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This is your primary perspective and is how you view your Goal as well as everything else in your life. Your Attitude is the lens through which you look at the world.


First, read all the statements and try them on for size. You may notice that you identify with or have experienced them all. This is so for most people. Here, however, look for the ones that you habitually use. How would other people describe your attitude? Pick the group of statements that most accurately sums up your attitude, then see the Key below. 

  • I usually doubt what I hear until I check it out for myself.
  • I am mostly suspicious of new products until I have tried them out.
  • I frequently investigate something thoroughly before accepting it.
  • My attitude is "Prove it!"
  • I like to ask penetrating questions. I'm hard to convince otherwise.
  • I see the world as the great unknown, and I want to know it. But just the facts. I'm not interested in the fluff.

  • I have a fear of being gullible.

  • I am the proverbial doubting Thomas who must see it to believe it.

  • I am a good researcher: I have excellent powers of scrutiny to dig out the facts. I assume nothing, and check out everything.



  • I usually focus on what should or ought to be done.
  • I constantly notice how things should be improved.
  • I have very high expectations of myself and others and often feel disappointed when these are not met.




  • I love to see the ultimate potential in people, things, or events.
  • I often take things on faith without checking them out that much.
  • I am intrigued by and focus on achieving my dream of what I could be.



  • Often I look at things calmly while others are losing their heads.
  • I often resign myself to or align myself with whatever is happening--no use trying to change it.
  • I can maintain a perfectly calm exterior in times of stress.




  • Mostly I notice what is or can go wrong in a situation first.
  • Often it seems to me that nothing goes right about anything.
  • I expect the worst; and then, if it turns out OK, I am glad.




  • I usually see all sides to a situation.
  • Often I have a hard time making a decision because I can see all the pros and cons of everything.
  • I am good at seeing how things really are.




  • I like to do things the most efficient way possible.
  • I am good at seeing what will work in a situation.
  • Frequently, I am frustrated by what looks to me like a clumsy or impractical approach to something.



Key to the Attitudes:

1. Skeptic

2. Idealist

3. Spiritualist

4. Stoic

5. Cynic

6. Realist

7. Pragmatist



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