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Your center determines how you immediately react in any situation. It energizes you instantly to react in a particular manner. Of course, everyone reacts differently at times, but there is a typical reaction you will have to spontaneous events. This reaction is what is being looked for here.


In the three groups below, find which group has the largest number of statements that apply to you most of the time.




I like to analyze situations to figure them out. 
Usually I think about things before doing anything. 
I tend to think in words. 
I don't like to embark on a project without thinking about it first. 
If something confuses me, I find myself asking the question, "Why?" 
I always try to go for the most logical solution.


I cry and laugh easily. 
I tend to change moods rapidly. 
I am quite perceptive and able to feel out what is needed. 
I can easily imagine how someone else is feeling. 
I like to express myself through music, dance, or art. 
I can often intuit what is happening without knowing why. 
I can be very sentimental.
             3. I find it hard to sit still. 
When I'm in doubt, I act. 
I'd rather do something than talk about it. 
I love the way my body feels in motion. 
I like to change my job, environment, or residence in order to get a fresh perspective. 
I am competent at physical tasks. 
Give me a plan or a plane ticket, and I'm gone.



Key to the Centers:

1. Intellectual

2. Emotional

3. Moving 


The center that comes in second in your rating is the "part" or "trap" of the primary center, where you may get stuck. The goal is to balance all three centers. We all use each of the seven centers to a certain extent in our lives.

The higher centers are only infrequently accessed, as the energy required to sustain them is too high. When the higher-emotional, -intellectual, and -moving centers are experienced, they generate a link to higher-consciousness and can be quite an ecstatic experience, even in their so-called negative poles.

The instinctive center is one that a person can have as a primary center or part, but it is rare. Usually the instinctive center is used as a gateway to the higher centers.



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