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1997 - Week 30

SUMMARY:  Discussion about "contact symptoms," e.g., what it feels like to contact or communicate with a spiritual being or entity.  Diane talks about chief features, and Ken Broom starts a thread about particles and thoughtwaves.

The Posts

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 09:12:35 -0400
Subject: Contact Symptoms

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Lists,

Has anyone else out there had their toes curl when making a really strong spiritual contact?

What are some of your other physical, emotional, or mental reactions to spiritual contacts?

Aside from having my toes curl, I have also had my arm hairs stand on end and all of the muscles in my body to suddenly contract at the same time. and there is almost always some energy release through the tear ducts in my eyes. Usually when doing a detoxifying meditation there a few very deep belches. No flatulence though.

Just curious as to what other folks experience when making spiritual contacts.

Peace and Light to You and Yours,
Kenneth Broom, Columbia, MD, USA
aka I.A.M. Research

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 10:38:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Contact Symptoms

Hi Ken,

I don't know if this counts, but whenever something "spiritual" happens to me, I feel it right across the back of my shoulders and my neck, almost like electricity. The more I pay attention to it and when it happens, the stronger and more unmistakeable it gets.

The first time I came in contact with the man I was going to do a seventeen year karmic payback with, the first thing out of my mouth was, "There you are." Of course at the time, it made no sense to me at all, but after it got all sorted out many years later, it made all the sense in the world.


Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 18:19:50 -0400 (EDT) 
Subject: Fwd: Contact Symptoms

Forwarded message:
Subj: Re: Contact Symptoms
Date: 97-07-28 12:47:04 EDT
From: Rainbows77
To: Verasma

I've had different types of contact "symptoms" --
--when I met my primary Task Companion, I felt an intense emotional
connection immediately -- something I had experienced only twice before in my
life. Then I had dreams about he and I as brothers about 10 years of age.

(Later, it turned out that was a past life memory). We got together to
visit and spent 4 hours talking! We met before I had a belief that past
lives existed, so it was quite challenging to have such dreams and over and
over, and an incredibly intense sensation whenever we were together. I kind
of freaked both of us!

-- I met another Task Companion (via a bbs). Some mutual friends suggested
we'd like each other; we had lunch and talked like we'd known each other all
our lives -- very warm and fuzzy feeling.
--I met a man in this lifetime that I'd been married to many times before.
As soon as we had a chance to talk privately, my first words were "welcome
home" -- seems he'd gone off to war at some time and never returned in a
previous lifetime.
--I've often had dreams of people that turn out to be close from past lives.

Now that I've progressed to accepting metaphysical stuff and am more
experienced in listening to my own reactions. Other times, I just have a
warm feeling about someone and feel comfortable with them (they're not
strangers). With some close members of my entity, I can connect with them
and know what is going on in their life, particuarly if something is
disturbing them.


Barbara Taylor, Rainbows & Miracles etc.
May your life be filled with joy! 


Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 18:21:58 -0400
Subject: Re: Contact Symptoms

Dear Listers,

You know how a dog's leg starts to pump up and down as you rub his belly... well sometimes when I come across a deep personal truth my right leg starts pumping the same way.

I also wonder why so many people respond to deep "Truth" and "Love" via their tear ducts. Any body have any ideas why this is?

Peace and Light to You and Yours,
Kenneth Broom, Columbia, MD, USA
aka I.A.M. Research

Subject: Fw: Contact Symptoms
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 10:43:49 -0500

Re tearducts, I know I get weepy and feel a heart swell feeling every time I'm in crowds or see something involving the cooperation of large numbers of people, especially if there is singing. I think there is a longing, a trying to break out of the box and reach for a memory of entity wholeness, and it is painful because it pushes against currently assumed limitations. Feeling this way is often embarrasing for me when there are others around. But now I the Michael stuff has helped me to see more clearly what it is about.

I think crying at weddings has something to do with that too, though of course there is the sentimentality angle at times, which is a negative pole of something (emotional centering?).

As for the symptoms you describe, Kenneth, I have not had that happen, though at times I feel my head or my body is steered to look or move in a certain direction. Often this happens after I have put out the request to find something that is "lost" and usually I find it right away. I use words like "I see the [missing object], it is available to me, it is in my hand. I am ready to receive it. Amen"

This is an exercise I recommend to everyone as a simple way to begin to put your "psychic powers" to the test. My husband and my son have seen it work when I do it many times over, and will vouch for its efficacy. the more you use it, the easier it gets. but then comes the challenge to use it for more "difficult" things - like finding work, or personal connections of various sorts. This is the challenge I am working on now. I did find this mailing list, though... It's good knowing you're out there, people.

Let's have some more introductions soon! Good things for all of you! Blessings...



> From: Kenneth Broom > To: Michael Teachings List > Subject: Re: Contact Symptoms
> Date: Wednesday, July 30, 1997 5:19 PM
> Dear Listers,
> You know how a dog's leg starts to pump up and down as you rub his
> belly... well sometimes when I come across a deep personal truth my
> right leg starts pumping the same way.
> I also wonder why so many people respond to deep "Truth" and "Love" via
> their tear ducts. Any body have any ideas why this is?
> Peace and Light to You and Yours,
> Kenneth Broom, Columbia, MD, USA
> aka I.A.M. Research


Subject: Another intro
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 14:48:59 -0700

Hi everyone,

Aida wrote:

> Also, if there are 40+ people on our list, most of you must be in
> observation mode! How about some more intros?

True, I'm guilty of being in observation mode! OK, here goes. My name
is Janet and I'm 35, living in No. Calif. (Stockton) In Michael terms
I'm a 2nd level Old Server/Warrior, reevaluation, observation,
idealist, intellectual/emotional, Scholar casting and self-dep. Member
of the 1st Cadre, 7th Entity. I'm married to a 2nd Old Artisan/Warrior
and we have a 4th Old 11-yr. old Sage-Priest and a 7th Mature 9-yr.
old Artisan-Server. Did I leave anything out? :^)

I'm thrilled that this list is now in existence. Since "finding"
Michael about a year and a half ago I just can't get enough of the
teachings. I consider Shepherd Hoodwin's _The Journey of Your Soul_ to
be the most important book I've ever read, as it was my introduction
to Michael. I now own most of the books and have enjoyed them all. I
attend Alma Perez's monthly group sessions in Concord, CA (which I
=3Dlove=3D) and am even learning to channel Michael (slowly!).

I will probably mostly be a lurker on this list, as I tend to soak up
information rather than disseminate it. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of
the posts to date and look forward to long association with this list.
I must say that the "Michael" people I've met, online and off, are
among the most wonderful people I know and it's also been great to
meet up with Entity mates. A big hi to Dick from Alma's group (glad
you finally got on!!) and Vera, Lori and Barbara from AOL!

Take care everyone,

(aka Reiki Jan from AOL)

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 19:36:26 -0700
Subject: Re: Contact Symptoms

Kenneth Broom wrote:

> I also wonder why so many people respond to deep "Truth" and "Love"
> via their tear ducts. Any body have any ideas why this is?

That happens to me--sometimes, it had to do with issues of unworthiness that I had, and other times, it was that the energy was so intense, and so loving, that I just couldn't hold it, it's as if, it was just "washing" through me that way, and I cried.

Crying is also a way of expressing through the 5th chakra, a place that may be blocked for a lot of people, because of judgements they hold, and when what they feel in their heart (4th chakra) doesn't match what they think (6th chakra), then the energy in the 5th chakra isn't balanced--so when the truth and love comes through, it releases a lot of energy through the 5th chakra, unblocking it (for the time being at least) through the crying.

Higher-centered experiences (Truth and Love are the positive poles of the Higher-Intellectual and the Higher-Emotional centers, and lets not forget Harmony, the positive pole of the Higher-Moving center) like that make me cry sometimes anyway, the energy is just so intense.....It's really awesome, isn't it?

:^) Lori

Date: Fri, 1 Aug 97 20:01:25 UT
Subject: Playing with Numbers

Well the accountant in me has been at play again with the silly numbers. I always want to clarify how I see something by looking at it in number form. I've been reading Jose Stevens book Transforming Your Dragons. After reading the descriptive part about each of the dragons and then going through the checklist that helps you identify your personal ones, I found an interesting way of looking at the results and it brought up a question for me. Some voice inside is telling me, yes, this is a good way to look at it, but I sure would enjoy getting some feedback from the group. I really do not enjoy living in a void and you folks are my way out. Contact, feedback, validation, recognition, learning!!! Seems to be the way to go for me. Soooooooo....... I noticed that even though I had one main CF and another close behind, I seemed to have a little of each one. Can we manifest a bit of each CF in each life? I was thinking that maybe these dragons are relentless and though each of them might want us, we have possibly learned in a past life and have managed to slay, or at least beat down, a few of them. This is how I saw it


Arrogance	8/14	.57%		17% 
Self-Dep		7/13	.54%		16%
Greed		6/15	.40%		12%
Self-Destruct	9/14	.64%		19%
Impatience	14/14      1.00%		30%
Martyrdom	1/14	.07%		  2%
Stubbornness	2/14	.14%		  4%


Now it appears that I have a CF of Impatience (and that really surprised me as I hadn't even realized this... thought I'd taken care of this one and thus thought I was very patient...zingers) with Self Destruction a close second. But what about those two up there, Arrogance and Self-Dep. Seems they weight heavily in the background, just waiting to rear their ugly heads. I have a feeling I have not totally beaten those two down because I can hear them in my head sometimes, trying to grab me. So what do the rest of you think about this? I've read where souls can, on occasion, slide back to a younger soul age than they really are. Could we not also manifest some of those other CF's? I'd really like to know, especially from any of you who channel Michael.

Also someone told me that maybe my CF was Self-destruct with Impatience as a trap. So it seems that other than getting a channeling done to get my overleaves I will just keep wondering and think that I can not think clearly :-)


Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 09:41:54 -0400
Subject: Basic Particles, Thoughtwaves, and Metaphysical Semantics

Dear List Mates,

As part of my own continuing research on how the universe works I asked some basic questions of my own mid-causal entity mates about basic particles. I was told that the most basic particle in the universe is a thought particle, and that when someone has a strong desire or a command, that these tiny little thought particles will go out and do what they were "told" to do, and then return with all their energy to that someone(s) who was their source, plus bringing with them "all" the results of their actions. This is a large part of what karma is about.

Afterwards I asked the Michael Entity (of the overleaves) about this and they replied via the MEF folks:

"Yes, it is true, it is how karma exists and is completed. Thought waves are the finest material, and correspond to the frequency of the Mental Plane. When thoughts project from your mental body, they generate a field around you which others can feel.

"Thoughts also determine what emotions your emotional body will respond to, and what physical karmas your body will react to.

"For example, when someone is mentally imbalanced, you 'feel' the inner turmoil that is created by conflicting thought patterns. Or when someone has an 'attitude', you understand that they will create problems or solutions for themselves depending upon the attitude.

"If you are thinking, "I don't deserve this" or "This doesn't work for me," then you experience unpleasant emotions. If you are thinking, "Let's see how this can work out," then you experience growth and positive emotions. If you are thinking, "I would like to attract this situation and see what I can learn from it" you are closer to manifesting what you want. If you think, "I need this, I can't live without this," you will tend to produce the opposite result, the denial of what you want. There is a place for positive thinking, but it has to be experienced in all the centers and chakras, not just in the head. That is because it is the attitudes in the instinctive center, the first chakra, that determine what karmas you attract. What your head was thinking, or what your personality wants is a factor, but does not actually create results. Aligning all your chakras around a particular intention is what creates the strongest result."

I concluded that when a person puts out a thought or emotional vibration, what comes back is the energy of that original vibration plus "all" of the energy results as far downline as those vibrations were experienced by anyone or anything. Including animals, birds, bugs, rocks, and the very earth herself.

So much of what returns to a person depends on what I call the "Metaphysical Semantics" involved. Someone saying that "I want..." or "I need..." will not result in the desired state of fulfillment, but in a state of "wanting..." and "needing..." This also has to do with picturing and expecting the desired results "in the present". Saying "I am..." or "I love..." or "I desire..." will produce excellent results.

Peace and Light to You and Yours,
Kenneth Broom, Columbia, MD, USA
aka I.A.M. Research

Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 09:34:14 -0500
Subject: Re: Basic Particles, Thoughtwaves, and Metaphysical Semantics

Thank you Kenneth - excellent stuff. It fits with what I said about my technique for finding things - the semantics are crucial! I have found through experience, that supplication and emotionally overwrought language is only useful as a momentary exercise in revealing one's fears and confusions. But if such expressions are taken as real "prayer," then I can see why people often think that one's prayers are not answered...

I am applying what I have learned from finding "things" to this more loaded issue of finding work. Please give me your feedback on the wording of this meditation. Here it is:

A joyous work situation has come into my hands.
I see it...
I am ready to receive it...
I have it... Working joyously...
And so it is.

Thank you kindly, Old Scholar.
Best regards, Aida.



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