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Regarding Saving the Planet
via Old Souls


Question from a Michael student to Phil Wittmeyer who sent it on to me:

If the oldest souls are supposed to be detached, apolitical, uninterested
in changing the world, then how do people expect the old soul children
(indigos, crystals, whatever they're called) to be their super-saviors who
will fix the planet? Hey, I want as much as anyone to see Earth become an
old soul heaven, but who's going to do it? Am I poking a hole in the new
age salvation mythology here, or is there supposed to be a more advanced class
of activist old soul?

MICHAEL: The work of living on the physical plane is the only job we know of for all ensouled human beings. There is no general need to ‘save the planet’ beyond the important matter of being responsible stewards. As we have said before, since you are going to have to live with your decisions regarding the use of the elements of this planet as you finish your cycles of life, is it truly a garbage dump that you want to live on? The only ‘fixing’ of the planet that we know of is for more of you to become aware of what you are choosing to do with regard to your physical environment and to think about your choices. How you choose is not our concern, since all choices are valid, but what you choose may become very much your concern when you begin to assess the various objectives that you wish to achieve.

These however are housekeeping decisions. We understand that the greater question is: How will the human race evolve into a more functional species? That is the uppermost thought behind the question as stated.

The sense that mankind needs saving is not a part of our teachings. The pattern of human evolution is precise: Through the seven stages, five of them lived on the physical plane, each fragment will achieve the goal of cycling off, leaving behind the requirements and restrictions, not to say the difficulties, of having a body. The necessity of having a ‘savior’ who will mentor/assist/validate this pattern is beyond our knowledge. Each fragment is equipped with the necessary tools for moving through the cycle; some will do it smartly, in a deliberate and straight-to-the-mark manner. Others will wander all over the landscape, moving in an ill-defined and apparently haphazard manner. And many will operate through their cycle in some way that is between these two extremes. Not one of these patterns is better than the others.

The tendency for fragments to want a pilot, a guide, a super savior is a part of the maya of the physical world. Within this relatively restricted environment you call being human, there are many paths and much in the way of choices. All the emphasis on choice that we bring to the teachings is embodied in this: the living of your human life. The planet’s population is moving through its young soul level at a very uneven pace. But it is moving. Those who are making decisions out of their experience of the levels are in fact doing exactly what they came to do. To catagorize the outcomes of these level-based decisions as wrong-headed or to be denigrated is to miss the lessons of the level.

Young souls are grounded in activity, in the Do It My way experience. Some parts of your planet, some of the populations of the so-called advanced societies, are indeed advancing into the Mature level. These groups, scattered over various countries and cultures, are tending to experience the tension between the activism of the Young level fragments, among whom most of the Matures now live, which is in conflict with the community grounded, let-us-all-reason-together aspect of the experience of the early stages of the Mature level.

Remember, it will take several generations for the energy of the Mature level to permeate societies. The merger will occur, of that there is no doubt, but it will not be very comfortable for those involved, and for the Old among you it will actually be miserable as they struggle to maintain their balance.

No Old fragment has to DO anything, however. Merely being in the world, living the live-and-let-live attitude of the Old levels will focus the appropriate energy contribution that the Old level fragment can make. Other than this, there is no Old agenda, no need for any sort of gearing up for the fray. Old souls are not much good at energizing the troops, anyway, and usually leave that to the Young and Matures, especially those of the inspiration axis.

As for the Old souls, of whom we remind you there are only 1 in 10 among most concentration of Olds and many fewer in other groups, the world will do its changing on schedule as planned, without any need for a deliberate ‘righting of the ship’ by any group, Olds, Matures, or Young.

We perceive that there is a tendency among you to want to blend into our teachings the visible elements of many of the current strains of occultism.

These are almost wholly a product of astral connections at best and of self-delusion at worst. Those who are responding to these definitions of what is right for the world and what is wrong have very little understanding of the principle of choice. These are inspiration polarity fragments of the Young and early Mature variety with a crusader’s ambition and the passion of the dedicated Save the World mentality. We do not condemn this approach, it is as valid as any choice, but we suggest that any of you with reservations about the efficacy of this perspective review what you know about the body of this Entity’s teaching and decide whether you find truth in it.

We remind you that human beings have never been in need of a savior. Not in the past, not in the present, and not in the future. To rely on a savior/guru/leader to point the way and to define the path is to abrogate personal responsibility for one’s own journey through the cycle of lives.

The so-called Indigo fragments are not super-human. There is a very small number of you who are dealing with the infinitesimal fine-tuning that will be going on within your biological systems over the next several generations, allowing for a longer, less physically challenged, later life. Those who expect that these fragments constitute a super race have completely misunderstood what is actually happening. And those who use this biological adjustment to explain and excuse other difficulties, especially those pertaining to the very real requirements of socializing children, are not treating their responsibilities regarding those children with appropriate concern.

We repeat: the only one responsible for your ‘salvation’ is you. We know of no other. You make your choices regarding your path, you decide who and what and how you are going to deal with your experience of the physical plane. And when there seems to be someone ‘out there’ telling you what to think, how to feel, and what to do, be prepared to validate your reaction to the experience and to assess the amount of maya present. Based on your knowledge of ensoulment, of your acceptance that you and you alone are responsible for your own choices, ask yourself this: Why would it be a part of the plan that a small group of humans would be given the mandate to interfere with the choices of the rest of Mankind? Go in peace.



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