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Judith Jansen 1949 --

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Although a South African by birth, I left my country at the beginning of 2003 to go travelling, in search of new adventures, and to spread and anchor LOVE wherever I go. I spent the past six months living and working in Ireland, and at present I am staying in Seattle until at least the end of January 2004. I would love to return to Ireland, but choose not to make plans so far in advance at present.

For the past six years I have worked as a Spiritual Healer, Psycho-spiritual Counselor, and Past Life Regression Therapist in Cape Town, SA. I have also been doing Michael Readings for the past five years, either in person or by post or e-mail. Obviously I am not employed in a formal job at present, but do whatever needs to be done where I find myself - including jobs like being a Cleaner, or a Nanny, or an Admin Assistant, and doing volunteer work. I am also an Ordained Minister in The Order of Melchizidek.
I have written three non-fiction books, one about meditation, one about hypnotherapy and the third one about my work and my spiritual awakening and journey. I plan to start with a fourth one soon, which will deal with Ascension and the Michael Teachings.

Life Task:  

As the Embodiment of The Elohim of Love (in my third book I describe how that came about) my purpose in life is to anchor and spread unconditional divine Love, and to assist in raising the vibrations of those Lifestreams who chose to be incarnated on Earth at this present time. When I was first exposed to the concept of Ascension, as is used in the concept of raising one's vibrations into the higher frequencies of Light and Love, and consciously moved onto the path of Ascention, I couldn't quite see how that tied in with the Michael Teachings. When a soul "goes through Ascension" it means "cycling off" and completing one's contract with the universe as described in the Michael Teachings. That means one has moved on to the Transcendental plane. Yet one does not have to go through physical death but can choose to stay on in the same physical body, creating a new contract as one goes along. I have spent much time in session with the Michael Entity, and have received very clear instructions regarding this. That is the intended subject of my next book.

How I found the Michael Teachings: 

During 1997 a client who came to me for healing, told me that he had been for a Michael Reading, and told me a little bit about it. I was totally fascinated by the subject, as it seemed to answer so many questions for me. Subsequently I also went for a reading, and proceeded to buy a number of books on the subject and familiarised myself with the material. When I felt I really knew it well, I connected with the Michael Entity and asked for permission to channel them and do reading for others. I found that often it was indicated that a Michael Reading would assist some of my clients who needed to understand more about the whole cycle of reincarnation, and who needed to understand why they behaved in a certain way, or was so different to others in their immediate environment. The more I do the work, the better I "understand" how it all works, and the more I feel the need to share it with others.  At present I am living in Seattle, WA, and would love to do Michael Readings for anyone interested.  


Role: Warrior
Essence Twin:


Casting: ?
Cadre/Entity: ?
Soul Age: Old 7
Grand Cycles: 16
Past Lives: ?
Male/Female: 53/47
Frequency: 44
Goal: Flow
Mode: Passion
Attitude: Idealist
Center: Emotional/Intellectual
Chief Obstacle: Impatience/Arrogance
Body Type: ?
Secondary(ies) ?
Needs: Adventure, Freedom, Acceptance
Side: Love
Global Job:  
Community Job:  




Seattle, WA    


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