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Laurel Bradshaw 1955 --

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Bio: Life Task/ Life Lessons (from Lena Stevens): Teaching with a focus on communication: mastery of the expression of knowledge (any kind.) You have personally chosen to focus on the music, dance, Welsh, because they mean something to you from other lifetimes. The Wales area ties you in with a time of high ritual and druidic spirituality and healing practices. You are completing the mature cycle therefore there is freedom at this point to choose mastery in things that you enjoy rather than by necessary relationship agreements. Much of your "karma" has been complete. You will always be an adventurer.

The Four Pillars (from Emily Baumbach):

True Work: 1) Unearthing traditions from the past; bringing them into the present as a legacy for the future. 2) Focusing on some sort of wonderful 2nd chakra / 5th house creativity: the arts, acting, music, children (or maybe pets?) 3) Service to all beings. 4) Healing others as you heal yourself.

True Play: Going fully into your Artisan essence twin's influence: doing creative, fun things. Letting yourself go off into an Artisan-like swoon and seeing what you can bring forth to the physical plane.

True Study: The study of how words have an impact for good or ill. Learning right communication; observing how things said are often misinterpreted. Learning how to get your ideas across with impact.

True Rest: Watching children play while they're under the supervision of somebody else, so that you can sit back and release responsibility for awhile, knowing they're safe.


How I found the Michael Teachings: 
First read a description of the teachings in "Everyday Life in Two Worlds: A Psychic's Experience" by Kelly Joyce Neff in 1994. It was a tremendously comforting and life-affirming book for me at the time, and one I have reread many times. I was intrigued and subsequently got the Yarbro books on interlibrary loan to read.


Role Scholar
Essence Twin


Casting King - 7/7/1
Cadre/Entity 2/1
Soul Age Mature 7
Grand Cycles ?
Past Lives ?
Male/Female 44/56
Frequency 48
Goal Growth 
(slides to Re-evaluation)
Mode Perseverance
Attitude Pragmatist
(slides to Stoic & Spiritualist) 
Center Intellectual/Emotional
Chief Obstacle Self-Dep./Arrogance/Stubbornness
Body Type Venusian (50%)
Secondary(ies) Jovial/Saturnian
Needs Adventure/Expression/Exchange
Side Truth
Motivation Bonding
Global Job Conservation
Community Job Prosperity


Minneapolis, MN llawryf@yahoo.com  


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