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Spiritual Turning Points
Book Review


Reviewed by David Gregg

First off, there hasn't been a deluge of material about the internal monads, so Victoria Marina's book definitely adds to the conversation. I thought Spiritual Turning Points was substantive, well-written, and Victoria obviously knows what she is talking about.

There are seven chapters, with each covering a different monad, and while this book attempts to reach beyond the confines of the Michael community to a wider audience, I didn't get the impression that the material was watered-down. You'll find core information about the internal monads, as well as interesting correlations to astrology and shamanism.

I'm not well-versed in astrology, so learning how each monad correlates to various events in astrology was rather intriguing. Perhaps this approach won't appeal to students that are limited to a Michael-or-nothing-at-all focus, but I'm okay with the broadened scope. I certainly don't think the expanded view diminishes anything, and it may guide us to look at the teachings from a different perspective, which is always helpful, in my opinion.

Congratulations to Victoria!

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