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Opening Comments

<NancyG> We are here to speak with you tonight.

We cherish the time we can be a part of each of you here. Time, of course, is a label. For us there is no time and all time. Between this time and the last time there really is no time at all. But for the physical plane, time is linear and we accept the label. We use words that have meaning for you when we say one like 'cherish'. Our existence is without emotion, without the Maya that is part of the physical plane. But to say we cherish this time is to give to you some sense of our connectedness to you. Just as you are connected with each other, so are we a part of you tonight.

There is no good work in solitude as a way of life. For the time of looking inward, yes. For the time of pulling one's self together after the activity of the hour, yes. For a state or preference in dealing with the world, no. No one every expanded agape or evolved in the soul by escaping to a mountain fastness to be alone. Are your connections always satisfying? No, many are frustrating, exasperating, unfriendly, hurtful, demeaning. But taken as a whole, we would say that going about the world, enduring, enjoying, enabling, is the means for growth and in the end bliss.

You will notice we did not say 'happiness'. Happiness is not gained from others. Happiness is created within. Again, we do not say 'found'. It is created and re-created minute by minute. However, you are from a creature whose bent was sociability. And sociability means interaction with others of the same kind.

What then will be the way to turn the enduring into the enjoying? Into bliss? You have control of this. Only you can choose how each interaction with another will be. Not how it will come around, but how you will feel when you walk away from it.

Each of you has chosen as one of the overleaves that makes up your personality an Attitude. These, as you know, are Skeptic, Idealist, Stoic, Spiritualist, Cynic, Realist, and Pragmatist.

These labels signify a way of reacting to people and events in your life. Look once more at the positive poles of these Attitudes: in order, Investigation,, Coalescence, Tranquility, Verification, Contradiction, Objectivity, and Practicality.

Choosing to treat the world and its exigencies from the positive pole of the Attitude you have chosen leads to internal contentment, or happiness, if you will. Choosing, instead, to flounder in the negative pole of your Attitude captures only pain, fear, and general unhappiness. This is a choice, dear students. As is every single action you undertake every moment of time.

The morass of fear, or as one of your poets has said, the slough of despond, is a distraction, the delusion of Maya. Once you identify it for what it is, the negative pole of your Attitude, you can then choose. Do I stay here and enjoy my misery, or do I move to the lightness of my positive state and enjoy my bliss? Only you can answer this question. But we can answer other questions, and we are ready to begin them now.(Michael is pleased with playing on words!)

<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you have the first question tonight...

Q & A

<Jyoti_S> Have been reading the biography of Jiddu Krishnamurthy, a great spiritual leader and philosopher. He died at the age of 90 from cancer of the pancreas. Would like to know, why is it that a spiritually advanced soul like him had to be terminally ill with a disease like cancer, even when he was aware of Universal truths about energy, how energy works and all that. What soul age and level was he?

<NancyG> This fragment, a 6th level Old Warrior, had never experienced a death by cancer. He chose, therefore, to incorporate it into this life in order to fill in this gap in his life card, if you will.

Spiritual evolution has nothing to do with his choice, except in so far as he understood the agape to be perfected by it.

<Jyoti_S> Did his kundaline experience not give protection from disease?

<NancyG> No, since he willed that it be. If he had willed differently, he could have prevented the disease.

<Jyoti_S> Thanks Michael, Nancy and Dave
<DaveGregg> Deborah D, you're next...

<DeborahD> I have been wondering lately about Jesus, not the infinite soul, but the 7th level old king fragment or I probably should say his Essence, since Iím guessing heís cycled off. Is he on the astral plane now waiting for the rest of his entity to catch up and does he know what happened after his death? I refer to the gospels (mythology?) that made his parents strictly platonic, his siblings non-exist, his wife a prostitute, and him God. Can an Essence feel chagrin, or does he possibly think itís all a riot? (Not so much the part about his wife, Iíd guess) Since Iíve gotten older, I just picture him as someone with a really wild, but kindly sense of humor. Thank you.

<NancyG> As you say, the fragment that was the Old King is now part of his entity. This entity is about 3/4 united. Once his mission was complete, the fragment turned to the work of his Entity, no longer involved with the machinations of those who took his teachings and mangled them so badly.

Once a fragment releases the physical plane entirely, there is no emotional connection to it. Those who have not yet cycled off will still have such a connection, and will often observe from the astral 'how things are going'. But this does not apply to those who have cycled off.

To attend to the point about humor: There is a kind of wry sense among those who have finished the cycle when or if they consider the foibles of humanity. Having 'recently' been a part of that humanity, there can be the thought that 'there but for the grace of Tao go I'. (Again Michael is laughing.)

<DeborahD> thank you very much
<DaveGregg> Avatar, you're next...

<avatar415> What is the value or significance of the huge Crystal Cave recently discovered in Mexico? Are those Crystals "record keepers"? Do they hold useful information for our planet and all life upon it? If so, how do we acquire this info from these beautiful crystals?

<NancyG> Crystals do indeed hold energy, but not information. There is only vibration present in the crystals. This vibration is felt by those tuned to them. That means that not every soul who stand within the vibrational radius will feel the energy. Just as souls differ in their attraction to each other, so there is the same variation among those who come close or hold a crystal.

The only 'records' that the crystals 'keep' are the energy records of the planet. Every stone and every grain of sand on this planet contains the same energy, or 'information' although not to the same extent.

<DaveGregg> Barbara H, you're next...

<Barbara_H.> What is the nature of my relationship with N. in terms of karmic threads and agreements?

<NancyG> There are both karma and agreements connecting the fragment Barbara and the fragment N.

During this lifetime there has been little done toward burning the karmic ribbon that was forged some five lifetimes ago. In that lifetime, the Nora fragment destroyed the reputation of the Barbara fragment, causing excessive distress and ultimately the suicide of the Barbara fragment. This has ramifications in this life, although there is no necessity for payment in kind.

As to agreements, these have not gone as was expected when they were made. Nor is there any expectation that they will. The choice to burn the karmic ribbon has been abrogated to a future life when circumstances will be more conducive to doing so.

<Barbara_H> thank you so much
<DaveGregg> Ekaterina, you're next...

<Ekaterina> In relation to my brother, Y., what is my agreement with him in this lifetime, and does it by any means involve a potential business affair?

<NancyG> We do not see a future business arrangement between the fragment Ekaterina and the fragment Y. That does not mean that there cannot be one made, only that it is not part of an agreement prior to incarnation. The only agreement that exists between these two fragments is to explore the relationship that they now have, brother and sister.

In two past lives these two fragments were friends, both male, and camp followers, both female. The choice of this lifetime was made to be together in a different arrangement.

<Ekaterina> thank you. :)
<DaveGregg> Lady Lapis, you're next...

<LadyLapis> My question: Is there any validity to the fears & questions about December 21, 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends? What will happen?

<NancyG> We have spoken to this question before, but there is good work in the repetition. Let us be plain: there is no magic in the date 21 December 2012. The fear that the world will somehow implode, explode, collapse, destruct, or in any way be unhealthy for humanity is a creation of minds that enjoy disasters. Your scientists know perfectly well that the poles of the planet are in the process of reverting. This is a normal and usually benign part of the planet's nature. This inversion takes about 200 years and is not going to happen in one night.

The priests who formulated the calendar of the people known as the Mayans were very good at astronomy. Their calendar was a masterpiece of its kind. However, they saw their work as part of a mindset that envisioned demons, destruction, and disaster as a natural part of life. And so they made their predictions based on that framework.

We do not expect that there will be the slightest difference between 21 December 2012 and the 22 December 2012. Nor of the days, weeks, months following.

<LadyLapis> I've lived through several doomsday dates, and thought as much about this. Thank you so much for this revelation, Michael and Nancy.
<DaveGregg> John, you're next...

<john_w> Are there complex interspecies political organizations that resemble our sci fi stories? and has there been holocaust type happenings on other planets?

<NancyG> Everything that you can imagine and many things that you cannot have been a part of the sentient universe. Other species have worked through many of the same events that yours has, and ones that you have not yet faced. All sentient life has some form of political organization. The greater the evolution of the species, the less direct the political elements are, but they do exist. And yes, there have been holocaust type happenings on other planets. And there will be in the future. The expanse of the universe hold life in many forms, but the fact of the roles/overleaves is universal.

<john_w> Yeah, but is there any specific story you can elaborate on? At least briefly.

<NancyG> What purpose would be served to put labels to a history that is so far removed from the experience of this fragment? Working out the fallout of the history of planet earth, it seems to us, is more than enough for the time being.

<john_w> well..thanks
<DaveGregg> KarenC, you're next...

<karen_c> john b and I seem to have a muse relationship .. he is the muse. and I trust him so beautifully... what is the nature of my relationship with him? I know we had a mating agreement for this life.. is there anything else you can tell me about our connection? there are pictures with full names.

<NancyG> The fragment John and the fragment Karen have recognized their connection: They work together according to an agreement made before incarnating. This agreement is based on mutual respect for talents that have brought them together. The personality sees the surface attraction, the 'muse' aspect of the relationship, but Essence considers the work agreed to toward the evolution of agape. In this instance, there is a joyful blending of the spirit and the mundane.

The man John puts forth an energy that spells 'coaching', a kind of drawing out that promotes the best performance. This time around, the fragment Karen is the follower. In a past life, she as a 'he' was the leader. It may be that this back and forthing has been found so rewarding that these two fragments will continue the dance, evolving new patterns in future lives. Such connections have been very common among certain pairs.

<karen_c> thank you for the lovely confirmation
<DaveGregg> Aditi, you're next...

<aditi> Do I share any past lives with Sehrish or Linda? And do I have any agreements with them for this lifetime?

<NancyG> The fragment Aditi has no agreement with the fragment Sehrish. She does have one with the fragment Linda, an agreement to provide support and cooperation in this life. There have been similar agreements between these two in prior lives, three to be exact.

<aditi> Thank You:)
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> I've been reading up on the most recently discovered branch of the human family, the so-called Hobbits of Flores, officially named the Homo floresiensis. They apparently co-existed with modern humans until quite recently. What light can you shed on their development and whether or not they were human enough to cross breed and were ensouled?

<NancyG> These 'little people' were a branch of homo sapiens, and yes, they were ensouled. However, they proved to be to fragile for populating the planet and the branch petered out. There is a small residue of their genetic bequest today in the so-called pigmies of the African veldt.

<Geraldine> Thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Tcb, you're next...

<Tcb> My question is about motherhood--is it in my "cards" and if so, with S?

<NancyG> The fragment Beth can choose to become a parent. There is no 'in the cards' for fragments, only choice.

<tcbgwennap> Will I choose that with Stephan?

<NancyG> There is an agreement between the fragment S. and the woman Beth to parent, if they both choose to do so. This is an agreement, remember. Agreements are not carved in stone. They are subject to the vicissitudes of the physical plane. If these two fragments choose to honor the agreement, so be it. If they choose not to, or to honor other mating agreements which both have, then again so be be it.

<tcbgwennap> thank you very much
<DaveGregg> Vesperah, you're next...

<vesperah> My husband and I are having troubled emotional times. Will we work through this and achieve happiness together?

<NancyG> We only work with probabilities. We do not predict. Predictions are only valid in so far as there is no change in either party to an event and that is impossible, given the laws of the physical plane. However, we say this: There is good will on both sides of this difficult time. Where there is good will, good work will follow. We do not say that things will work out as each of you wish, only that there will be harmony in the decision.

We ask you to bring to mind the words we opened the evening with concerning happiness. The attitude is what governs happiness. Create this state within the self and nothing and no one can pervert it. Then, notice that the happiness created flows outward, in relationships, in accomplishments, in all the parts of life. And finally, a happiness that is observable lightens the path for everyone.

Happiness is the result of casting out fear. Fear is at the base of every unhappiness. Fear of losing, fear of neglect, fear of not having, fear of fear. It corrupts relationships, lives, and souls. Find the basis for your fear and say to yourself each time it rouses in you: I have nothing to offer fear. I cannot allow it to shade my life, destroying my peace. I have nothing to offer fear. Meditating on the positive qualities of life can overcome most fears. It takes effort and time, but it can be done.

<vesperah> wow thanks

Closing Comments

<NancyG> We come to the end of another session. 'Time' is again part of the physical world and time is called. During this evening we found a thread of time and energy which together produce happiness or misery, whichever you foster from them. We commend the happier route. It is not only more comfortable, it is the path to agape. You will get to agape in the end, each of you, but there is no need to make it any more difficult than it has to be. That is the reason for our teachings. If they are of any use at all, this is the message. Go in Peace.

<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael. Thank you Nancy - an excellent session this evening.
<avatar415> It feels so good to read that! Thanks!!
<karen_c> thank you all so much
<Jyoti_Shah> A wonderful session tonight Nancy.
<Barbara_Hardy> yeah!!
<hao> Thank all of you Michael, Nancy and Dave.


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