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About Essence Twins and Intimate Relationships


Q: Is it possible for two fragments to embark upon an ad hoc agreement of intimacy that takes on the nature of essence twins when the essence twins of these two fragments are discarnate?

Michael: It is not without admiration of a sort that we observe the nature of the faux-essence twin relationship that a select few fragments embark upon. We use the term “faux” simply because it is not a true twinning, a casting forth from the Tao at the same moment in linear time, but there the differences end. It is just as “real” and rewarding a relationship as the actual twinning, although we caution that the intensity is somewhat diminished by the sheer lack of the twin-ness experience over a course of many lives as opposed to just one.

We would say, however, that fragments who have not already shared many lives if not Grand Cycles would not attempt such a relationship. There is too much riding on the outcome of such a relationship to throw away the experience with another fragment with whom one is not already quite comfortable. We would say also that the heart-link experience is mildly helpful in succeeding at the faux-twin experience.

We would go further to say that it is not necessary for the essence twins of each fragment attempting this sort of intimacy be discarnate. As you are aware, the “pull” from the essence twin is just as strong if not stronger when one is extant and the other not. Do not be confused by the allusion to the essence twin experience. Although this extra-intimacy is indeed more, much more, than what is normally experienced by any two fragments, it in no way diminishes the real pull of the essence twin phenomena.

Q: Other than the heart link connection which requires many lifetimes to form, how else can a similarly intimate relationship be accomplished?

Michael: We would say that this is yet another type of agreement that is set up in advance and not without careful forethought. After all, why waste energy at attempting such an experience if one or more of the fragments will not be in a position to do so successfully?

We do not wish to underplay the difficulty here of attempting such a relationship. The conditions that must be met for its success are a long list indeed. As we have stated before, the frightening aspect of such naked intimacy is often too much for a fragment to attempt, and only the old soul is really prepared in any sense to think about it. While we acknowledge the difficulties inherent in this type of relationship, let us also examine the rewards. Intimacy, real intimacy, is often necessary before experiencing agape. Achieving agape, as you know, is one of the fragment’s missions on the physical plane, and not without its difficulties. Only two fragments already familiar at least under certain conditions with the experience of agape, could attempt this. In addition, only fragments willing to let go of maya to the utmost extent possible could be successful at achieving the true intimacy that this relationship requires. When these conditions are met, we would say that the intimacy achieved in this type of relationship is one of the most, if not the most, rewarding experience a fragment can have upon the physical plane. As such, it should be treated with the respect it deserves.

Go in peace.

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