at the moment he is listening. 

More so than with Iraq, a war with Iran would sprout seeds of hatred that could carry on well beyond the initial engagement. A birth of new terrorist leaders would inspire continued martyrdom, and as violence fuels nothing but more violence, the flower of democracy might finally wilt from the heat of its own destructive force.

Nobody can be the victor when the sole means of ending violence is the use of reciprocal amounts of force. We see that masquerading behind the guise of the noble cause here will only result in a self-perpetuating system of hated and fear, not the state of peace that many in the world so desperately desire.

<Tamara> I am working to hear and see spirit better--any tips? 

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL>  Learning to quiet the mind is a prerequisite in any attempt to hear spirit. Learning to differentiate between the mental noise that clutters the mind and the subtle voice of a guide, is another.

In your case we suggest setting aside certain times during the week where you can practice connecting with your guides without interruptions from the outside world. Distractions can be a problem for you, so you need a quiet location where you can focus on this intent with extra clarity.

Don't fish in the dark, however. Ask your guides to assist you in making the connection. Much time can be saved in this process if you make your intention clear from the onset.

Beyond that, relax and enjoy the interaction -- which in your case may initially begin as an energetic exchange and then later progress into something more emotional.

<Pauli> Would Michael tell a little bit about the country of Finland, what are the challenges that it is going to face (or is facing), it's general soul age, and maybe even its overleaves if possible.

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL>  Finland is a late Mature, early Old soul nation that has used wide-spread social reform in business, health care, education, the environment, and other areas, to create a healthy infrastructure that can sustain itself without harming natural resources,  exploiting other countries, or placing an unfair burden on the backs of its populace. Serving as a model for the rest of the world, Finland has proved that a nation can indeed thrive in a system where people come before profits.

We do not see major challenges facing this country. Even the looming environmental changes sweeping the world will have a minimal effect on this region.

<Andrea> Places like Sedona, Mt. Shasta, and other sacred spots seem to draw people from all over the world. Can you explain this? What about the vortexes there?

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> Anytime you encounter areas where the earth has been heavily exposed, splintered, or uprooted, it produces an effect similar to a living vein being opened.   It's like an energetic fluid that spouts from the earth and you can literally bathe in the energy. When you also include the large amounts of iron oxide found in the mountains around Sedona, highly favorable conditions for grounding are created, and fragments sensitive to this will feel more centered and experience satisfying levels of heightened awareness. Spiritual Meccas like Sedona, where the energy has this restorative effect, are popular for this reason.

Further, the euphoria one feels when standing near a water fall is in abundance at Sedona, and this is due to the unusual amount of negative ions in the air. This creates a chain reaction where  biochemical reactions occur after breathing the air. Serotonin levels  gradually increase,  and feelings of well-being ensue. Sedona then, is a natural mood enhancer without the pharmaceutical cost. The same could be said about other spiritual places like Mt. Shasta, and so forth.

Theories about energy vortexes are often used to explain the therapeutic effects experienced at many sacred sites and landmarks, but there are other explanations for this phenomena, some of which we have already outlined.

<David B> As you no doubt know, traditional astrology is based on the use of 12 signs, and 12 houses. Now, in the Michael teachings, the number seven is always stressed.

My question is therefore: Would it be useful and advisable to use an alternative method of the division of the heavens, based on 7? That is, one could, starting from zero degrees Aries, divide the zodiac into seven signs instead of 12. (Each one would comprise 51 degrees, 26 minutes of arc). And if such a system would indeed be useful, could Michael give a short description of the basic meaning of each of the resulting seven phases, that could then be used as a basis for interpretation?

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> Your astrology is not based on principles that govern the entire Universe, but instead relies on quadrants directly applicable to your own corner of the solar system. Astrology as you know it would be radically different if applied to another planet with different coordinates and star systems.

Michael math, on the other hand, is applicable anywhere you travel in the Universe,  whereas astrology is not. Therefore, altering the zodiac to conform to the law of seven would have no beneficial outcome other than to dismantle the astrological system into segments no longer recognizable.

In short, astrology is based on physical constructs, where Michael math permeates into everything.

<Laurie> Please discuss your views on the vast conspiracy of the Illuminati.

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> No greater bastion of fear exists than the conspiracy theory. It thrives in psychological realms ruled by the chief features and will continue to clutch at the throats of society for as long as fear is allowed to run rampant.

Conspiracy theories are like theatrical plays that enthrall their audiences with performances cleverly crafted to camouflage the truth. They are the modern-day equivalent of folklore. We are not saying there have never been any conspiracies in your history, but we wish to remind you that fear, not the truth, is the usual culprit here.

About the Illuminati, this was a 17th century mystical order that played a minor role in influencing the power elite of its day. Much has been made of this brotherhood, but we must say that the scope of the group's power has been greatly exaggerated, and in some cases, fictionalized.

We are not aware of a modern-day Illuminati unless you are referring to segments of the wealthy that do sway some power in the corporate and political arenas. None of these power players, however, are involved in conspiracies on any grand scale, and are mostly just ambitious young souls trying to accumulate massive wealth.

<MT List> How does an Old soul learn through terror?

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> Terror is a highly subjective term and one person's impression of it can vastly differ from that of another. We will say up front then that one size will not fit all in this context.  

We have said previously that old souls evolve by facing their fears, so we'll offer a variation on that to explore how old souls learn through the terror of self-deception. This, however, should not be confused with the self-deception that can plague the artisan.  

It might be helpful to show the dualities that are symbolic in each soul age:

  • Infant Souls: Life/Death
  • Baby Souls: Right/Wrong
  • Young Souls: Win/Lose
  • Mature Souls: Love/Fear
  • Old Souls: Truth/Illusion

Since Old souls don't like to get mired down in the incidental details of life, they prefer to see the larger perspective, or the blueprint, if you will, of how the world is pieced together to create the whole. In order to burn away the fog of self-deception, Old souls shine their rays of truth on everything they encounter, so it is terrifying for them to realize they have been duped at their own game.  

Self-deception can often lead the old soul to mistakenly support an unjust cause, adopt harmful belief systems, or be led astray by an errant philosophy. This psychological terror then impels the old soul to see beyond the illusions and parlor tricks in life and look for the trapdoor that's hidden beneath the magician's table.

The challenge of introspection can also reveal many inner demons that the old soul might want to avoid or forget. Refusing to accept negative aspects of either past or present personalities, however, can lead to an internal form of self-deception. Growth comes from accepting unsavory parts of self that, while they may be terrifying to look at, have played an integral role in the overall development of the soul.

Closing Comments

<DaveGregg/MICHAEL> We would like to close with the following:

An obvious challenge of the teachings is to learn how to apply it in your daily life. We are pleased that students are now actively discussing and communing, but when opportunities arise to actually use our tools, we often see a void.

We encourage you to apply what you've learned about the teachings to every relationship you have, especially relationships that have resulted in considerable friction. Fragments that cause you the most grief are often your greatest friends in disguise. This is because they have the most to teach you. Indeed, the best gifts can come in surprising packages, so when you have an opportunity to show tolerance and acceptance towards someone previously thought intolerable, you are truly doing good work.

To illustrate this further, a suggested exercise is as follows:

Create a list of all the people you know and place their names into two columns: one for friends and the other for adversaries.  We realize that not everyone you associate with can so easily be grouped this way, but please bear with us.

Review your list of friends: What do you like about them? What commonalities do you share that contributes to the friendship? 

Now look at your list of adversaries: What is the source of friction between you? What events were the catalyst for your animosity?  Can you identify any overleaves they possess that might create an abrasion with your personality?

The reason we ask you to create this list is simple: nine out of ten times the negativity you experience with another person is not as much about them as it is about your inability to understand their particular slant on life. Thus, one way to understand the people you share a difference with is to actually wear their overleaves for a day.

First, do whatever you need to do in order to identify the overleaves of the other person, and then study the individual traits and quirks that makes this individual who they are. After you are confident that you understand the behavioral patterns of their particular overleaf set, it is now time to actually live and breathe them. Designate a special day for this and when you wake up that morning, step into these new overleaves as if you're stepping into a new pair of shoes.

This will require a bit of acting on your part as you will find that dropping your own overleaves is no easy task. But this is just an exercise, not a total transformation. Your goal is to "act out" the overleaves of the other person and try to see the world from this new perspective. We realize this may seem simplistic to you but there is much that can be learned here if your approach is sincerely directed towards understanding the other person.

This exercise, of course, is a variation on the old saying about walking a mile in someone's shoes.  But armed with your knowledge of the overleaves, you now possess a tool that can add new dimensions to this lesson.

You may wonder why you should go to so much trouble just to understand someone you don't like, but which would you rather have: another friend in the world or another enemy?  

May you find peace in your journey.

<DaveGregg> Dave: Thanks to all who participated in this chat! I enjoyed working with those of you who submitted questions and hope to do it again in the future. Take care! 


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