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Journey of Your Soul
Book Review


By David Gregg

Shepherd Hoodwin's Journey of Your Soul is by far the most complete Michael teachings book yet to be written. It is a virtual encyclopedia of marvelously detailed information, inspiring insights, and an expansive view into the inner workings of ourselves and the people around us.

Over twenty years of experience as a channel went into the creation of this book, and the richness of insight on popular Michael topics such as Soul Age, the Roles, the Overleaves, and channeling in general, reveals a journeyman author of rare gifts.

Not only does Shepherd bring scholarship, integrity, and a benevolent voice to the Michael Teachings, the wonderful result is a book that adds  immeasurable benefits to your life.

Shepherd has done some of his most beautiful work in this revised edition, and the new material will further clarify your understanding of the teachings. I also love the new look of the front cover.

If you're a Michael student this edition most assuredly belongs in your library, and if you're new to the Michael teachings, this may be the only Michael book you will ever need.


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