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How Essence Manifests

from conversations and visions from Michael, by Lori Tostado, 1997

Last year I asked Michael if they would help me get a clearer picture on the way that essence manifests in human form. So, as happens with most of my own channelings of them, I got some images and pictures in my mind over the following months. Of course much of this information is in the Michael Books, but perhaps I've been shown a few things a little differently.

Please excuse my crude drawing, but I don't have the computer software to make a really nice picture yet.

The Cycle of Life:

From the Tao, seven cadres are cast, and from each cadre, seven entities are cast. While on their way 'down' towards the physical plane, cadres and entities provide the consciousness of galaxies, stars, planets, and as they become further separated, are called devic spirits, testing out the physical plane by being stones, minerals, species of life-forms, but are still not completely separate consciousnesses. As separation continues, a deva may take on the form of a dog or other intelligent animal, where it gets the kind of experience of seeing what it would be like to take on human form and do a cycle of fragment lifetimes in human form (or cetacean or some other "sentient" life form on another planet). At this point the entity decides if that planet is the place it wants to experience most of its fragmented lives in physical form. There is no "have to." Once in the cycle of fragmented lives though, the only way back is through! This is where the soul-age cycles of the Michael teachings begin. Infant, baby, young, mature, and old soul ages are experienced, in our case, as being human on Earth. Like just about every rule though, there are exceptions! (For instance, in this cycle of lifetimes as a human, I still have done some lifetimes in the bodies of extraterrestrials, and of dolphins.) We are multidimensional beings, and so even other cycles of lifetimes elsewhere in this universe and other universes, are intertwined, where the laws of physics don't apply. You have to have had a lot of "previous experience" before coming to Earth--which is like graduate school in the realm of planetary schools in this universe.

The drawing above shows how a spark of the Tao is present in each and every person. There is no true separation. In the attempt to experience separation as much as possible and learn and grow from this, the human form was created. It was a collective agreement that we all be here. There is more of essence manifesting on Earth right now than there has been in the whole 4.5 billion previous years that Earth has existed. There are 6 billion people on the planet right now and no new devic spirits are being allowed to move into fragmentation in human form on Earth, so they must go to another planet. So all of us that are left who haven't cycled off the physical plane (even some who have) are exerting more and more fragments into physical form. As of now most essences have between 4 and 5 simultaneous lifetimes on Earth. As the population increases, the fragments are coming from the same pool of essences. Even some fragments that are doing extraterrestrial lives are coming into human form on Earth now because of all the excitement. Certainly it's possible for you to meet other people who are you in a different body! It's not very likely though, because that part of your essence would be wanting to grow and do things in ways different than you. You aren't a clone.

Old soul lifetimes get more complex and varied in the way essence takes them on, than in any other soul age. While the infant through mature soul lifetimes will be mainly sequential and linear in time, the old soul stage gets more creative. The old soul stage is where essence is finishing up all its karma so it can move on to return to its entity in the upper astral plane (6th dimension.) It can have fragments of other soul ages on Earth, whatever it deems is the best level for completing the experience. Usually they will all be mature or old though. But if it appears that a baby soul lifetime will be the best way to get a particular lesson, it will do that, even though the essence is old at that point. During the old soul stage, time is much more maleable. Essence can experience some of its lives outside of the normal timeframe that its other old lifetimes, if that is what it takes to get the best lessons. This is rare though, that an essence would need to do that. Sometimes being a walk-in is a more efficient choice. Most walk-ins are old souls, although there are some


Lori has been channeling Michael since 1994.  She specializes in energy work and issues including relationships, adoption, healing, and extra-terrestrial contact.  E-mail: Lorazz@diamond-integration.com.

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