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True Choice


Many of you are aware of the uncertainty in your decision making process. How many times do you ask "what do I do now?", or "is this what I am supposed to do?". These questions reflect the uncertainty you carry in your life. After asking the question your next step of course is deciding to take an action or not, which can be a source of anxiety for you. Notice the fear you have when it comes to making some decisions. You may feel your very survival is threatened if you make the wrong move. It becomes easy to do nothing, which also is a decision. One reason that you believe in a spiritual source of help is your own recognition that at times you feel confused about what to do. You would like to remove some of the uncertainty about the outcome of choice. It is comforting to have spirits with a greater range of perception who help you through times of chaos. We will add here that we do not make decisions for anyone and we advise anyone using a spiritual source to realize that events can look much different from the astral plane. You are the greater authority in your life and you know yourself better than anyone else. A spirit may be a good map maker, but you decide what turns to make.

If at times you feel confused about the numerous choices you have to make then notice that confusion is the negative pole of growth (evolution at the positive pole). Therefore, when you feel confused, recognize that you are in the negative pole of growth (whether or not this is your Primary Goal). Acknowledge that your confusion does have a purpose - it alerts you to the fact that you have a positive pole that you can enjoy. You can use the overleaf teaching as a tool for managing choice.*

Placing Yourself in the Positive Pole of Your Goal

We have a simply formula for you. That is, true choice is never made from a fear state, or, if you are acting from chief feature then you are not making a choice. You are simply reacting. Reacting to an event is not a choice. Reacting is mechanical; true choice is conscious. You make a choice when you are awake and you are awake when you are in the positive poles of the overleaves.

We would like to say a few things about overleaf mechanics (some of this may differ from other of our channels work but you may find it interesting). The big four to consider are attitude, mode, goal, and chief feature and they tie in well with centering. You have all seven centers, and use all seven at some time, although the experience of the higher centers are woefully and unnecessarily rare. We can relate them as follows.

Attitude: Intellectual Center
Mode: Emotional center
Goal: Moving center
Chief Feature: Instinctive center


The centers are the engine of the personality and the four wheels are attitude, mode, goal and chief feature. Role is the driver and body type is the style of body. You want them all spinning in the same direction. The difference between personality and an automobile is that each wheel has a distinct character. Also, most people are only aware of one overleaf at a time. Notice you may often say you are being idealistic but not as often you say "I am being stubbornly cautious about my idealistic acceptance." Just as an automobile uses all four wheels at once, so personality uses all overleaves at once. We can even carry the previous statement to the positive poles. You can say "I deliberately coalesce my affiliation" - no chief feature necessary. For example:

Imagine someone who works for an organization as a finance officer (caution mode). Her goal of acceptance brought her to serve a large group and her idealist helped her choose a nonprofit charitable organization. Before her entry the group is fragmented and inefficient, but using deliberation with the books she helps the group manage funds wisely. When the funds are managed wisely the infighting ceases and fragmentation heals (coalesce). She is recognized by the group who accepts her as a valuable member (affiliation). All her overleaves are in the positive pole and notice - no chief feature. Her negative poles works like this. Her idealist naively helps her choose a nonprofit charitable organization but on seeing the condition of the books she becomes paranoid (caution) about her ability to do the job especially what people will think of her (acceptance). To cover up her imagined incompetence she ingratiates (acceptance) the other members and in doing so she alienates other members who thinks she is an "ass kisser". Her naivete (idealist) justifies further ingratiation with her superiors and she finds herself stubbornly hanging on to the situation. She does not hold the confidence of the entire team and the group continues to fragment.

In the first scenario she uses choice, in the second scenario she reacts. Notice that reactions are mechanical, mechanical is the negative pole of the instinctive center which drives chief feature. In chief feature you are sent to the negative poles of the overleaves. How does she turn it all around? She who enters chief feature returns through chief feature. In other words there is no back door to hell, however there is a conveniently place revolving door just make sure you exit at the correct position (Hell offers outstanding metaphors for working out problems of chief feature.) If in the negative pole scenario she in some way states the intent of an action through one of the seven positive poles of chief feature she will be awarded an opportunity for opening a doorway into the positive poles. Or, if she admits to herself that she is frightened she identifies herself in the negative pole. With that recognition she is awake to the moment and with that momentary wakefulness she will be attracted to the positive poles of chief feature.

Now, positive poles attract essence and negative poles repulse essence. When you attract essence you make a true choice and a true choice places you again in the moment. When you are in the moment you can be no where else. You are then perfectly placed. Her statement becomes "I don't really care what anyone here thinks of me, I am going to balance the numbers if it is the last thing I do!" A very simple statement of determination the positive pole of stubbornness.

You cannot enter true personality through false personality. False personality will always attempt to thwart any effort. You will notice any time you can describe your negative moods with the negative pole of the overleaf you are in false personality. The key is recognition. The roots of true personality always infiltrate the negative providing guide posts. The road back to true personality is through the positive poles of chief feature - even if it is for a brief moment.

Now to answer the question about where you should be, or where you are supposed to be with all its implications of not being who you are, take that moment and tell yourself - "this is where I am supposed to be, right here in the right now." Then of course you may say "Yuck, get me out of here!" If you are swimming in a cess pool you certainly want to find your way out. Now, if you turn to the "love" position of chief feature you open the doorway. When you are in the "love" position you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. You have just made a true choice. We will add here that as soon as you make the "love" choice from chief feature you are out of it and into true personality. Your choices here are always true choices. Also note that it is easy to slip back into chief feature. After all, you have been conditioned by it and the false personality will want to continue being lord of the manor. You do have the tools though for "undressing" for success - use them well!

* Goal is choice driven, or, of any of the overleaves it is your goal that determines what choices you make. Growth, of all the goals, has the highest frequency of choice - re-evaluation or retardation has the least frequency of choice. Dominance has the distinction of making choice for others, submission prefers to make choice based on orders, discrimination fine tunes choice and acceptance broadens choice.


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