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Opening Comments

<Michael_Toth> We are with you tonight. We greet all of you present. We note that many of you are drawn to these teachings from varied perspectives, from often disparate disciplines including no disciplines at all, at least none that are apparent. Often, when in contact with many of our students we note the continued reference to this teaching as another form or discipline of spirituality. We wish to gently remind you that these teachings are more directly related to a method of living and understanding yourselves and the world around you. Spirituality and its practices are often involved with ritual, requirements, faith, and the observance of special ways of living or thinking. As we have said before there are those fragments who will choose paths of spirituality rather than to deal with who they are and what the world is about. These paths often provide the illusion of growth and comprehension rather than its actual experience. Others of you will seek the truth, their own truth in these teachings to assess and validate or throw out altogether. And as we have also said before, and in so many ways, we are not that, and we are not “the way.” We offer insight as opposed to dogma. Therein, quite frequently, is the difference between what we offer and what spirituality offers. You are of course free to choose whichever path you are drawn to as there is choice and the opportunity for growth. As much as we are capable of encouraging anything, we, without exception, encourage choice. Spiritual paths, on closer inspection and, as a general rule, have more to do with fitting in with both societal and cultural conditions. We are not a path of spiritual enlightenment, although that is how some of you continue to perceive us and explain to others what this teaching is about. Devout attention to spirituality can prevent one from achieving wakefulness, which is the very reason such a path was taken. Some of you in this “chat” room this evening are drawn to this teaching because it is perceived as novel, rare, unusual, exotic, esoteric, even because it can be considered occult. Some have had barely  glimpsed one tenth of the material available and while seeking more understanding spend little time inculcating it, and expecting others to show them “the way.” These teachings are the most useful, we have observed, when studied, and more importantly, applied to one’s daily life through the eyes of the skeptic, through observation of the choices and consequences on the physical plane and simply lived. This is only our observation and not a set of rules that are meant to govern anyone in any way. With this teaching there is work to be done once that space of consciousness is arrived at, it is not required of course, simply recommended. We note that among those present there is a curiosity, a sense of passionate exploration, a quiet intensity. This is a good energy to be present in for all. It is now time to begin your questions…

Q & A

 <kimberly> Thanks Michael & Michael’s. My husband David has MS, and while we were, in theory, prepared for the physical symptoms of this disease, the cognitive ones are totally creaming us. Any guidance Michael can offer regarding relating with these challenges I'd greatly appreciate.

<Michael_Toth> There is a great need for patience in both of you. Cognitive disorders such as they are mean an extreme change in doing business as usual when the changes continue to deepen in their expression or due to lack of expression this becomes more difficult, the escalation begs the question "How much longer? How many more changes? How will these problems increase or settle out over time? Acceptance, patience, tolerance, forbearance would be key poles, ideals and expressions in this changing situation. Simply dealing with all of this is strenuous enough without the other day to day decisions and actions/considerations. Changes in every aspect of life will most certainly take place as a result. But you both have the methods and the means to accomplish this. Remember, as in everything new, what one might call baby steps is the place to begin. Both of you must be supportive also of each others efforts, sense of failure, loss of pride. Alas, there is much work here, but the benefits gained over time are to be had and will provide new insights. As life on the physical plane is all of choice, those are the choices before you both. Weighed against the sense of loss makes this difficult to consume. For what it is worth we are with the both of you.

<kimberly> oh thank you so much, all that means a great deal to me.

<Michael_Toth> You are welcome.

<DaveGregg> Dianne, you're next...

<dianne44> I feel for Kimberly and her husband!!  Much love to you both!!

<dianne44> In a recent past life channeling, you told me this: Sorry, can you tell me about my guides? Do I have one who might have a shamanic background?

<Michael_Toth> The shamanic energy you perceive is more of past life experiences for you. Of your guides each of them as experienced what could be called shamanic lifetimes and experiences.

<dianne44> how many do I have then?

<Michael_Toth> The overwhelming sense is of your own experiences, over a number of former lives.

<dianne44> I feel someone....

<Michael_Toth> There are 12 of note with several as apprentices and more of lower levels of ability.

<dianne44> is there one who is more assertive?

<Michael_Toth> It is sometimes difficult to ascribe something one finds difficult to believe about oneself. There is a sense that the guide that is more closely tied to the spirit of horses that brings you this intensity. You will find this guide at times near at hand, and occasionally distant from you. As we have also told you, you have been guides for your guides on many occasions as well.

<dianne44> ok, is this one my writer then? and that’s all, thanks

<Michael_Toth> The bleed through should be obvious, but we will validate your experience of this. And acknowledge that you can feel the connection.

<dianne44> thanks Michael.
<DaveGregg> Barbara H, you're next...

<Barbara_Hardy> I am having periods where I feel unusually present, but also very uncomfortable and disconnected.  Can you give me some insight into what is occurring?

<Michael_Toth> Often students ask what is the meaning of such an experience. It often occurs and is involved with the experience of enlightenment. How is it best achieved they ask? We would best characterize enlightenment as something a fragment achieves in gaining temporary access to higher centers, and what insights, knowledge and often experience are gained that allows the fragment to achieve wisdom. Once a fragment is awake and conscious s/he will note a marked recognition that they begin to manifest their soul age inwardly and their role in essence outwardly and that this inward manifestation will be apparent in the adaptations the role in essence takes on. The wakeful fragment will begin to take the steps necessary to integrate the personality with essence, the goal of which is that it will take responsibility for its life. It will be defined by periods of intensity followed and punctuated by periods of restless, detachment and a deep quiet. They will often cease to identify with those around them, because they know that in identifying they run the risk, by virtue of prolonged acceptance of who they are identifying with can become their identity. Measures are taken to guard against this, and after it has occured over a length of time these newer measures and experiences of intensity versus quiet contemplation, even to disconnect, are chosen to give oneself the time and space to reflect, to step away from that which is contemplated. Often such fragments begin to take risks, the risk in truly becoming who they are from what they are made of, by breaking through personal limitations and challenges otherwise shied away from. Symmetry will be achieved in all aspects but more apparently in the use of centers, which again, doesn’t just happen and is best defined as a work in progress. Fragments, such as yourself, on this path often become more effective, not in the sense of becoming a star, or obscenely wealthy, or in becoming heads of state, for that is not the goal is it? The ability to be more effective in life is in knowing who and what you are and comprehending who and what everyone else around you is, and from that deciding what to think, feel and do next. Eventually, awakened fragments will begin to remember the Tao, as much as can be remembered while incarnate on the physical plane. These areas, this state of wakeful consciousness that we speak of, should it need to be said, are experienced in different ways, by different fragments at different soul cycles as well as the levels within a cycle, and of course at different periods of their lives. There is only the unknowing that displaces you Barbara. Nothing more, and as time passes you will conclude what you do from what you have experienced and contemplated. From there it is only short steps to achieving wisdom of those things you face and consider. There are always newer and newer lessons.

<Barbara_Hardy> Thank you. I will consider this.

<Michael_Toth> You are welcome. Validate everything Barbara, take nothing at face value or on belief or faith. That is not an order of course, simply a strong recommendation.

<DaveGregg> Yung, you're next...

<yy2> Hi, Michael and Michael. I am Yung Yung. I know I have agreement to take care of my brother, Ping, who is diabetic and addicts to alcohol. Do I also have agreement to take care of my youngest brother, Anan, who is a brain damaged 2nd level baby warrior?

<Michael_Toth>. The agreements you speak of are either taken on or abdicated. It is a matter of choice whether or not you choose to step forward and fulfill these agreements, be they made here or on the astral. Does it matter truly Yung Yung whether there are agreements made or not? What does your heart, intellect and instinct tell you? Will you do this out of duty, whatever you take on? Or is it out of a sense of choice. These are hard questions to ask of oneself and sort out. But that is the nature of where you are. They are very hard questions and filled with all of the attachment and love of family, as well as all of the fear, the potential for shame and guilt.  As you step into the circle of knowing, having stepped forward from the circles of doubt, the war waged between what about this situation is right or wrong, as there is no right or wrong, what will you decide? What choice will be distilled from this process? 

<yy2> I don't know what to do...

<Michael_Toth> No one can nor should they attempt to tell you what to do, what you  must do, should do/shouldn’t do and what you must not do. This is another matter of pure choice. Seeking counsel would be wise from those around you, from friends and associates, from health care workers who do take care of those so afflicted. Gathering information is the right best next choice. There is more to know Yung Yung. And it is best that you know as much as you can before you make those choices. We, everyone of us have been on the physical plane. We have all faced situations of this nature, some were harder than others, some easier. Some of us lived to regret those choices. There is also the thought to be considered that making a choice does not make that choice changeable in the future. Your sense of duty is strong. When the oxygen masks come down in an airplane would you take a mask and drink from its oxygen first? Or would you try to make sure everyone else has theirs? Often, if you don't provide yourself with enough, you will be of little help to anyone else. Is this not so? Rely on others, especially those who give you truths you can use rather than trying to say to you what they think you wish to hear. We have all of us existed in lives facing similar decisions as we have said. So have you, and that is another source you may call upon form your own past lives both as the caretaker and the one taken care of. Gather your information, and find the time to step away from it to change perspectives. You know we will not tell you what to do. It is about your choice and we offer you this. You will do what you choose, once you have made that choice you will stand by it. But you might also think about giving yourself permission to change your mind, as along the way, you may discover alternatives not yet seen or countenanced. That could prove beneficial and offering greater freedom and a sense of doing the best that you feel you have to and can. We wish you the best as you undertake these considerations, and decisions.

<yy2> Thank you, Michael and Michael
<DaveGregg> Santi, you're next...

<Santi> Thanks Dave... Michael, I have a plan to change my job to be a TV script writer. Does it match with my life task / true works?

<Michael_Toth> While it is our experience that those taking the first steps toward wisdom would prefer not to be told we offer you this. Fragments in consciousness know that as a result of being told what they will/should do, And will be thinking about it, some will slip back into un-wakefulness, the former will know that if they end up doing what they were told, they may become resentful, and may come to feel as if they didn’t have a choice. Others could choose to feel guilt and remorse if they do not pursue and achieve what they were told to and by implication, should do. But there is more to tell you. As we have said before, we encourage choice. As it is apparent you are asking yourself those same questions. We will tell you that it is as likely that you would fulfill your life task by taking on any number of choices as regards employment and career. Some fragments are delighted when their career choices match what they have also chosen as a life task. Others do not see that it was the silent at times unconscious knowing that the careers they chose were perhaps as a result of the silent whispers from higher self what the life task is and the nudges and urges or sense of being drawn to something is a fulfillment of how the fragment perceives these messages from essence through higher self. You, Santi, could choose to do many things for your career and continue to fulfill your life task. You could choose different locations on your planet and achieve them with higher and lesser degrees of influence. > You could choose to be lackluster in your career. All of these are choices you make and you decide. You could choose a life of quiet contemplation and live in a cave and still accomplish some of what your life task is about. Yet you also know that it is better served being among all the rest of those on the physical plane. Can you see this?

<Santi> Ya

<Michael_Toth> We bid you the validation that there is a great measure of parallel between your life task and career.

<Santi> Ok, thank you Michael.
<DaveGregg> Ann, you're next...

<annh> I had a strong interest in Tudor history as a child, especially Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.  Did I have a lifetime then, and if so, a little info?

<Michael_Toth> There are 3 lives of note in regard to this time period. All three were also in England. In the first life, you were a man of influence and not in London, but played a very small role in the great upheaval surrounding Richard the Third. Later you were a guard in the King's court for Henry, not of the inner circle of guards but close enough to be aware of the politics and some of the behind the scenes activity in both the personal side, the speculation, rumor mill, and trying to remain gainfully employed. Lastly, you were a chamber maid nearer to the time of Elizabeth’s death, and this was to a woman of the court who bears the same name you bear today Anne. One of your concurrents was influential in the courts of Spain during Elizabeth's rule.

 <annh> Heh.  Must not have liked it much.  I'm much more sympathetic to Elizabeth I than Philip of Spain.  thank you!
<DaveGregg> Chilada, you're next...

<chilada> Hello Michael/Michael. In regards to my own awakening/evolution, could Michael help me understand any unique obstacles I may be facing in moving forward and how can I navigate around these?

<Michael_Toth> Angela, we commend you first of all for seeking a teaching worthy of your quest and questions. Your youth and the recent choices as regard chief features as much as you know about them and can identify them for their appearance and influence it would be recommended as they have great bearing over the coming years prior to your engagement in the 4th IM. You had many choices whether conscious or not to be drawn to this teaching. You have an agreement with us. So it is not so surprising that you are here among us.

<chilada> What kind of agreement?

<Michael_Toth> Your agreement was to discover this teaching and to pursue it, as long as it serves you to do so, or not at all. As for there being any unique obstacles, we say this. Everyone has unique obstacles to pursuing a teaching of this nature. None of those obstacles arise from outside of you and are best determined by you. Some would see obstacles where you see none even as we speak. You will most likely create your own set of unique obstacles and it is also likely that you will create pathways that allow you to perceive more and more should you persevere. There is no navigating around them. The way is through, taking in all that you can in making your decisions and in coming to your conclusions. There is no large sheet of plastic for anyone with the footprints laid out to follow. All ahead of you is choice. As all behind you, was enculturation by family and society and choice. All fragments make their way, their own way. There are agreements, karmic ribbons to burn and to be repaid for. There is the option of creating newer karmic ribbons. Those are the unique obstacles and pitfalls AND the opportunities that lie ahead. The only way we say again is into and through it. At the same time, you can choose to abrogate your own choice, to choose what you perceive as positive or choose its polar opposite. Or do nothing at all. But again if you wish to proceed with anything the road leads down the middle. Along the way, you will perceive shifts, and you will develop skills and beliefs that are there for the keeping, or there for the changing. The way ahead should be exciting.

<chilada> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Bobby, you're next...

<Bobby> I would like to inquire about my dad.  He is having some physical issues that his doctor suspects might be colon cancer.  Can you confirm or deny that and is this related to his undergoing the 6th Internal Monad? 

<Michael_Toth> The physical experience involves more than the experience of the onset of cancer. We perceive a lesion at the hepatic flexure as your physicians call it. There is also diverticulitis and ulceration. Your father has been hard on himself internalizing much. The body listens to the mind as you all must know. The cells listen to what the mind, the intellect, the emotions are saying doing and feeling. Repressed anger, and its charismatic release are known to you. We can also confirm that while this is part of the experience of the 6th IM, it had also begun many years ago. Certainly there have been gains in his understanding of self and the world. But there has been illusion, and unfulfilled expectations. As close as you are to him and have been on and off should confirm this and be of no surprise.

<Bobby> This is not good news but, I am grateful to you for sharing this information. Thank you

<Michael_Toth> We know information like this is difficult to receive. Perhaps in the future Bobby you might wish to ask these privately of a channel.

<Bobby> I'm fine, really, and thanks much.
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

 <Kathryn41> I am curious about any concurrents my essence has 'out there' - how many, where, age, occupation - any little 'tidbits' that my curiosity might find of interest

<Michael_Toth> You currently have 2. There were 3 until earlier this year and we suggest you reflect back to a time of internal unpleasantness, a sense of loss you experienced that was concurrent (laughter) with his passing. One is a young man attending school on the Danau near a large city called Wagram. The other is a middle aged priest in the Vatican serving several others of higher office. He is not attended to by any experiences with small boys should the Roman Catholic Church be brought up. You would most likely not recognize either of them, though they have appeared in dreams occasionally. But upon meeting them, there would be a deeper sense of knowing.

<Kathryn41> thanks.
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> Michael. You've said in the past that there have been some non-historically well-known or famous Transcendental Souls. They lived in non-literate times. Would you tell me about the life and times of one of them from a Neolithic time and how they impacted their culture? Perhaps one who lingers on in myth?

<Michael_Toth> There is the one your ancients called Lilith, often this fragment is confused with the Goddess Diana.

<Geraldine> ahhh, yesss, Lilith :) Do tell me more.

<Michael_Toth> There is an association with the Adam of your bible for whom she was a legend and myth. The female of your species had greater powers in certain cultures during the Neolithic, long before the Greeks and their oracles as well.

Lilith drew together many tribes and cultures to bring about changes in their society for the better as it was understood then. She is responsible for some of the first pacts and agreements between previous warring cultures. That is something, no one at the time, would have considered possible. During these times she raised the female of your species into positions of decision, belief and understanding. And it was in this that there was another strong male, who rejected her out of fear. And came to be associated thus with the creation stories. These of course, were verbal stories handed down and embellished from such earlier times.

<Geraldine> General location and approximate time?

<Michael_Toth> In effect she created the priestess role of your forebears. 7000 BCE give or take a few hundred years and in the lands that are now referred to as the middle east, in what was called in later times the fertile crescent.

<Geraldine> She became the template . . .thank you

<Michael_Toth> That is well said. You are welcome.

Closing Comments

<Michael_Toth> In closing we wish to add more in terms of the markers of enlightenment that one might look for in perception and experience.

Enlightenment can occur while painting, speaking, dancing, in battle, in serving, in teaching, while imparting to others higher ways of thinking and acting, and while leading.

Enlightenment can also come in the silence of a meditation, or while gazing at one’s shadow on the ground, while quietly observing the movements of an ocean, or storm, or the sky. In the kiss of a loved one, the breath of an infant child against your neck, or while berthing an animal, or polishing one’s car. In time, with or without this teaching, all fragments will eventually become aware of who they are themselves, in being able to identify the life force that is the conscious fragment extruded into the physical body on the physical plane, by essence, and able to identify what it’s  personality is made of.

Next, come’s the experience of those personality traits or overleaves and differentiating between negative, neutral and positive poles of those facets of self. With this comes comparison with other fragments along these lines. Eventually the fragment will become aware of entity mates, cadence partners, task companions, essence twins, comrades-in-arms, and fragments from past lives with memories of those past incarnations to one degree or another. In time, the fragment more and more sheds old patterns of behavior once previously believed sacrosanct and necessary for survival. Eventually the fragment begins to experience others as it does itself and the door to agape swings open.

From that place of existence and experience the path to experiencing the Tao, as much as it is possible to do so, from the physical plane is available. This will happen to all of you with our without these teachings, just as it did for us. We know how much it gives hope to all of you and offer it to you with agape and no requirements, seeking nothing in return. We end this session with you and bid you to listen to your hearts and minds, higher selves, and essence for guidance should you choose to do so.  

<KathrynS> Thank you so much Michael - and Michael :)
<yy2> Thank you Michael and Michael
<annh> Thank you, Michael and Michael.


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