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The Poles of the Emotions
A Way to Understand the Nature of Energy In Motion (Emotions)

BY LORI TOSTADO, with channeled material by Lori Tostado, JP Van Hulle, and Aaron Christeaan

August 28, 1997

Michael through Lori Tostado:

    "Our main purpose in offering this information is to show you that by changing your attitude [see Overleaves chart for descriptions], you can get out of the emotional-center trap. By using another attitude, often the complementary opposite of the one experienced in a negative-pole of a certain emotion, the emotional energy can then move by your sliding into its positive pole. The positive pole of each emotion is what keeps it Energy In Motion (e-motion), whereas, the negative pole of the emotion is experienced when you repress, deny or judge the emotion. Then the energy gets stuck in the body, and can cause disease, depression, and many anxieties and physical ailments. The key to healing emotional distress is through fully experiencing the emotions and releasing their energy. You really honor yourself when you allow yourself to experience all your emotions, in what ever way is appropriate for you. This allows you to release judgements on what you see as "bad" or undesirable emotions, (of course they aren't "bad") and allows you to return to a state of peace--a resting place between emotional states. All emotions pass, because they are dynamic. Emotions were meant to move through you, to teach you your physical plane and spiritual lessons."
Obviously you don't need to get this intellectual in order to move emotional energy. In fact, sometimes it can be detrimental to intellectualize emotional states too much! But for those of us intellectually-centered people, this information here may be helpful sometimes in getting out of the emotional part or trap--for emotional release or healing.

Here are two examples of how you can use the attitudes to change a stuck, negative-pole aspect of an emotion into the positive-pole, which then allows you to move through the emotion and release it:

Say you are in the negative pole of anger--you are feeling like lashing out, attacking, and your mind becomes entrenched in this state, because your mind is telling you that you can't just go out and attack the person your anger is focused at, so you are repressing the emotion and it is stuck. The related attitude of anger is cynic, so by sliding to the other axis of cynic, which is realist, you can get "realistic" regarding what your anger is really about, find a safe place where you may express this anger (perhaps by beating up some inanimate object, screaming, crying, whatever gets you moving), then you will find your mind not so obsessed about the object of your anger. Then you have the opportunity to look inside yourself and get real--honest, see where your boundaries were transgressed, take back your personal power, and set your boundaries again. This leads you back into your integrity.

This also works for when you're in the negative pole of what most people would judge to be a "positive" emotion. Take love for example: The negative, stuck pole of love is neediness and attachment--a state of feeling a lack of love. Its related attitude is idealist. By sliding into the positive pole of the opposite axis of the idealist attitude, which is skeptic, you may then begin to investigate within yourself what this neediness indicates you feel a lack of love in part of your life, where you have needs that are not getting met. After finding the source of your need, it's easier to accept it within yourself, and not judge it. When you align yourself then with the need, knowing it is within you, you can then choose to give unconditional love to yourself, and then you can do what you need to do to get the need met (which may not look like the way you were trying to get it met in the first place, unconsciously) in a constructive, conscious way.

Below is a table of many emotions, including the related attitude and the "freeing" attitude which can be used to get out of the negative poles of those emotions.

Positive Pole 
(Keeps Energy in 
Negative Pole
(Keeps Energy 
Related / Freeing 
(connect to 
intellectual center)
(unconditional love 
and acceptance)
Love Attachment, 
 Idealist / Skeptic
(balanced in moving and 
higher-moving centers)
Joy Giddiness 
(out-of body, flighty, 
Spiritulist / Stoic
Lasting Spiritual Upliftment Happiness Contentment  Pragmatist / any
Tranquility Peace Resignation, 
giving up
Stoic / Spiritualist
Appropriate establishment 
of boundaries
Anger Weapon of attack  Cynic / Realist
(letting go of something 
that is complete)
Sadness Regret 
(being sorry something 
has passed)
  Stoic / Spiritualist
(releasing false hope)
Hopelessness Despair  Stoic / Spiritualist
Trusting Hopefulness Denial, 
Wishful thinking
Spiritualist / Stoic
(as in appropriate distancing)
Hatred Vengeance Cynic / Realist
Realizing all things are a part of 
you and you are not left out
Jealousy Feeling someone else is getting an 
experience you need and you 
are left out
Skeptic / Idealist
Desire for an experience 
someone else has (creates 
a goal to achieve)
Envy Resentment Cynic / Realist
Self-consciousness Shame Embarassment Stoic / Spiritualist
Remorse Guilt Self-blame, 
Lack of forgiveness
Skeptic / Idealist
Anticipation Excitement Frenzied Spiritualist / Stoic
Impatience Frustration Repressed anger,
Stoic  / Spiritualist
Alert to danger, 
Fear Phobia, Paranoia  Pragmatist / any
Honor Respect Fear of punishment, obedience Pragmatist / any
Absolution  Forgiveness Overlooking Idealist / Skeptic
Detachment   Numbness Withdrawal Pragmatist / any

This is relatively new information from Michael regarding emotional states. Most of the +/- poles were channeled through JP Van Hulle and Aaron Christeaan, and some by me, Lori Tostado. Stephen Cocconi brought to my attention that he has channeled about this material also. He uses it a lot in the No-Fault Communication classes that he and Holly Coleman teach. There is other information regarding related modes and chakras which I have not completed, so I did not include that information here yet.


Lori has been channeling Michael since 1994.  She specializes in energy work and issues including relationships, adoption, healing, and extra-terrestrial contact.  E-mail: Lorazz@diamond-integration.com.

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