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Greetings and salty taters! I am the webmaster of this site. A hearty welcome to you and yours!

I was born in Burlington, Iowa, a place where it's against the law if kisses last longer than 5 minutes.  Hey, I'm not making that up. It's an Iowa law!  But I shouldn't pick on Iowans too much. After all, they do some amazing things with corn, and statistics show that the largest segment of the population abducted by UFOs are from the Hawkeye state. I think the record speaks for itself.  ;-p

After my tour of duty in Iowa, I migrated to Southern California, where I still reside. No, I don't own a pair of Birkenstocks, nor have I experienced the pleasures of a west coast colonic, but my cat has his own psychiatrist, and as they say, it can only happen in...

Currently, I'm a nonspecifically destinationed individual, or in other words, a musician (woodwinds). I freelance in the LA and Palm Springs area of Southern California, and have performed in everything from big bands to orchestras. I hope to one day carve a lucrative niche as a webmaster, which is a far cry better than my previous job as a hornet groomer.

When I'm not playing the sax or engaging in mental masturbation on the Michael list, I enjoy writing short stories and poetry. I also like to compose jazz music.

I'll read anything I can get my hands on if given the opportunity, from the poetry of Emily Dickinson, to the side of a deodorant can. I'll even read the dictionary, but have been waiting till they turn it into a movie.  

I'm not entirely sure what my future plans will be, but I hope they include traveling to exotic locations where I can pursue my favorite activity in life: breathing.

What a strange and wonderful world we live in.  ;-)

Life Task

My life task is to discard parts of self that no longer serve a useful purpose, or that don't fit into my overall whole. I guess like Humpty Dumpty I'm slowly putting my soul back together again. On the surface that doesn't sound as exciting as writing the great American novel, but for an Old soul in Flow it's the perfect time to do a little house cleaning.  

A minor life task is networking. With my many past lives, Michael said I know a lot of souls. They said it's like I carry a notebook around with the names of people who are supposed to meet, and I help bring them together. Perhaps I'm fulfilling this task with the Michael site, the list, and the database. 

Recently someone channeled additional info about my life task, so I'll include it here:  

"To bring diverse perspectives, ideas, concepts, contexts, and people together into a balanced and integrated whole, and to decipher/reveal the "gems" and/or the "pearls" of wisdom discovered therein."

My Four Pillars

  • True work
    Teaching -- both individuals and through media.

  • True play
    Musical performance, especially in an intimate setting; creative writing, both musical and verbal; leisurely travel and exploring.

  • True rest
    Sleep coupled with massage or other body work; t'ai chi and similar slow-movement moving meditations.

  • True study
    The use of technology for spiritual purposes; vocal techniques through the ages; principles that cross disciplines.

How I found the Michael Teachings 

I was a long-time Seth devotee, and when my sister dropped a copy of Messages From Michael into my lap it was love at first...okay, so I hated the book the first time I read it. I thought the concept tried to compartmentalize people and place them in boxes. But years later (around 1995) I rediscovered the teachings and the second time around was the proverbial charm.  

I've had readings by Ted Fontaine, Joya Pope, and Shepherd Hoodwin, and found them all to be excellent channels. In fact, I still remember my first session with Shepherd when he arrived at my house riding butt naked on a gangly, cud-chewing camel. Only Lawrence of Arabia could make an entrance like that, or perhaps...a Sage. Yes, if it wasn't for Shepherd I'd still be taking accordion lessons and wearing lime green polyester suits. The wisdom in his channeling changed my life for the better, e.g., I no longer suffer from problem drool, and I'm beginning to understand the convoluted plotline structure of "Three Stooges" episodes.  "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!"  

Just kidding! ;-p  

Concerning the teachings, I think discovering that I was an Old soul was the perfect antidote for the years I suffered from a painful lack of self-esteem. No longer would I feel the need to worry when my past lives out numbered the bristles in my toothbrush, or shy away in humiliation when someone asked me what my favorite soup was, and I innocently replied: "primordial."

Seriously though, knowing that I'm an Old soul has liberated me from relentlessly trying to pound that square peg into the round hole of my soul. I learned that it's OKAY to be eccentric and somewhat out of step with society, and although I occasionally worry about that birthmark on my forehead that suspiciously looks like the word "expired," I now know that my place in the world is both valued and unique. At least that's what it said on the back of the cereal box this morning!


Role Artisan
Essence Twin


Casting Sage - 5/7/1
Cadre/Entity 1/5
Soul Age Infant 1
Grand Cycles 13
Past Lives 922
Male/Female 41/59
Frequency 67


Goal Flow
Mode Passion
Attitude Realist
Center Intellectual/Moving
Chief Obstacle Stubbornness
Body Type Venusian
Secondary(ies) Solar/Neptunian


Needs Acceptance, Power, Adventure


Side Truth
Motivation Bonding
Global Job Conservation
Community Job Wisdom

Riverside, CA davegregg@aol.com michaelteachings.com



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