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This is your primary motivator in life. It is what you are always striving to accomplish all your life, over and above
your career goals and other interests.


Read over the grouped statements below. You may see a bit of yourself in all of them. Select the group of statements that most accurately describes your motivations and then look at the bottom of the page for the Key to your Goal.

Read more about goals on the overleaves page.


  • If things are not going my way, I fear I'm losing.
  • Life looks competitive to me.
  • I always want to win no matter what.
  • I seek to manage and supervise others, earning the respect of my followers by setting good examples.
  • When I'm accomplishing my goals I become the soul of leadership. 
  • When I am not at my best I issue commands as if others were my slaves. I can be domineering and autocratic.
  • My negative side is driven by a fear of rebellion or other challenge to rulership.
  • When my goals are frustrated I act like a dictator.  
  • I seek to guide others in their activities, or to help them rule themselves.
  • I have a desire to initiate events, and want to let no happening transpire which is not caused by myself.
  • I like to assume command, and expect others to follow.  
  • I do not easily yield to outside influences. I am a "law unto myself", making the rules as I go along.
  • I cannot let things be - I must make things behave as I want them to. I remember the times I let things happen which were out of their control, and this bothered me. I won't let this happen again.


  • More than anything else, I want to be dedicated to someone or something.
  • I'm most comfortable when I feel devoted.
  • I put others ahead of myself regularly.
  • I seek to be part of a team working for a cause or a principle.
  • I seek a career or a relationship to which I can apply myself with loyalty and faithfulness.
  • When I am accomplishing my goals I become the soul of devotion.  
  • When I am not at my best I look for a rule to apply to every situation. I am passive and compliant, sometimes to the point of dependency and servility.
  • My negative side is driven by a fear of disobedience of someone else's laws.
  • When my goals are frustrated I become subservient.  
  • I am a natural follower. 
  • My intention is to surrender to, and maintain an allegiance to, the powers that be.
  • I always defer to leadership.  
  • I am looking for someone or something to dedicate my life to.
  • I have a strong sense of duty, responsibility, and faithfulness to any commitments I make. I like being a part of a team effort, working together for a goal.


  • More than anything, I want people to like me.
  • I fear rejection and hate criticism.
  • People and situations are mostly OK with me.
  • I'm polite, tactful, gracious, cooperative, pleasant, and I smile a lot.

  • In general, I desire communion, friendship, kindness, benevolence, compatibility.

  • Although I want to be liked, I occasionally compromise my personal integrity by being ingratiating and don't reveal how I really feel.

  • I have a fear of being different. It is painful for me. I seek to be in accord with others and with the world.

  • I'd rather emphasize the ways things are similar, rather than the ways things are different.

  • In relationships, compatibility is very important to me, perhaps the most important ingredient.

  • In all endeavors, I strive to be unobjectionable and inoffensive.

  • If I had my way, I'd like to be friends with everybody.



  • I don't enjoy things unless they are exactly right.
  • I am most picky about who my friends are, what I wear, and what I do.
  • I am most critical and often I find others critical of me.
  • I tend to be a "hairsplitter", selective and particular, if not downright picky and judgmental. I just have high standards.
  • I seek to distinguish things by emphasizing the contrasts. I have discerning and even sophisticated taste. Integrity and honesty is very important to me.

  • If I condemn, I do it by emphasizing the negative characteristics of someone or something.

  • I like to keep things separate and unique.

  • I love to analyze things.

  • I am skilled at criticism and in making fine distinctions.

  • I'm good at finding contrasts in things. I emphasize differences rather than similarities, and instead of seeing how one thing is like another, I see what it is unlike.

  • I am very picky in all matters of things. At the grocery, for instance, I will carefully examine the fruit and vegetables for blemishes, freshness, color, texture, and so on. Only the best of the items are selected.



  • I like to be constantly learning, experiencing things, and changing.
  • Just when I get everything just right, I seem to move and start something new.
  • Often I get overwhelmed, confused, and have to sort things out.
  • I get frustrated if my progress is blocked.
  • I constantly want to advance in my life, but they I often organization. When I get too many things going on at once, I'm bewildered by the complexity.

  • I have a fear of not fulfilling every opportunity.

  • I like complexity. I've had many jobs, many relationships, and I move around a lot.

  • I want to increase, expand, and develop in every area of my life.

  • I seek personal development, evolution, revelation and intimacy in myself and in others.

  • I am ambitious to fulfill my potential. I seek improvement, variety, and promotion.

  • I do not want to let any opportunity slip by. Every life event is a chance for further experience. I feel that the biggest sin one can commit is to not fulfill one's uttermost potential.

  • I believe that all talents must be developed, and every situation fully explored.



  • My life seems to revolve around the same issues over and over.
  • I have a disability or significant issue in my life that affects every other part of my life on a regular basis.
  • My life is very simple in almost every respect.
  • I want to conserve my resources. I'm economical, I avoid excess, and I hate waste.
  • I cope with life challenges by seeking to escape from them. I over-value my privacy, sometimes to the point that I am a hermit.

  • I crave simplicity. I prefer to keep life honed down to one or two issues.

  • I desire to experience what is truly essential. I only want what is necessary, and no more.

  • I seek convenience and avoid complexity. I eliminate hassles and resent intrusions into my life.

  • I evaluate everything to make sure it is actually necessary. I do not feel comfortable with excess of any kind.

  • My life is like a priority list with the most important things at the top and the least significant things at the bottom.

  • I often ask myself, "Is this really worth it?"



  • I do not feel the motivation to accomplish anything major during my life as others seem to feel.
  • I seem to ride from one thing to the next without the problems that others seem to have.
  • Often it seems that life is uneventful but pleasant. Things just seem to work out.
  • I want to restore things to the normal order when it has been violated or disturbed. I  desire justice, fairness, and equality.

  • I want the status quo of my life left undisturbed. Consequently, I can be lethargic at times. I follow the path of least resistance, and I do as little as possible if it gets me by.

  • I fear change or sudden disruptions in my life.

  • I avoid stress and all situations that I believe might cause stress.

  • I live in the moment, rather than in the past or the future. I want things to run smoothly and evenly.

  • I strive to avoid causing disruptions in the natural order of things.

  • My life seems to work better when I just go with the flow.



Key to the Goals:

1. Dominance

2. Submission

3. Acceptance

4. Discrimination

5. Growth

6. Re-evaluation

7. Flow 


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