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Consciousness Shift
Channeled by Michael Toth

A student asks what truth there is in the recent appearances of teachers and prophets who claim that a shift in consciousness and a subsequent planetary awakening of vast and dramatic proportions is on the way.

We begin by reminding you of the upcoming shift in consciousness that will eventually take place on your world. The predominance of young souls is giving way to the predominance of mature souls incarnate. We will use the metaphor of music as a means of giving shape to this coming change.

The music of an ensouled planet can be measured mathematically (as music is an expression of mathematics), taking into account such things as tempo, rhythm, and octaves, to name a few. This melody can be arrived at by taking into account the longer, bass, lower notes of the planet itself as well as the subtle rhythms of the star system, the spiral arm, the galaxy, and the background of the universe itself. Laid on top of this are the notes created by the sentient and non-sentient species currently in existence.

At present, could you hear them, are the dying harmonies and themes of the young soul symphony with the distant subtle new rhythms and melodies of the mature soul symphony taking shape in the background, but which are yet dimly heard.

These new harmonies begin by subtle changes at first. It will require the passage of at least another 250 to 500 of your earth years for them to even begin to rise to the foreground.

Reacquainting yourselves with the number of lives it may take for just one fragment to transit from one level to another within a soul cycle, would serve to help you understand how much time this may encompass.

For such a change to occur, a similar passage of time will be required. We would also suggest a review of the perceptions that occur during the transit of the different levels as a means of comprehending what can be expected. In terms of perception, experience and behavior, focus first on the 7th level experience and perception and follow that with a comparison with the 1st level. This would be a good place to begin, in our estimation. Remember that levels as well as soul cycles are a matter of perception, and are more about an inward influence than an outward one.

A useful metaphor would be imagining that the whole of all mature souls now extant on your planet together represent one mature soul beating time in the background of the young soul in the foreground beating time.

As you may recall, at the first level there is only a rudimentary grasp of what the fragment has achieved, of what lies before it, and what the nature of its actions are.

Recall too, that the imaginary parents of this imaginary mature soul are immature in contrast to what this new soul will eventually become. Remember also that this mature soul has been imprinted upon by its parents’ beliefs, actions, desires and aspirations, as well as the society within which both currently live. That society and culture are the results of hundreds upon hundreds of years of young soul beliefs and actions. The transition from the young to mature cycle could be seen as its stride toward entrance and passage through the 1st internal monad, to continue the metaphor.

At some distant point in time mature soul consciousness as a body will begin to enter a very early phase where it will compare and analyze everything. this phase could also be characterized by what one might call emotional centering.

As more time passes, and once this level has been transited, the fragment strives now toward discernment and evaluation. awareness of its actions and their consequences become key notes in this new melody. Where young souls at this level would have been driven to greater and greater levels of almost frenetic activity, we remind you that the mature soul will more likely turn introspective, and appear pensive and uncertain as it attempts to become aware of all that hinges on its next decisions and all the ramifications inherent.

Is this the shift in consciousness these messengers are preparing you for? If this is the shift that’s being forecast, we suggest that the messages are premature.

The sudden appearance of spiritual enlightenment without the wisdom gained from day-to-day, life-to-life understanding through the forge of human experience denies the true purpose of your journey on the physical plane.

It would be worthy to ask what one might do in life in this moment than to dwell on anticipating a promised heightened awareness and consciousness. As we say so often, all is choice and you may choose to spend your moments, hours, and minutes in such anticipation, just as you may choose to do otherwise.

We can acknowledge for those of you here and now that such a shift in consciousness simply handed to you by planetary alignments, harmonic convergences or benevolent galactic federations is not the will and wish of essence or of the Tao as we understand it, and would abrogate choice on a scale as yet uncountenanced and unimagined.

The personality aroused by the possibilities of such an experience might certainly choose to move to the head of the class rapidly and without effort. many personalities would leap at the possibility to skip a grade, advancing to a more senior class as if by such advancement something is truly gained. But we assure you that this is not the will of essence. such a leap, in which true choice was abrogated, would constitute a cosmic karmic ribbon of immeasurable proportions.

As we have said before, only 3 percent of all fragments currently extant on the physical plane have even been able to identify the distortions and lies of the chief feature. There are those making this claim that you yourselves will bring this shift into being, while still others are promising to perform this shift for you. were such a shift to occur, how do you propose that as a species you could maintain yourselves at this new level without the experience, knowledge and wisdom necessary to support it and maintain it as a reality? Will these others from galactic federations or other dimensions keep this new consciousness propped up for you? if so, for how long? and…at what price?

How significant of an influence, do you imagine, could as small a percentage as three percent of you have on bringing about this new consciousness? It would appear that the unconscious and the semi-conscious, those walking in sleep, would most likely prove an impossible burden even if aroused from their slumber.

We have stated before that you have entered the 5th state, which is characterized by your recent advances in technology, including a slow tentative movement toward space travel and exploration. This gained some ground and then faltered as funding has been shifted away towards emergencies.

We remind you that only thirty to forty years ago your species was faced with possible extinction through the unwarranted fear-driven proliferation of nuclear weapons. As we reported to you years ago, the choices your species has made since then have greatly reduced this as a probability. Although, at present, an impulsive decision based in fear could see the launching of nuclear weapons from Iran, North Korea, and Israel, to name a few nations who have their fingers hovering over a trigger.

Your world faces newer potential disasters. Would you not agree that it is currently polarized about what is causing the condition you refer to as global warming and what its likely outcomes will be, and whether the use or abuse of fossil fuels is contributing to it? As is often the case, its causes are both natural and unnatural.

Your species also faces another impending crisis. If present levels of population growth continue, there will be 9 billion mouths to feed by 2050. The signposts of an already weakened production and delivery of food supplies are already visible.

Extinctions among many species on your planet are on the rise at rates that may eventually become alarming. Your planet’s current wealth of biodiversity is beginning to lose ground.

A backward glance through your own recent past will bear witness to hundreds upon hundreds of years of change caused by the acts of a fairly aggressive dominant species driven by conquest, greed and ignorance. how much of that has truly changed?

It appears to us that, much like a train that has not yet come to a full stop, the still mostly young soul governments and corporations of your world continue to significantly reduce the available surplus of resources from your land, oceans, forests and skies. Need we remind you that those very same skies, lands, forests and oceans are slowly but inexorably becoming repositories of waste?

The casual passage overhead of an alien spaceship would observe a ramshackle house, its chimney bellowing black smoke, and upon whose surrounding lot are vehicles and other detritous, in varying states of decay and obsolescence.

Along with the overcrowding comes a weakening of human and animal immune systems. Obesity is on the rise, often as a means of fragments placing a barrier of adipose between themselves and others symbolically, as one method of reducing proximity and intimacy, on the other hand, in countries not so distant, walking wraiths made of small amounts of flesh and bone huddle together as they die of malnutrition.

We do not stand in judgment here. We are simply observing the extremes that are prevalent.

Unseen, bacteria now mutate with greater and greater frequency, becoming immune to the strongest antibiotics your scientists are able to manufacture. Healthcare is less and more less available to the many, only more and more available to the few who can afford it, and that number is dwindling. At present, there are more than 6 billion fragments alive, and yet one female fragment dies every minute of every day, year after year, due to complications of pregnancy because they receive no pre-natal care.

Hypocrisy is rampant. cigarette smokers are now treated as the new “heroin” addicts of your society, and outcasts by others who claim a devotion to being “green.” All the while millions drive gas-guzzling, emission-polluting vehicles [while some technology is aimed at reducing emissions, it is localized and far from effective]. The largest number of dwellings on your planet are currently powered and heated through the burning of massive amounts of fossil fuels which even if they do not contribute to environmental conditions in the manner you perceive do contribute do a reduction in the quality of breathable air.

In your country alone, management of the creatures of no reason you call household pets results in the euthanasia of some 19,000 unwanted dogs and cats on a daily basis. This speaks volumes.

Meanwhile, growing communities of fragments breed some of these creatures for sport, where they are pitted, often after long periods of maltreatment and starvation, thus increasing their drive for survival through aggression, one against another in fights, often to the death. This behavior occurs in the name of sport.

Let us not forget the number of abortions of unwanted human ensoulable bodies that occurs on a daily basis as well. Again, we are not passing judgment, all choices are valid and there are consequences.

While certainly, vast improvements have been made over the past several millennia, we note the continued inequality between fragments along racial, geopolitical and gender lines. What of the roma, and the uygur, to name a few ethnic minorities? Slavery as an institution, though diminished in prevalence from former levels, continues to exist and flourish, and in some circles is on the rise.

French police use bulldozers to decamp and disperse refugees who gave everything they had to escape the terror, death and destruction of places like Afghanistan, so that the tax paying citizens can sleep soundly, pretending they never existed. Numerous countries continue to use military force, imprisonment and torture to maintain order, including your own nation.

Priests and terrorists brainwash and train children to become walking bombs. What of the application of a punishment called corrective rape, presently a legal method used in South Africa to cure lesbians of their choice of sexual expression? In the middle east, homosexual men are murdered. Islamic countries use rape and execution to punish children who break Islamic law, the rape being an added emotional and psychological punishment in addition to the physical suffering caused, as it will deny them entry to heaven because they are now impure.

Let us pose several more questions along these same lines.

What of the growing black markets aimed at providing fragments not only with weapons, but with biological, chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction?

What can be said of the current practices of genocide in nearby purportedly “civilized” countries where the practice is sponsored by governments and religious fanatics, and where vaccinations are given to “protect” the community but which knowingly kill another portion of that community? Aboriginal genocide continues among your species. What of the ongoing civil wars in many African nations aimed more at eradicating either the Hatfields or the Mccoys of that country versus having any true political purpose?

In America's recent past attempts were made by your own government to sterilize the women of your native American Indians,

Let us not forget the lack of consciousness demonstrated by the complete non-recognition of two other sentient species now extant on your planet, including their continued daily murder.

Your Josef Stalin once commented that the death and loss of one or two human beings was tragic. As you may recall, he added that the loss of a million lives becomes a statistic.

In the previous century alone, 120 million fragments were purposely driven insane, maimed and incapacitated, or were exterminated by war, imprisonment, torture, forced starvation and execution.

Many children in your schools today cannot even tell you what a concentration camp was, what a gulag is, why the current Iranian president, among many other fragments, continues to make claims that the holocaust never happened. Does any of you know that even more Ukrainians died than Jews in that era? Does the absence of this knowledge contribute to the raising of a planet’s consciousness such that it will herald a renaissance in awakening?

Are these observations in truth marking the storm before the calm?

We can see where the personality, unable to countenance these realities, out of shame or guilt, or as a result of feeling powerless to bring about significant change, would wish for a shift in consciousness. Wishing for such change and bringing it about by choice and design are two vastly different energies. And while such faith may inspire hope, it does little to alter and augment the day-to-day decisions, and the life-after-life achievements and gains eked out only through successive reincarnations.

We wish to remind you that evolution is a slow process filled with the creation and resolution of karma. evolution occurs, too, as a result of choice and its abrogation. Again we reiterate, we are not making judgments we are simply making observations. When we incarnated on the physical plane, each one of us in the Michael entity created karmic ribbon upon karmic ribbon. Our consciousness shift was earned life-by-life, and choice-by-choice.

We note that while we have remarked in the past that many fragments on your planet can and do accelerate their evolution in the present times by virtue of the increased numbers extant the possibilities for greater and varied experience, this is still not significant enough to bring about a demonstrative increase in consciousness which would lead to a global perceptual shift sufficient to fulfill such prophesies.

We suggest that you remember these things as you are urged to look forward to the cosmic realignment of planets as the solution, or as you await the arrival of benevolent galactic federations, or generally depend upon those events to do for you what you haven’t been able to do, or choose not to do for yourselves.

When you spend your efforts envisioning and connecting with these messianic “other” dimensional beings who will fix these problems in the blink of an eye, we pause and ask what might you choose to do instead as an act of choice to bring about a shift in consciousness?

What is implied, offered, and outright promised by these messengers could only be accomplished by one of two possible sequences of events. For an unprecedented massive shift in consciousness, that is, a planetary-wide awakening to occur, a vastly large number of fragments who are, for all intents and purposes, walking in sleep, would have to unknowingly but willingly awaken to a consciousness they have not yet earned and in most instances, are not even aware of.

The alternative to this would be the use of methods by outside sources that, in totality, would represent a massive abrogation of choice, the discovery and realization of which would most certainly do much to nullify its results.

We encourage those of you who can, and who desire to seek the highest truths on all levels, to continue to do so remembering that, as we have said before, the truths can be sought only after all the lies have been told.

While we have labored to demonstrate the current themes extant on your planet which in their way represent some of the less positive aspects of an awesome and orderly evolution, we wish to point out that every species in the universe must come to grips with these similar elements of existence and choice on the physical plane. Such harsh points of conflict and incongruence exist everywhere in the universe as part of the balance between positive and negative poles. To believe otherwise, in our opinion, is to engage in wishful and magical thinking, and which, if you choose to do so, is your right and privilege.

And while such faith may inspire hope, it does little to alter and augment the day-to-day decisions, and the life-after-life achievements and gains eked out through reincarnation that are the signature of evolution. your planet is not a penal colony as some fragments suggest, and it is no more special and no less special in the universe than any other environment in which ensouled fragments evolve and grow. understanding is the lesson; without it there is no growth of the soul.

There is no premature return to the Tao. Evolution is painstakingly slow, for within that process perfection is achieved and it is that perfection which is the very “stuff” that universes are made of. We repeat again that the line of progression is unalterable.

Nor do you suffer as fools at the hands of essence or your astral selves for choices made prior to incarnation, so that essence may sit back and laugh at you as you struggle through a life perceived often by personality as impossible and unrewarding. The laughter is imagined.

The physical plane allows for any and every personality to perceive itself as a victim if it so chooses, which becomes one more lesson learned, once it is learned.

We remind you that life goes on in all its varied forms, both subtle and large, with gains made at whatever pace they are made, by trial and error, by choice and its abrogation, by the creation and burning of karmic ribbons. This is so throughout the entire universe, and throughout time as you know it. It has been this way in the past and so it shall continue into the future not simply because we say so, but simply because it is.



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