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 August 13, 1974

Notes of a conversation _____ had with Michael, shared with us on 8/13/74

TODAY for the first time in many days you have been serious, ALBEIT not intentionally. The feeling you had at the pool when lying in the sun is valid for this TEACHING. Pursue the intuition that came to you then. The group is looking to you to give some message from us. This is very frightening to you. You do not see yourself correctly. Do not fear. The hypnosis is VALID FOR You AND FOR most of the Persons currently in the group, Especially for _____ for _____ and for _____. The lady _____ Is most prepared for WHAT MAY Come TO HER THROUGH HYPNOSIS, BUT she MUST BE More released to the process, and give UP her expectations. This is hard for her to do at this time in her life as she is feeling ties to HER past that were not there recently. Hypnosis at this time, if she is WILLING, would open to her avenues that will be most beneficial. Also the man _____ needs to open to the hypnosis experience as it is being offered in the GROUP. He is not the teacher now. He must accept the student role.

What do you mean, “I do not see myself correctly”?

We have told you before that the significance of your choice of the power mode in this life was not to have power over people, as you seem to want to have. It is not working. Look instead to the power that you have to control and subvert your false personality and remove it from influence. You have the power to receive truths. This is the ONLY power you will experience. You need only to ALLOW yourself to experience it. Do not block it with the illusion that you WILL be a great leader. You want TO validate this MESSAGE and YOU DO not believe THAT we have been IN contact WITH YOU. VALIDATE.

Is Richard Nixon’s resignation a karmic ribbon with Alger Hiss?

Yes. in EGYPT in the year 800 these two souls exchanged hostilities and did EACH other in, One through lies that led to the execution of the other by poisoning. There has been much turmoil between these two souls, and in this lifetime we cannot be sure that they will agree that it is finally put to rest. Both baby souls will have another chance to encounter one another.

I feel ties with _____ and more affinity with her, especially since she did the transference healing technique on me. Were we in Sequence?

You and the lady are two of the ten people in this group who are in sequence. You have a student-teacher monad to play in this lifetime. although it will be unclear to you, it will be valid to experience each other in each of these roles.

I feel that more is coming through but I do not have any specific questions. I don’t know exactly how to behave or what to ask or if I should ask anything, but I feel the need to keep typing. I don’t know if there is any more to come from you, Michael, but I still feel that if I keep typing . . .

The lady _____ is asking for some answers. She is in a state of unrest at this time. She is indecisive and she wants answers from outside herself. She needs to look to herself, however. The trip she is to take in the near future will be good work for her only if she reconciles all her relationships before leaving. The decisions must be made before, not after, the trip. the LADY at the pool must not leave her husband at this time. Tell her so if you can. You will help.

I do not even know her name. How can I reach her? Can the pool do it?

It is important that you keep in contact with this person. SHE is important in the life. she is waiting for you to call her, even if it SEEMS not.

Is hypnosis a good way for me to get in touch with my blocked years of this life, and with my previous lives?

Hypnosis is a valid way for those in moving center to reach truth. The man T. would do better work by listening to music and releasing all his sensibilities to the motions of music, and also to reading books. He is in emotional center — no that is not RIGHT. You are having trouble again with centering. He is in the emotional part of intellectual center. The books that would help him at this time in this life are the CASTANEDA and Lilly books. He needs to release his mind first to all the possibilities that exist. He cannot comprehend that drugs, for example, are valid. Nor can he comprehend that experience of the emotions through dance or movement are valid. He needs to feel all these things before he is ready for hypnosis.

Did I drown in a previous lifetime, since I’ve had fear of water for such a long time?

NO, you did not drown. The fear you experience is a fear of anything THAT is not KNOWN or not introduced to you in a familiar way. You chose a mother in this LIFETIME who had experienced fear of drowning. in fact, she has experienced death in water through dying in the womb. She has no recollection of any of this. She is a baby soul slave and she has done all she can to protect you from all experiences that were to her, horrifying. You will not FEAR WATER shortly. It will become your friend. Your son will help. The man _____ IS moving toward growth. All the false personality is fighting this WITH ALL ITS might. He is in a state of turmoil now and his psychic powers are aroused. All the fears are at their highest. He needs more than anything to meditate in a scholarly way, in a disciplined way. He will not resist this. Let him know that it is important. He must utilize his intellectual center at this time in order to achieve balance. The lady _____ has been more concerned with the MOVEMENT, OBJECTIVELY, OF THE GROUP, AND ESPECIALLY with the growth process of _____ and _____. AT THIS TIME SHE IS feeling pressure to look within HERSELF, AND SHE DOES NOT want to do this. You can help each other now. You are in the same position, AT “go” and “waiting”. Mirror each other.

Do Yoga?

Why have you absolutely refused to accept all that has been thrust at you? Observation is a starting point for all growth. Richard NIXON is in aggression. If he were to be in observation at this time, it would be possible for him to MOVE Beyond the point where he is immersed. He will not in this life move out Of aggression mode, nor the goal of stagnation, and he will Persevere in the nightmare until he gives up this life.

Have I had an experience with intellectual meditation?

_____ has been in his second most recent lifetime a Benedictine monk who was THE scholar for His order. He led his order in the discipline of meditation at a very high plane. Isolation. Solitude. Isolation. That question is for you to flounder in, and you will no doubt find the answer. Any answer we would give would not be acceptable, as you are now doubting your own veracity. Do not doubt. Give credence to your intuition. It is valid always.

Was my experience with ______ a ribbon or merely a Sequence?

The lady _____ is the one Who has had a sequence with the man ______. Your EXPERIENCE WITH HIM enabled her to go through. THE MAN p. is in STAGNATION. HE IS A MID CYCLE MATURE SAGE.

Does ______ have a Sequence with ______?

Yes. You have agreed to work together on a dream that belongs to each of you. You have agreed with this artisan to assist him in the implementation of his plans for building. You and he are very close in that you were cast at the same time. You are to follow the same king. You will have some dilemmas in finding That king. You will eventually come to the same king. It will take some time. IT is not readily apparent to either of you now. You are tired now. You have problems regarding _______, and these are PREOCCUPYING you. Anything you type now will be your own THING.


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