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Enlightenment For Nitwits
Book Review


By David Gregg

Since I'm only a nincompoop and have yet to evolve to the lofty status of nitwit, I was worried that Shepherd Hoodwin's hilarious book of new age humor, Enlightenment For Nitwits, wouldn't offer the special enlightenment that I truly needed.

But I even laughed my ASTRAL ASS off when I read it!

People who say "nucular" rather than nuclear will enjoy the George Bush references, as well as the pithy one-liners that are as smooth as a vitamin-E suppository and never smell like lingering farts in a crowded elevator. In other words, there's great fiber here for any humor diet -- even Breatharians will love it.

An unexpected perk after reading this book was discovering that if I pumped my fists into the air and shouted "VROOM!," I got an instant connection to the afterlife, where dead relatives that I had avoided in real-life could finally track me down. But I side-stepped that awkward encounter by regifting them a copy of this book. Brilliant! Like a moldy fruitcake, this book just keeps on giving.

Enlightenment For Nitwits is also the perfect antidote for those morbidly serious lightworkers out there (AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) that power their own enlightenment by stealing the batteries out of their neighbor's vibrators. This book will hopefully help those tortured souls, and maybe torture a few of them, too.

And on a practical, multi-purpose note (if you buy the printed version, that is) this book KILLS BUGS ON CONTACT! ;-)


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