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Presidential Candidates (2008)
By Emily Baumbach

Given the current preparations for the 2008 election, I thought it would be good to do a Young Soul refresher course and enter the ego-charged world of American politics.

Many of you watched the recent presidential debates. It was most refreshing to see Republicans unified in their call to clean up the environment, to wind down the war in Iraq, and to get rid of George Bush. Warrior John McCain said, “This war was very badly managed for a long time.” Priest Rudy Giuliani said, “Washington is a mess.” Liberals gasped in amazement, and conservatives recognized what they themselves have been secretly thinking. It was a miraculous, awe-inspiring and positive turn of the tide.

It was a bit humorous and also dismaying, however, to see how many Republican candidates are stuck in a literal interpretation of the Bible, what commentator Arianna Huffington called “storybook religion.” She pointed out that the Democrats are more interested in religion mixed with social justice — a decidedly Mature Soul style.

There is hope among supporters of diversity that a woman (Warrior Hillary Clinton) or an African American man (Priest, Barack Obama) might actually be the leader of the free world come January 2009.

There were other signs of hope: both sides want to leave Iraq, perhaps a sign of the new Mature Soul flavor in this country. Candidates admitted their own mistakes and the mistakes of the Bush Administration. Even though most (if not all) of the Republican candidates are empire-building Young Souls, you could tell most of them were starting to see the benefits of a Mature Soul way of being. For instance, Giuliani and McCain publicly announced their support of immigration, saying immigration brings “genius” to this country (Giuliani), and that many green card immigrants are currently serving in the military in Iraq, putting their lives on the line for this country (McCain).

All the candidates, Republican and Democrat alike, are in agreement that something needs to be done about the environment. Republicans said blatantly (and correctly) that the environment will get cleaned up by big business when there’s a profit to be made. Democrats are saying that’s all fine as long as the job gets done. Most Republican candidates support nuclear power as being “clean and safe,” and now even some Democrats are agreeing. The rest of us are rolling our eyes, wondering how they could have forgotten Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

Our political views are formed by both personal experience and universal will. If our personal experience includes suffering at the hands of one party, we’ll swing to the other party. If we’ve had personal experience in some lifetime with one candidate (personally or politically), we’ll have an opinion about him or her. Or, that candidate might resemble our favorite Uncle Hubert, or the bully who made high school a living hell. If we’ve been downtrodden for being a woman, we’ll support a woman candidate; if we’ve been downtrodden for being a person of color, we’ll support a candidate of color.

Our projections are like that. It’s our projections that make up Our Story and our political views and our alignment with one candidate or another. It’s a given that whoever wins the election will be the target of all our personal and collective projections.

 Overleaves of the Candidates

I thought I’d offer you a Scholarly list of my take on the major candidates’ Michael system overleaves, to the best of my knowledge. Don’t be surprised if this information doesn’t jibe with what you’ve heard elsewhere — and I’ll probably reexamine my own list myself as time goes on. Learn as much about the Roles and overleaves as you can, then make up your own mind.

You’ll find (in this order) each candidate’s Soul Age, Role/Essence Twin’s Role, Goal, Mode, Attitude and Chief Feature.


Sam Brownback: Young Scholar / Priest, Discrimination, Observation, Skeptic, Stubbornness/Arrogance.

Jim Gilmore: Young Scholar/Priest, Submission/Dominance, Observation, Pragmatist, Impatience.

Newt Gingrich: Young Sage/ Scholar, Growth, Perseverance, Skeptic, Arrogance/Greed.

Rudy Giuliani: Young Priest/Sage, Growth, Passion, Idealist/Skeptic, Arrogance and Impatience.

Mike Huckabee: Young Artisan/ Server, Submission, Passion, Idealist, Impatience.

Duncan Hunter: Young Scholar/ Priest, Dominance, Observation/ Perseverance, Skeptic, Arrogance.

John McCain: Late Young/early Mature Warrior/Scholar, Dominance / Submission, Perseverance, Realist, Stubbornness.

Ron Paul: Early Mature Sage/Scholar, Discrimination/Acceptance, Observation, Idealist, Arrogance.

Mitt Romney: Young King/Priest, Dominance, Repression, Stoic, Arrogance/Self-Deprecation. Being a King, he likes a strong military.

Tom Tancredo: Young Scholar/ Priest, Dominance, Observation, Skeptic, Arrogance.

Fred Thompson: Young King/ Warrior, Dominance, Power, Cynic, Stubbornness.

Tommy Thompson: Young Scholar/ Priest, Dominance, Perseverance, Realist/Cynic, Stubbornness/Arrogance


Joseph Biden: Mature Sage/Scholar, Growth, Perseverance, Skeptic, Arrogance.

Hillary Clinton: Mid-Mature Warrior/ Priest, Dominance, Perseverance/Aggression, Pragmatist, Greed /Impatience.

Christopher Dodd: Late Young Warrior/Scholar, Dominance, Observation/ Aggression, Skeptic, Stubbornness.

John Edwards: Mid-Mature Scholar/ Server (Sage casting), Growth, Observation, Idealist, Impatience.

Mike Gravel: Early Mature Scholar/ Priest, Growth, Passion, Skeptic, Impatience.

Dennis Kucinich: Old Server/Priest, Acceptance, Perseverance, Idealist, Impatience.

Barack Obama: Mature Priest/ Artisan, Growth, Repression, Pragmatist/Realist, Arrogance.

Bill Richardson: Mature Scholar / King, Growth, Observation, Stoic, Arrogance.

And some political commentators:

Larry King: Young Warrior/Scholar, Discrimination, Observation, Skeptic, Arrogance.

Candy Crowley: Early Mature Warrior/Priest, Dominance, Power sliding to Caution, Skeptic, Stubbornness.

Anderson Cooper: Early Mature Warrior/Priest, Dominance, Observation, Skeptic, Arrogance.

Wolf Blitzer: Mature Scholar/Warrior, Discrimination, Observation, Skeptic, Stubbornness.

Arianna Huffington: Mature King/ Sage, Relaxation, Observation, Pragmatist, Arrogance.


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