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Freedom of Choice


Besides increasing love and Agape, there is the matter of conscious control of our lives mentioned above. Are you often unable to make yourself do what you believe you should? Are parts of your personality at odds with other parts? Are you often at the mercy of your own emotions? Are you driven by subconscious impulses that you don't understand? One of the products of this spiritual path is increasing self-awareness and consciousness and freedom of choice. This comes from the full realization of who we are, and the full realization that we are not a personality. We are Essence. Essence has a personality. Personality is not a conscious thing of itself it is merely a "program" for behavior. Usually we let the personality program run our lives rather than making fully conscious choices based on input from all aspects of our being, particularly the highest aspect. In other words, generally we act instinctively, automatically, compulsively and mechanically according to the program in the primitive, least conscious part of our brains. Our inborn instincts are the program of our most primitive self, and we acquire other programs along the way from our environment which rob us of our freedom and true identity. The human aspects of the personality are part of the survival apparatus of the body and often work against love and freedom and integrity rather than with it. One purpose of the study of personality is therefore to make it passive, allowing and inviting the most conscious and free and loving part of ourselves Essence into our daily lives.

Agape and freedom are both opposed by one thing: garbage in the psyche of the personal self. In this teaching, Agape and freedom are said to already exist deep within all of us, in the transpersonal self, but they are obscured and distorted by layers of garbage in the personal self. Michael's personality system is the blueprint for dumping this garbage, thus revealing Agape and freedom. If this sounds like work, it isn't. It's fun.

There are a number of aspects of this endeavor in the system presented herein: 1) attaining the Positive Poles of the personality traits, 2) extinguishing the Feature, 3) shedding False Personality, 4) shedding Maya, 5) shedding instinctive behavior, 6) experiencing the higher Centers, 7) unifying the Polarities, and 8) advancing through the stages of love. Each of these aspects and others are explained below, after a description of the personality traits on the next several pages.

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Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at: wittmeyer@hotmail.com

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