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The Personality Chart


Every person has certain Traits with which they are born. For instance, let's say that someone is a Third Level, Mature Age, Warrior Role person in the Passion Mode, a Pragmatist in Attitude with the Goal of Rejection, in the Intellectual Center, having the Feature of SELF-DEPRECATION, in Entity #4, Cadence #6, and Position #2, having a Lunar Bodytype. This Array is said to be that person's "True Personality". True Personality is divided into "Soul" and "Overleaves". The Soul factors are the Aspects of Role, Entity, Cadence, and Position. The Overleaves are the eight remaining Aspects. 

A person's True Personality constitutes of their most basic "Personal Truth", as Michael calls it. It is right up there with a person's gender, race, physical appearance, intelligence and special abilities or limitations. A major lesson I have learned from the study of personality is the difference between one person's Personal Truth and that of another person. What is true for an Emotionally Centered Arrogant Old Sage, a Spiritualist in the Aggression Mode with the Goal Dominance, is rarely true for an Intellectually Centered Self-destructive Child Warrior, a Cynic in the Caution Mode with the Goal of Submission. The perceptions, values, thoughts, and emotions of these two are simply not compatible. There would be no sense in each other trying to force their Truth on the other. Knowing this helps me to understand people.

The descriptions of the Traits given on the following pages are of the "pure" Trait, so to speak. However, every Trait that people have is affected by every other Trait they have. A Cynic will express the Goal of Rejection much differently than will an Idealist, for instance. Also, every person's family and cultural influences will affect the way their Traits manifest. So will other inherited factors such as intelligence, special abilities, and gender. Therefore, the pure description of a Trait does not perfectly fit any actual person, such as yourself.

Before we get into the personality system, there is more to explain. We will begin by discussing love. There is a multiplicity of meanings for the word "love" in our language and I refer to all these as "personal love" or just "love". There is something beyond this, and Michael uses a Greek word, "Agape", to refer to this, the highest form of love "transpersonal" love. Others have selected this word also.

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