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Hi everyone! Thought it was time to fill this out. 

Been seeking answers for some time now. Knew there was sooo much more about spirituality than I had learned. Always was different! Started out young thinking I was to run a large company. Ended up taking Massage lessons 16 yrs ago (starting of discoveries) Became a Spa Director. Just recently quit that, and Started my own massage business in an RV (mobile). Took 2 levels of Reiki (wanting more lessons from Susan ;-)) still learning daily, especially from this group thanks to all of you. Have always been a little intuitive. See, hear and feel things, but not on request yet. Hoping to get clearer as time goes by and more lessons are learned. Met some wonderful people on this group. You really have all helped me in some way. Met some Cadre mates Monique and Shepherd, and I am sure there are many more on this list. Excited every day to read posts. My sister is also my essence twin. I have 3 lovely spirit guides, and Guardi
an angel whom I adore. Plus a whole group upstairs that watch over me that I call my heaven posse. I am single, gay, and have 1 verrry spiritual cat named Eddie.

Life Task:   

Don't know.  

How I found the Michael Teachings: 

Actually I had been going to a psychic for years,  to get answers. My mom went to one and said she was really accurrate with her so she paid for mine session. She was a Michael Channel! Yayyy! I have gone to her about 10 times now and learned about the Michael Teachings a bit. Everything just fell into place for me. The whole system! Life just made more sense and all puzzle pieces tended to fit. I am hoping someday that I too can be a Micheal Channel. Still have a lot more to learn yet.



Role Warrior
Essence Twin


Casting ?
Cadre/Entity 1/2
Soul Age Old 5
Grand Cycles ?
Past Lives ?
Male/Female 80/20
Frequency ?
Goal Growth
Mode Passion
Attitude Idealist
Center Intellectual
Chief Obstacle Self-Deprecation
Body Type Venusian
Secondary(ies) Jovial
Needs ?


Napa Valley, CA    


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