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Who are the ascended masters?

MICHAEL: The ascended masters comprise a group of souls on the astral who have completed their incarnations on earth and now work together to help those still incarnating make a positive impact on the development of mankind. The purpose of the group is mission-specific and among the multitude of causes they oversee, the overriding concern is to raise the consciousness of humanity.

All ascended masters distinguish themselves in seven specific lifetimes free of false personality and the limiting self-concerns that plague the reincarnational cycle. In short, namely seven lifetimes of enlightenment.

These seven incarnations (and they may be scattered across hundreds of other lifetimes) constitute the steps necessary to attain the vibrational mark of an ascended master. Not surprisingly, the steps advance through the universal energies of 1-7. Thus, the first lifetime of higher awareness reflects the energetic oneness associated with the server; the second, the energetic twoness associated with the artisan, and so on. All lifetimes characterized by the enlightened state follow this progression. In some ways, it could be thought of as an alternate version of soul age for the "enlightened" -- although traditional soul age, as we measure it, still applies.

Not all souls complete this progression and many souls never experience a single lifetime at this level of consciousness. The choice to ascend to an enlightened state is a deep commitment only undertaken by a select few.

Once cycled off, ascended masters both work together and in smaller groups that support their specific concerns about humanity. These smaller groups may have different purposes but they all contribute to the betterment of the whole.

The well-known ascended masters often popularized in books and related media, are not individuals but groups of other ascended souls with a united purpose. Ascended masters eventually graduate to the Causal to begin the work of their reunited entity. In such cases, the energetic footprint and intent of their astral group remain, taken up by new ascended masters that resonate with the cause. Some ascended master groups (the energetic shell of the group, at least) may remain dormant while awaiting new souls to reanimate them.




















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