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An essence twin is a soul we team up with for an entire grand cycle to reflect ourselves back to us; it is the most intense relationship we can have. It is synonymous with the terms twin flame and twin soul, but not necessarily with soul mate.


  • Essence twins most commonly appear as a family member or close relative; a lover; or briefly as a pivotal facilitator that helps engineer some great change in your life.

  • Essence twins classically have opposite male/female energy ratios, and the same casting (positions within their cadence and greater cadence). However, this is not always the case. Choice rather than mathematics makes two souls twins, although mathematical correlations can support the relationship. As mentioned earlier, cadres made up of essences with a relatively high number of previous cycles tend to be more experimental, and don’t necessarily stick to “classic Michael” in their design.

  • Essence twins who plan to meet each other often choose opposite body types, although there is no “rule” requiring this.

  • Our essence twin is typically in a different entity than our own but in the same cadre. We may find that entity’s vibration to be particularly complementary to our own because our essence twin is in it, or we might have chosen to have an essence twin in that entity because we found it complementary in the first place.

  • Our essence twin is usually someone we have known in previous grand cycles.

  • In Messages from Michael, it was stated that six times out of seven, our essence twin is of the same role. In the experience of several other channels, including me, the reverse seems to be true. Since the average human being has had about four previous cycles, it is probably true on the whole that six out of seven times, a person’s essence twin has the same role as he does. However, once we have done a planetary cycle as a scholar with a scholar essence twin, we might like to try being a scholar with a king essence twin, to vary the energy. The channels who find that roughly six out of seven people seem to have essence twins of different roles may be working with those from cadres consisting of essences with a higher average number of previous cycles. These cadres are not necessarily constructed in typical patterns.

  • About five percent of us have no essence twin. A lesson of a cycle without an essence twin may be self-sufficiency, finding balance and completeness within, experiencing our reflection within ourselves rather than externally.

  • Those who have an essence twin also occasionally adopt a surrogate when the original is not incarnate or is busy elsewhere. He usually has the same role as the original, and otherwise resembles him in various ways.



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