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Acculturation & Peer Pressure




After we grow up a little, especially when we start school, we begin to absorb the behavior of our society. Some of this is OK the part that is in harmony with True Personality and some of it is not. Social pressure is so strong that people who go against it are often considered insane or criminal. Have you tried singing in a bank lobby lately? Have you crowded into the front of a line lately? Have you taken your clothes off in public lately? Our society, whichever one it is, has biases and prejudices in regard to religion, sex, race, political system, history, science, art, technology, environment and a million other issues every aspect of life. One way to become aware of these social standards is to read about other cultures, of course. Another way is to travel to other nations. This would help you sort out what lifestyle you truly prefer, and what social perceptions are really yours. You can then choose or unchoose any aspect of your acculturation.

Peer Pressure

As we are growing up and once we are grown up, there is strong pressure to conform to the rules of our group, whatever it may be. Businesses have dress codes. Schools have rules of conduct. Emily Post has etiquette. The government has laws and protocols. School cliques and clubs have requirements for membership. Street gangs and fraternities have initiation rites. Some churches use imputation of guilt to control "sinners". Some groups use shame or threats of punishment to manipulate members. It is good psychotherapy to be aware of peer pressure and not bow to it if it is contrary to your True Personality.

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Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at: wittmeyer@hotmail.com

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