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On the Tenth Anniversary
of the Michael Teachings List

Channeled By Nancy Gordon

Q: Michael, we are celebrating ten years of the Michael list. Will you please comment on this anniversary?

MICHAEL: Anniversaries are milestones which remind the thoughtful of the past, the present, and offer hope for the future. We understand the meaning of remembrance and the importance of these milestones to all of our students. In commencing the celebration of this achievement, the offering of a space within the ether in which conversation can be held between several of you at once, you may believe us when we say that this is no small achievement that this List, as you call it, has a life of ten years. Many much grander ideas have a life of only a few seconds.

Understand, we have observed the many turns and events that have been recorded in this manner here, and in most respects we commend the efforts made to extend the objectives of such an endeavor as this, to promote its health and life. In no other way can so many of our students meet and remain connected when there is so much geography between them. Your experience putting this technology as it stands to this purpose illustrates one of our pieces of knowledge concerning our students: You will find a way to do what needs to be done. This is one of your strengths, and we repeat, we commend you for it.

As for the meaning of 'an electronic community', we have this to say: Given that there is not a viable alternative, and given that there is an urge to congregate, for you are after all sprung from the most sociable of this planets fauna, this means has proven an effective, efficient, rewarding, and reliable means of interacting. Does this confirm a 'sacred light' around those who gather on this scroll of member names, this List? Of course not. The scroll is made up of individual fragments, each with a long list of his/her own, the elements of casting and acquisition: the role and all its permanent accompaniments, and the overleaves chosen for this lifetime.

Finding one's place within this community of those who wish to know more about the Teachings that we offer is a matter of level of interest, acceptance, commitment, even of rejection. It is up to each of you to recognize where you are in your 'Michael Community'. And even then, all things being subject to change on the physical plane, you are really never static, even when you think you are. Some move from interest to acceptance but stop short of commitment. Some hover near commitment for a very long time and eventually turn to rejection. Some are fascinated by their initial discovery of us and our message, become sedulously serious students, and commit to living the teachings as best they can, often for the rest of their lives. We suggest that one way to celebrate the decade of this List would be for you to examine, each as he or she chooses, where you are relative to the community.

This examination has no meaning for us, since we do not keep score and are not engaged in ascertaining who is with us, or for that matter, who is against us. We bring the message for your consideration. That is our only mission. What you do with it is up to you. We do, however, observe the results of our work, as you might expect. And though we are not beyond realizing some satisfaction from the knowledge that our mission is bearing fruit, we make no judgment about exactly who is where on the scale of Michael Student.

Our suggestion that you take stock of your reaction to the community that you have joined by your membership in this List, your reaction, no one else's, is meant for your own contemplation, not ours. Therefore, if it suits you to do so, take a few moments during this day of celebration to discover who you are, why you are, and what, if anything, you intend to do about your discovery.

A great many words have been posted on this and other Lists about community, most of them coming from the emotional center, most of them concerned with the needs and desires of the personality. We do not disparage these yearnings. Indeed, we see this attempt to bridge the geographical distance that intrudes as very Good Work. We have always known you as some of the loneliest creatures of all creation, so we commend any effort to alleviate that most destructive of feelings: alone-ness.

Not one of you is every totally alone, however, and we cannot say this with too much emphasis; still it is a trick of the physical plane to persuade you that you are. This sense of alienation is a product of fear, and the Maya that accompanies it shrouds and distorts your lives in many ways. We do not need to itemize them here since you all are very aware of the ramifications of Maya and the fear that compels it. We will, however, list on this List the positive elements of the membership that works to overcome these unfaithful, unhelpful fiends.

Coming together as you do in the words of your posts assures you that there are others abroad who know you and who share with you a certain body of information, namely the Teachings. Posting your questions, musings, arguments, feelings about various things, but especially the Teachings, offers the possibility of adding thoughts, ideas, further questions, and perhaps truths to your body of acquired knowledge. This is no small achievement. You become teachers to each other as well as students of each other. Again, no small achievement.

You have the opportunity to connect with others of your entities, cadres, circles, and working groups whom you might never meet otherwise. And finally, you are exposed to the possibility of moving forward in your positive poles by the occasional and even somewhat obscure reminders of your list companions to 'live the teachings'. All of this comes from the experience of membership in this most ephemeral of all communities, the faceless, voiceless, sense-less place you know as the Michael Teachings list.

Celebrate, therefore, your tenth anniversary with joy and the good will of all. Bring your wishes for the next ten years into the mix, and remain hopeful of their success even when the shadows of human nature seem to cloud such an optimistic conclusion. You are spiritual beings on a human path. You are not angels, nor hive-souled creatures. You have the gift of choice. Our perception of truth includes the universal one of soul evolution. That is the only purpose of existence. If you can make the journey of your soul more direct, more closely paced to the rhythms of agape by association in this ethereal community you call a List, then it serves its purpose, and so do you. Go in peace.


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