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Soul Relationships

from conversations and visions from Michael
by Lori Tostado, Jan. 15, 1997

Last year I was wondering about some close soul-relationships I have, and out of it I got this picture of how our essences are connected through our entities and cadres. But I could only feel the relationships, and could not find the exact way they related, and thought there must be some way to understand the connections with them, perhaps in a way that Michael had not explained anymore, and I asked Michael one day if it would be possible to understand these soul-reationships in another way besides the way I'd learned from the Michael books which was pretty 2-dimensional and didn't feel "right" for me (not to say they're wrong, just not right for me and my way of thinking/feeling) and Michael said to me, "We can do that if you like..."

With little time on my hands though, I haven't done any serious channeling about it, but over a few months got a kind of picture in my mind of how some of this works. Not a 3-dimensional way--but 5th dimensional. Of course, I don't fully understand this model they've given me, nor could I draw a picture of it (perhaps an mpeg animation would do it some vestiges of how it looks to me but unfortunately I don't have the tools to do this even) but it's given me some idea of how the entities and cadres "fit" with each other, and how we relate, and it seems we kind of float and move around. I got the picture of dynamic fluid crystals, where each of us is like a star or an atom, within the crystal structure, that is not fixed in time or space, and that occupies the same interconnected space/time as others within our cadres--it's like the entities fit together within each other, though we have the perception of some essences within each as being "closer" or "further" from each other....And depending on the way the interconnections are working at a particular time on this dimension, corresponds to the exact same position as others who are working with us in our lives, be it physically, astrally, or on other higher dimensions.

What this means to us here now is that when you feel a connection to someone you've met, karmic ties, agreements, etc. pull you closer in your "position" in the entity or dynamic crystal structure to this other essence, who may be in another entity but will be very close to you in the multidimensional sense there on the 5th dimensional plane. The fragment next to you though in your entity may not feel the closeness to this other one as you do though, because on that dimension they are not close to the fragment you have "moved" near.... But always there is change and motion, and we are never the same from one moment to the next, and our essences work on so many planes at the same time.

I find it pretty hard to describe this multidimensional stuff. I had been looking at it because of emotional ties I'd felt for others, that I wanted to understand intellectually. So it led me to this.


Lori has been channeling Michael since 1994.  She specializes in energy work and issues including relationships, adoption, healing, and extra-terrestrial contact.  E-mail: Lorazz@diamond-integration.com.

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