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Kathy Lynn Douglass 1944 - 

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I'm semi-retired, a psychic counselor in partnership with a shaman. We do online work at www.xanga.com/KaiOaty. Additionally, both of us work with stones/minerals for their metaphysical properties, and I make natural stone jewelry and magickal tools. My work is the most enjoyable activity in my life. Photography is the closest thing I have to a "hobby", but I consider it an art, a creative outlet, rather than a hobby. Occasionally I play video RPGs as a pastime, and I read a lot.

I'm mildly physically handicapped with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue immunodysfunction syndrome and am doing self-healing, have been healing myself all my life.

I blog almost every interesting or significant event of my current life and some that are of no interest or significance to anyone but me. I have been writing my memoirs in installments on my weblog at www.xanga.com/SuSu. Having said that, I see no reason to include more bio info here. It's there.

Life Task:  

Early in my life, at about age 3 or 4, in my first conscious contact with Spirit, I asked what I was here for and was told "to learn" all that I can. I'm still engaged in that.

Born with many congenital defects, not expected to live to grow up, I came into frequent contact with the medical profession and developed an interest in healing. That gravitated toward mental/emotional healing in my young adulthood. After some frustrating time trying to work as a counselor in the mainstream professions, I became a psychic counselor.

How I found the Michael Teachings: 

I read Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Messages from Michael in the late seventies or early eighties. I used a Ouija board at that time to find my age, role and overleaves, then was not intensely involved with the teachings until after Michael's Gemstone Dictionary was published in '90. Shortly before I found that book, I had met my current partner, whose interest in rocks and their metaphysical properties matched and synergised with mine.

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Role Sage
Essence Twin


Casting ?
Cadre/Entity ?
Soul Age Mature 5
Grand Cycles ?
Past Lives 388
Male/Female 62/38
Frequency 49
Goal Growth
Mode Aggression
Attitude Stoic
Center Intellectual
Chief Obstacle Arrogance
Body Type Mercurial
Secondary(ies) Venusian/Uranus
Needs  Freedom, Adventure, Communion
Global Job  
Community Job  




Upper Susitna Vallery, Alaska




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