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True Personality


As stated earlier, our Array of Traits on the personality chart plus any other inborn traits constitute our "True Personality". There is no Array that is "bad" per se, or that makes the person a "bad" person. However, there are some Arrays that are more difficult for the people who have them and for those who deal with them. We would probably never want to meet an ARROGANT CHILD WARRIOR in the AGGRESSION Mode who is a CYNIC with the Goal of REJECTION. Nevertheless, it is psychologically healthiest for this hypothetical person or any real person to operate out of integrity with their True Personality. The key here is to operate out of the Positive Poles of the Traits, as we shall see in a later section.

If you choose to pursue this psychotherapy, it is essential to validate your Array once you find out what it is. By "validate" I mean watch yourself until you verify what your Traits are and how they affect you. It may take months and years, but if you study the personality system, study yourself, and study other people and their Arrays, you will come to know who you really are in terms of the Traits. Validating other people's Traits is a natural and fun part of this process. You will probably want to know about your mate or lover, your children, parents, friends, siblings, and coworkers. It is also enjoyable to know about famous people. A thorough description of the Traits is available from me to help you in this if you want it.

Apparently everyone is born with their Array, and it does not change throughout the lifetime of the person. That is why it is called "True Personality". During the 1970's and 1980's it has become increasingly obvious to psychologists that personality traits are inborn. They reached this conclusion based on the studies of identical twins raised apart. Even though the families that raised them may have been very different from each other, the personality characteristics of the twins were very similar. This proves that environment can influence inborn personality, but it is not the major determinant of it. This leads us to the discussion of another layer of personality.

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